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  1. Did you really just suggest that? Man, no offense. but some people have no grasp of the market for these names
  2. How about when they face a lefty? Those splits. Woof!
  3. Nice revenge start. Another brilliant move by the Yankees brass, trading away Nova. It's crazy: the Yankees have turned into a feeder team for the Pirates.
  4. Who's selling tho?
  5. Can you send me this guy's contact info? I'm wondering if he can give me some winning lotto numbers.
  6. Is it just me or has there been an inordinate amount of starter-to-reliever conversions recently?
  7. that Coors Field bump .312/.388/.529 at home since joining the Rockies
  8. Good to hear that. I can't help but recall some of the new parks in the past that, you could argue, hurt their young star tenants--David Wright/Citi Field, Joe Mauer/Target Field, etc
  9. 92 games leading up to the Odor punch: .254/.387/.538 92 games since Odor punch: .221/..348/.406
  10. Spot on
  11. I think that's the one! Certainly a good omen -- on the field at least -- for owners.
  12. Whose batting stance/swing does Thames' remind you of? It's driving me crazy...
  13. Always entertained by this thread's tales of strongman commissioners and petty and bitter managers.
  14. And Devenski's kryptonite is.....Trout. How fitting.
  15. Bad start, but good start