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  1. You guys talk as if it's a one, two-year lull of a lack of stars. Or even that it's cyclical. But it's not. Mark my words: the stars aren't coming back. We're entering into an era of not just RBBC, but O-line by committee, QB by committee, DB by committee, etc. Undrafted rookies starting more and more games.
  2. 1st round is generally about proven assets. Sure the guys you take in the first probably already had their career year and aren't likely to replicate it, but they are assets with real, durable value.
  3. Are you sure the fans are booing and not saying "boo-urns"?
  4. WFT is McAffee doing? Need a GIF of that
  5. To be fair, the Jets had like the toughest early-season schedule of all-time.
  6. Ya know, if you're Woody it's kind of embarrassing to be showcasing this product -- your product -- to the Vice President elect, no?
  8. This is going to be an awesome game Said no one
  9. I don't like it. Doesn't smell right. Why are the Pirates looking to dump a 30-year-old 5x All-Start and former MVP? Before you answer, it's a rhetorical question! The point is if the Pirates are selling shares, shouldn't that be a signal that you should as well?
  10. PA announcer: "And now a moment of silence, as we remember Jets legend Joe McKnight" ?
  11. But why is there a "lack of star power"? Let's examine the root cause.
  12. Jesus even the punter's injured?
  13. Great now Cam doesn't give a F