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  1. Quibble about ADP and statistics all you want. You can't deny this: Baldwin's an asset.
  2. I used to be excited owning certain players going into a new my younger days. Now I'm just nervous and cynical.
  3. I love it when teams tag their punter or kicker.
  4. I literally feel sorry for the multimillionaire players who get tagged in this era, ie, one where not only are injuries more pervasive but performance is more difficult to replicate. Sometimes you have one shot to get paid--and it's taken away from you.
  6. I think we're all overlooking one critical thing here: Can Romo's body make it through a a whole 16 game season plus postseason? I have serious doubts. That's why I think waiting until mid season to sign with a contender-in-need would be Romo's best move.
  7. Too bad after you read the article you find out that bunch of other guys have done it (eg, Quincy Douby, 75 pts)
  8. But but but...doesn't he want to go to a contender and win a World Series???
  9. Eli Manning, you are the weakest link.
  10. Instead of signing with, say, Chicago or the Jets, Romo should just sit out and wait for a contender to suffer an injury at the QB position.
  11. What's the thesis here? Guaranteed volume? Job security / low RBBC risk? TD machine? Expect him to get better (2015: 3.5 ypc, 2016: 3.9, 2017: ...)?
  12. He needs to stay humble and not upset the football gods.
  13. I think you guys are overlooking one thing: Why would anyone even want Martin? He's a 28 yr old RB with over 1,000 carries and only a 4.2 ypc to his name
  14. Revis. The forgotten man.
  15. What's your opinion of current and ex players saying they wouldn't, or are not, letting the children play football?