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  1. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

  2. David Dahl 2017 Outlook

    9/15/17 David Dahl Update: On the DL since July 31st with back spams; not expected to swing a bat again until December: But here's the silver lining: He's fired up about 2018! Unreal I've never seen anything like it
  3. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    Lol. This is exactly the reason no one wanted him.
  4. David Johnson 2017 Season Outlook

    How about Columbus Day? Or Halloween?
  5. Andrew Luck 2017 Outlook

    I'm just waiting for this guy to pull a Borland.
  6. Aaron Judge 2017 Outlook

    The worst thing Judge has going for him probably is that he plays for the Yankees. The media and fans built him up way too early -- and now that are tearing him down and in panic mode after a slump that, let's be honest, hasn't even really been that long.
  7. Aaron Judge 2017 Outlook

    It happens. He had a .680 OPS month. It's not even that bad. Last year Joey Votto had a .640 OPS April. There's some serious overreaction to both the highs and the lows here.
  8. Albert Pujols 2017 Outlook

    What a waste. A damn waste. I'm sure some people will say well, Pujols is still "knocking in a lot of runs". But look at it another way: The Angels throwing away RISP opportunities by giving so many of them to Pujols.
  9. Patrick Corbin 2017 Outlook..

    Get all your Rockie hitters in your lineups! Corbin's on the mound tonight!
  10. 2017 NFL Roster Cuts

    Have there always been this many trades during the roster cut-down period? I swear, things are getting weird in the NFL this year.
  11. Zach Godley 2017 Outlook

    Idk that Dodgers lineup has not been hitting much Bellinger's not there. No Seager either tonight.
  12. Kansas City Royals 2017 Outlook

    So these guys haven't scored a run in a while. Closing in on the MLB record! Crazy.
  13. Aroldis Chapman 2017 Outlook

    I will say Chapman's taking his struggles in stride, to my surprise. I reckoned he'd act behave like a child if he ever got yanked from the closer's role.
  14. Yoenis Cespedes 2017 Outlook

    Half a season -- literally, Cespedes played in 81 games -- of .892 OPS ball. I guess it could have been worse. At least when he was out of the lineup he was on the DL, so you could grab someone to replace him. With that being said, CSB but I was eyeing Stanton and Cespedes with my 4th round pick in my draft; Stanton was off the board one pick ahead of my selection.