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  1. Hey remember when Brady won the Super Bowl MVP with a 16-27-145, 1-0, all-of-13-points-of-offense-generated line? I never realized how middling his stats were in that game. Before you say, "well, no one else stood out"...the Rams had the #1 offense in terms of both points and yards. The Pats held them to 17 points and forced 3 turnovers. Give the MVP to someone on defense. Someone on had to have done something. Heck, just award it to a token defender if you have to.
  2. Who should have won it then? Dom Rhodes?
  3. It will always be Manning for me unless Brady wins a couple more (yes, two more) MVPs.
  4. After GB-Dallas I don't have any interest in this game at all. I guess now it makes sense that this game was originally supposed to be the 1 pm appetizer to the main course at 4 pm.
  5. New QB. Same result.
  6. Lol that "handoff" was like a real-life Madden glitch
  7. Happy to see Beasley still alive
  8. Ah, the new adventures of same old Christine
  9. Big exhale for Garrett/Dak
  10. Dak is the new Romo
  11. Better get Romo up in the bullpen--but it might be too late.
  12. I reckon the Romo situation is akin to a baseball manager utilizing his bullpen in a do-or-die game. You know what I'm saying.
  13. Never saw that penalty called ever So...of true NFL fashion....why not unveil it in a playoff game?
  14. So the NFL is what, 0-6 in close, compelling playoff games so far? Hopefully today's teams can bring something to the table.