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  1. Hasn't the US "had the best team" in every one of these WBC competitions tho?
  2. The fact that the U.S. has never even medalled in this tourney makes it inherently flawed imo. That'd be along the same lines as Canada never getting a bronze medal in hockey in the Olympics, or the US Mens Basketball team never medalling in the Olympics. I don't think you can make it a tournament along the lines of the World Cup (soccer) or the Olympics (hockey). It just doesn't work. If you really want it to be a something that people are interested in, and that is compelling, here's what I'd do. 1. Remove the teams with few to no professionals on MLB rosters. Perhaps you have to have a certain number of pros on your roster to qualify? 2. Make the international teams battle it out to earn the right to face the U.S. in a 5-game series. The winner gets a trophy.
  3. This guy is toast. All those hits he's taken caught up to him real fast. I'm selling unless he adjusts his style of play which, given his extreme hubris, I don't envision happening.
  4. Anyone avoiding OBJ because of his antics? Probably not, because there are so few real assets available nowadays. But I can't lie: I used to think long and hard before I committed to being content with investing a premium pick on T.O.
  5. You know how the universe works: Everyone -- ie, the talking heads, press, media -- was gaga over Miller late last year. Once the "dumb money" piles in, it's over.
  6. Kudos to Lacy's representation for negotiating that contract I suppose? Conspiracy theory: Lacy had a massive cheat-week prior to meeting with Seattle and now is going to cash in for dropping that weight!
  7. Stated simply: The 2015-16 version Bortles is a perversion of the gradual modification of the NFL rules that gave to the rise of garbage time.
  8. I've always been highly critical of Eli, often believing he gets more credit than he deserves but now I'm thinking he should be cut some slack: He's 36; of course he's not going to be as productive as he was in his prime.
  9. The Giants FA signings, outside of last year when they plucked several of the top defensive FAs, are usually bizarre, I've found. Not saying that's a bad thing, but Marshall and Geno? Never would have called that.
  10. Marshawn as a Raider. 'Nuff said.
  11. I wonder, will Brady/Garoppolo turn into Favre/Rodgers part 2? I'm not referring to the stormy relationship between the latter, but rather to the decision the Packers ultimately made to move forward with Rodgers and let Favre move on. Brady is Brady but he's going to be 40 when the season starts! Can you really justify selling Jimmy G? I reckon the X-Factor will be Belichick's hubris: Does he believe he can turn any QB into a good one? That is to say, perhaps he's confident Brady's successor is not on the roster.
  12. I'm conflicted. One one hand the Patriots paid a pretty penny for Burkhead; they wouldn't do that if they weren't optimistic about his prospects. On the other hand, this is a white Patriots RB we're talking about here. I'm sorry, but I've been playing this game for a long time: I just can't envision the markets / drafting masses falling in love with a such a player and bidding up his ADP. Burkhead's like, the opposite of a sexy pick.
  13. I suppose Burkhead's cheaper than Blount? Seems kind of odd a youngish RB with some receiving chops like Burkhead didn't even make ESPN's list of the top 150 FAs.
  14. Suspended for that?