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  1. Holy crap the NFC is a dumpster fire. Two of the supposed top teams -- Minnesota and Atlanta -- go down in flames today.
  2. The Bucs have no regard for Quizz's wellbeing.
  3. Sure, there will be "takers" for a 3.4 ypc, TD-dependent back. But that's the market. No one's blowing anyone away with a crazy package for Melvin Gordon.
  4. I'm going to be lol'ing at the Gordon owners trying to "sell high" this week and finding no takers
  5. The Jaguars are on Thursday Night Football next week! Short week. Road. Bortles. Should be an epic dumpster fire.
  6. Tristan Cockcroft: For those watching Vikings-Eagles and curious: The last time two starting quarterbacks going head-to-head both finished a game with negative fantasy points was Dec. 3, 2006, when the Vikings' Brad Johnson (minus-6) and Bears' Rex Grossman (minus-5) did so. In that game, so did Vikings backup Tarvaris Jackson (minus-1). At the half, Sam Bradford has minus-3 and Carson Wentz minus-2.
  7. Remember when the Ravens were 3-0?
  8. lolol if the Vikings lose this game... So much for being Super Bowl favs
  9. Ha. Fair enough.
  10. Then which game is? Vikings-Eagles is the only matchup with two teams with records better than .500, fwiw
  11. Isn't this supposed to be the NFL's marquee 1 pm game too? what a disaster
  12. Quality product right there
  13. Flipping back and forth between this game and Chelsea vs. Man U and every time I change back to the Giants/Rams game it's either: (1) a replay; (2) a commercial; or (3) players and coaches just standing around doing nothing. It's uncanny.
  14. Kershaw's postseason troubles are eerily similar to Price's: In the postseason the HR rate doubles -- For Kershaw from 0.54 HR/9 in the regular season to 1.01 playoffs and Price from 0.86 to 1.62 while the strand rate drops from slightly above the league average down to 61% for both. Otherwise no big difference in the regular versus postseason K/PA, BB/PA, BABIP and the like.
  15. I reckon Beckham will be limited in performing his TD celebrations.