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  1. What's up with this guy? Top 10 in the league in OPS? Learned to hit in his contract year -- how convenient. Cozart's gonna make a lot of money this offseason if he keeps it up
  2. lol Yea Salazar's going to be on my roster this year.
  3. I've seen the 3 IP save. The three-save inning? That I reckon is less common.
  4. I'm more skeptical the walk rate / plate discipline is for real. I mean, Thames has a higher BB/PA through two months in the MLB than he did in his KBO career. Alas, walk rate stabilizes at 120 PA per FanGraphs and we're at 147 now, so...
  5. That would be the rationale to roll the dice and buy, at this juncture, though...right? At least, if you're going to be a buyer, you need a seller, and that would be Thames' owner's rationale to sell. In any case, no one's giving Thames away. You'd need to pay.
  6. A guy coming from overseas and having a big, uncharacteristic first month before cooling off indefinitely? That's never happened before.
  7. 68 plate appearances.
  8. JSS
  9. Amen. A middle reliever who gets his thread bumped every time he gives up a few singles or strikes out the side. Insanity.
  10. I suppose managers didn't want to sell Thames on April 30th, as he was finishing off his epic first month, because they "weren't getting fair value" in a trade. Now they won't want to sell him during this slump, because the slump means they won't get fair value. See what I did there?
  11. What are y'all doing with Cutch? Batting 6th tonight, first time he's hit lower than cleanup in his career. Yeah he's never gonna be what he once was. But he's in the middle of a slump. May has been a disaster. But he was useful in April. And even with his struggles this year the 6 HR, 5 steals, 20 runs, 20 RBI he's given you is pretty good!
  12. Amateur hour up in here. If you're dropping, why did you pick Devenski up in the first place?
  13. Yeah this thread isn't confusing at all. Makes you understand why GameDay threads exist.
  14. The Mets won't get criticized for this. Rather, they'll get criticized for not calling the game altogether--especially when the Yankees on the same night did just that.
  15. Dropping two out three to the Padres. At home. That's rough.