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  1. I'm just saying that regardless of the conclusion, managers ignoring these games -- and many are, because NFL postseason games don't "count" in fantasy -- renders their overall ways of thinking suspect imo.
  2. It kinda scares me that you guys don't ignore DJ's two playoff starts. What, they're not a relevant indicator of performance? I think they're in fact more relevant: ie, highly competitive games against solid teams, not laughers against dead teams or games where the starters are out by halftime. After all, in weeks 1, 2, 3 of next year, you're not going to be facing dead teams. Nor are there going to be meaningless games in which the starters are yanked early. At any rate, you need all the sample size you can get with DJ.
  3. Jason Markakis? There's a comp I don't think I've heard. Markakis early on in his career looked terrific: walks, power, average, steals -- the whole package. Then one day the power went. And he stopped running. And the walks weren't as plentiful either.
  4. The Big Short 2: NFL Running Backs Bet against them all
  5. Duncan should have kept on playing. The playoffs notwithstanding, scores of centers/PFs in their prime wish they could put up Timmy's age-39 numbers: 8.6-7.3-2.7, 49% from the field, 70% from the line, 1.3-blk, 0.8-stl, 1.5-to. In only 25 mpg. The pundits shamed Duncan into retiring, simply due to the OKC series. Shame on them.
  6. NBA player's sneaker price as a gauge of market value. I hadn't considered that.
  7. When did players care so much about winning championships all of a sudden?
  8. Here's the nightmare scenario: An NBA campaign where: (1) the Warriors during the regular periodically rest their players -- but still cruise to a #1 overall seed and the league's best record; (2) where the next tier of contenders (eg, Cavs, Spurs) rest their top players during the season as well -- because they need to be at 110% when they eventually face the Warriors; (3) where the Warriors roll through the playoffs anyway, dominating all their opponents in non-competitive series; and (4) where the non-contenders realize the only way they can compete is by building a super-team or tanking -- thereby widening the gulf between the top and weaker teams.
  9. I was so close -- so very close -- to claiming victory on my big pre-season bet against Tulo: ie, that he wasn't worth picking up off of waivers. Looks like he has a pulse indeed. And those who "bought low" (or just simply "bought", as I would say, during a time where everyone on these boards was selling/dumping their shares) are being rewarded with a nice little hot streak. With that said, don't push your luck: get out while you're ahead and have booked some stats!
  10. True as that may be, I think last year may have been a tipping point: You were seeing more and more teams "rest" their top players, knowing that the regular season was more or less meaningless. Now, combine that awareness that was already being demonstrated with: (1) Durant now in Golden State; and (2) the Warriors putting the pedal to the metal last year, winning 73 games, and falling short and I fear what we may see.
  11. RIP NBA Regular Season 1946 - 2016 Wake me up when the Conference Finals start
  12. I welcome the new format. It's forced me to stop posting and checking the site so frequently. I quit the habit.
  13. Depends how you define RBBC....
  14. Now that he's "hitting for power" he stopped walking tho lol this guy
  15. The boxscore is misleading, no? Fwiw, here's what happened on a play-by-play basis: