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  1. There’s way too many nasty middle relievers nowadays it seems. Back in the “day” (like a decade ago), it seemed like all the really good ratio guys were closers and there were, like, half a dozen elite middle relief options. Now who isn’t pumping out elite ratios out of the bullpen?
  2. Nick Johnson was actually good though. Nick Johnson career slash: .268/.399/.441. And he had a couple of 4 to 5 WAR years on the Nats. Bird's a career .214/.302/.434 hitter lol
  3. "It's safe to state publicly that he's (Voit) the favorite going in," said Cashman. "But it's a race. And it doesn't mean that somebody else with Bird's abilities can't come past and win it. We've been betting on Bird ... I could've traded Bird this winter. I could've cut ties if we thought that this was something where you're hitting your head against the wall and it's not going to work, but we still think the ceiling is there now. Bird showed up this spring with 25 pounds of muscle on ... he was considered our best hitting prospect throughout the system ... we can't forget that."
  4. Brian Cashman yesterday said, verbatim, Bird has "put on 25 lbs of muscle this offseason" Is that even possible?
  5. It's OK to bet on a guy who doesn't have a guaranteed role when the season opens. In fantasy baseball if I guy doesn't have a full-time he's a leper it seems. Can you wait, say, two weeks? Ever hear of the phrase "the cream rises to the top"? (rhetorical question)
  6. Idk, getting a first round pick for a non-QB with 60 games on the body seems like a good deal to me.
  7. Home being, what? NYG? Nah, OBJ would rather play with Baker and Landry.
  8. Gray made it no secret that he didn't approve of how the Yanks utilized him. Something to keep an eye on.
  9. So what are we thinking? Hack Wilson 1930 numbers in that lineup?
  10. True. I didn’t want to go there because that’s the disaster scenario. I was thinking more Kuechel and Jake Arrieta—two pitchers who, like deGrom, were Cy Young winners at young ages but hit free agency at the wrong time and didn’t make the kind of money they thought they would.
  11. There seems to be this impression that just telling your star players to take an early vacation in order to lose games is hunky dory. It’s not OK.
  12. If Brian Scalabrine is the human victory cigar then Andre Ingram is the human white flag.