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  1. I think Kinsler has a no-trade. Or at least some type of provision in his contract that let's him nix a deal.
  2. This thread hasn't been bumped in a while. Anyone have any touts? Here's my contribution: Downgrade Robertson. Yankees haven't generated many holds this year and it looks like Robertson is the 7th inning guy.
  3. Perhaps the Giants defense is bad? They are 2ND worst in the league in team BABIP.
  4. You can monitor Cargo at distance, ie, from the waiver wire. Once he shows "signs of life" -- a favorite phrase of the fantasy community -- by all means pick him back up. And no need to rush to pick him up either because I don't think there's much interest for the name.
  5. You kid but it's actually not a bad strategy.
  6. Good thing the Mets locked him up for 4 years. Smart.
  7. The Mets injury woes are a myth. The PR ineptitude is real.
  8. I am surprised the Rockies haven't DFA'ed Cargo.
  9. Think of the resources squandered on Dahl: the draft capital, the roster spot (he burned a hole on my roster for almost two months I think), the time spent monitoring his status, the time spent reading this thread, etc. A total loss!
  10. Man, this is a cruel world we live in.
  11. LoL you guys held onto Cargo this long. What's a little longer?
  12. Maybe it's just me, but he looks freaking huge out there. Larger than normal. He looks like a powerlifter trying to play LF.
  13. To be sure, this is actually is a problem in one respect: If you miss out on one of those games. Rendon I'm sure has been a mainstay in everyone's lineups for the last couple months, but I know alot of managers missed that first, 3 HR, 10 RBI outburst in April. Rendon hadn't gotten going yet and Thor was on the mound.
  14. 95% of purported "closers" are as soft as tissue paper Madson, Doolittle and Robertson are all really good at pumping out great strikeout rates, ERAs and WHIPs in meaningless games. Let's see how they hold up getting six outs to close out a one-run lead in game 5 of the NLDS. Heck as I'm typing this I'm looking at Madson and Doolittle's postseason numbers: Madson has 5 blown saves in the postseason and a 1.34 WHIP while Doolittle has 3 blown sales in only 8 appearances.