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  1. Furkan Korkmaz Offseason Thread

    Is this guy starting or what? I can't find this confirmed anywhere....
  2. 9th Inning Rule Being Floated

    Closers Local 472 strongly opposes this.
  3. LeBron James 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I actually think there are fewer players today which remain highly productive into their 30s.
  4. 20 Second Pitch Clock

    There's one thing people consistently fail to mention: All these metrics and pace of play measures -- game time, pitches/pa, pitching changes, etc. -- are moving in one direction while our attention spans are getting shorter. The smartphone era. It was one thing when baseball had little to no competition for eyeballs. Now there's apps, streaming services, Youtube, Netflix, etc. And everyone's more productive (in theory) and moves faster too. It's all counter to the trends we're seeing in the sport.
  5. Does anyone know off the top of their head the maximum amount of categories the platforms will let you do? I remember back in the day I was in a 10x10 league...
  6. 20 Second Pitch Clock

    Hey, they've got pace of play down. How's this sound? No commercials. No timeouts. No clock stoppages. No coaches challenges. Three player substitutions per game. That's soccer.
  7. Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Interesting that's the only major NBA player honor where there's been a tie. And there were three!
  8. 20 Second Pitch Clock

    Is this a joke? NEW YORK -- Major League Baseball imposed stricter limits on mound visits by players in an effort to speed games but decided against 20-second pitch clocks for 2018. After more than a year of negotiations, the Major League Baseball Players Association refused to agree to the changes but also signed an agreement that it will not oppose the rules. The amendments to the playing rules announced Monday include a general limit of six mound visits per nine-inning game without a pitching change, whether by a manager, coach or player. Really? Six mound visits? Lmao I was thinking more along the lines of like two. Or one. Or none!
  9. Draymond Green 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    The Rockets lead the Warriors in the race for home-court by half a game with a game in hand. I reckon the Warriors ceded this position to the Rockets through their "resting" of players and lackadaisical play at times. Unless the Warriors don't care about home court, they'll probably be going full tilt for the #1 seed, no? No time for rest now.
  10. Yoenis Cespedes 2018 Outlook

    It's kind of funny comparing Cespedes' ability -- or inability -- to stay healthy to the years in which there was a contract at stake 2012 -- First year of 4-year contract, 129 games played 2013 -- 135 games 2014 -- 152 games 2015 -- Contract year, 159 games 2016 -- First year of three-year deal w/ opt out, 132 games 2017 -- After opting out, first year of 4-year deal, 81 games See a trend?
  11. Joakim Noah 2017-2018 Outlook

    Joakim Noah reportedly had a physical altercation with Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek. This was quite a while ago, but it's clear that Noah's days in New York are numbered. While no punches were thrown, Hornacek reportedly shoved Noah first before the two had to be separated. If Noah does part ways with the Knicks, the Wolves would be the most likely destination. "I know [Noah] wants to play. He wants to help win. He’s a great dude," Jimmy Butler said of his former teammate. "I talked to him a little bit, not a lot. All in all, I want him to be happy." Source: New York Daily News Normally I wouldn't waste my time bumping but that's pretty juicy! Didn't think Hornacek had it in him.
  12. Ricky Rubio 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Hoping no news is good news?
  13. Eric Hosmer 2018 Outlook

    The terms -- the length at least -- seem generous in this run of supposed front-office austerity, no?
  14. 2018 Hall of Fame voting thread

    Well, we won't have to worry about preserving the sanctity of the record books for the forseeable future. Because the "run-rate", ratio-focused, over-trained, economically-motivated players of today aren't breaking any records! No career-total records at least!
  15. Spencer Dinwiddie 2017-18 Season Outlook

    What does that entail? Eating tacos?