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  1. Back is sore from slugging so many HRs most likely.
  2. Pretty nice production from a SS. He was criminally undervalued going into this year.
  3. Anyone else seeing this? This guy is out of his gourd.
  4. Has there ever been a higher drafted player cut this close to the beginning of the season?
  5. Fwiw yesterday's opposing pitcher was Gio Gonzalez, a starter Rizzo historically had very little success against...
  6. It’s a visceral reaction in the heat of the moment. Give them a break. Plus they’re in an sports stadium. Options to communicate are kind of limited to cheering if you’re happy or booing if you’re unhappy.
  7. Idk. I assume when you talk about "us" or "you", you're talking about the rank and file. The CEOs of Fortune 100 companies don't just up and quit when the stakeholders want that person there. They at least assist with the transition to new leadership.
  8. Indeed. Luck was sacked 18 times last year, btw.
  9. Sounds like he’s giving an Oscar acceptance speech...
  10. RIP professional football the beginning of the end
  11. He should have more RBIs. Picking nits but batting in middle of that lineup? He hasn’t hit well with RISP.
  12. See what Kelly did last night? Going to be a STUD
  13. How many oppo Yankee Stadium HRs has DJ hit this year?
  14. They’ve got a platoon thing going on. Kelly’s got some dramatic lefty/righty splits.
  15. I drafted Tulo in like the 25th round as a rookie in what was my rookie year playing fantasy baseball. Time sure does fly.