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  1. Tough matchup today (10/1) Starters: Mets: Colon Phillies: Bullpen Can't recall seeing that before
  2. Disclaimer: It goes without saying this is considerably unimportant when compared to the young man tragically losing his life, but I have to scratch my head at so many people writing off Jose for Cy Young contention, posthumous or not. What am I missing? Is it the relatively "high" WHIP? The low IP? Jose's in the mix on every category; none of the other candidates jump off the page.
  3. Hopefully he's bulked up since this pic: yikes!
  4. One more rep than OBJ (7)
  5. Real-life question: When do, or can, the Dolphins move on from Tannehill and how do you envision the transition to a new QB taking place?
  6. Nantz always seems like he's trying hard to make the game more exciting and compelling than it really is.
  7. lol Learn something new every day.
  8. I reckon baseball is the only major sport that can accommodate these types of emotional "moments". (Hockey too perhaps, but no cares about hockey :))
  9. Well that investment went to zero quickly. My sincere condolences to owners.
  10. If the Falcons' situation is going to be similar to 08-09 D. Will/J Stew I think we'll do better than two RB2s--especially considering the depressed returns from the RB position currently. But that's beside the point, which is sound: This is looking more and more like a well structured RBBC where both Freeman and Coleman will get steady, predictable opportunities. Moreover, no Falcons running backs, nor the fullback, have gotten material touches outside of Coleman and Freeman (OK, Patrick DiMarco, the fullback, has one target). That's good. Instead of lamenting the fact that the "other guy" is stealing touches, perhaps we should be celebrating the fact that there are no third wheels or darkhorses for touches lurking.
  11. By blowing up do you mean on field (ie, scoring TDs)? Or on the sidelines?
  13. I don't know if anyone's mentioned this, but I heard it brought up yesterday: OBJ is an unusual WR "diva" Your typical WR diva whines and cries when he doesn't get the ball; he doesn't care about winning, just himself But from all accounts Beckham is a really good kid who doesn't care if he gets the ball; all he cares about is winning So he's throwing tantrums on the sidelines because the team is not successful and is not scoring, not because he's not scoring It is bizarre.
  14. That's fair. But I should clarify: when it comes to running backs it's about yield. It used to be all about volume when it came to RBs. That is, you wanted those bellcows that were going to log 300 carries. But conventional wisdom is changing. Backs aren't able to handle such a workload anymore and there's a point I think where a certain number of touches starts to hurt (literally) a back. Of course, by the same token Murray may now just be a low-yardage, TD-dependent guy, but the lines are becoming blurred imo. In any case, time will tell.