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  1. Agreed. I reckon you might as well just take it a step further and just stream (see, I used the term correctly :))
  2. What's Stafford's value, strategically? Are you drafting him as a value pick, betting on a breakout--sans Calvin Johnson? Or are you blowing a mid-round pick on him only to place him in a QB platoon? DND
  3. I'm pleased with the some of the things I'm reading in this thread about zero-RB. That is, the philosophy has become so popular and en vogue that managers are actually starting to shy away from it. That is, RBs have been come so deeply discounted that they're actually undervalued now--the market is once again out of whack. Good. Go with that.
  4. I like Sanders as a bench WR in a zero-RB scheme. I'm sure managers will loathe using an early pick on depth. But they will be very pleased when they have Sanders coming off the bench for bye weeks, or stepping in when of their top WRs goes down.
  5. Washington's four days away from his 33rd birthday. Kudos to him -- an undrafted FA out of Tiffin University (!) -- for such long career.
  6. That's fair. I'd spin it this way: Going into the draft with a zero-RB plan = good. Being enticed by the lure of the RB such that you end up abandoning your zero-RB strategy = bad. And I'd say an "unnecessarily stubborn" manager is "disciplined".
  7. That's bull. So you're saying someone could go into a draft zero-RB, but end up taking two RBs with their first two picks if guys plummeted? Let's say you're picking 12th in a 12 teamer (standard scoring) and David Johnson and Todd Gurley are still available. So the zero-RB guy goes RB-RB?
  8. streamer situational starter whatever -- you what I mean!
  9. Question: How does one value a "streamer"? That is, what price tag do you put on a guy that will be useful--but only in certain games / scenarios? I'm pondering whether it's prudent to take a guy in the mid- rounds that I have conviction is a streamer. Would you in that scenario be overvaluing the player?
  10. Damn Sanders is cheap! Late 6th round? I mean, I get it: Sanders is the #2 receiver and the QB situation in Denver is as sketchy as any situation in the league. But that was the same deal last year. And Sanders still put up very respectable numbers--while fighting some injuries to boot. Lastly--I'm going a little off the reservation here so bear with me--Sanders seems like a tough, hardworking kid with a good head on his shoulders. That is to say, I would bet against him letting owners down by missing games due to injury or pouting because of a lack of targets, bad QB play, etc. --- I picked up on these things owning him last year.
  11. Betting on a RB playing a full season in back-to-back years seems like an ill-advised wager these days Pass
  12. How about using Madden ratings to rank players?
  13. Kudos to you for holding DWill. I wouldn't have; I would have kicked him to the curb a week or two after Bell returned. You're a better man than me.
  14. Regarding, DWill and Bell: I don't count it because of the circumstances. Actually in that scenario I'd be interested to see how long you held on to DWill after Bell returned.
  15. The conventional handcuff strategy is also somewhat perverse. You're drafting a RB in the 1st or 2nd round, partly because they are supposed to be durable! I mean come on, were people really buying Marshawn Lynch insurance at draft day last year? Were people buying Jamaal Charles insurance? Lacy insurance? Show me the screenshot.