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  1. Marc Gasol 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    God damn he's played every game of the year so far. Let the old man rest on the second leg of a b2b.
  2. LeBron James 2018-19 Season Thread

    Since LeBron's season has officially come to a (merciful) end, we can start speculating about next year. Here is what one oddsmaker thinks about LeBron's destination: Lakers +200Rockets +220Cavaliers +35076ers +350Celtics +1000Spurs +1200Warriors +2000Clippers +2000Heat +3300 In any case, wherever he ends up he'll still be the same premier fantasy asset--or will he? He'll be 34 years old by the end of 2019 and will be coming off a season in which he played a whopping 104 games. He's also entering the offseason nicked up, as you'd expect: LeBon James had two MRIs on his right hand after punching a blackboard after Game 1 of the Finals, according to Brian Windhorst and Dave McMenamin of His hand was supposedly too swollen for the first MRI to provide any results. A second one at a later time found that it was a bone contusion in his right hand. Surgery is not expected for James. He has also been wearing a soft cast on his right hand and was wearing it at his postgame presser after Game 4 on Friday. He said he "pretty much played the last three games with a broken hand." We'll continue to monitor the status of his hand as well as his free agency decision this summer. LeBron said a lot has changed since his last free agency decision. He talked about his kids being older and that he'll sit down with his family and make a decision. Jun 9 - 12:52 AM Source: Brian Windhorst on Twitter
  3. Kenneth Faried 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I imagine you could probably count on one hand that people who have seen Faried play this season.
  4. Kris Dunn 2018-2019 Season Thread

    A really bad team on a looong West Coast trip? Seems like a recipe for some bad performances...
  5. Malik Monk 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I'm sure how you came to that conclusion.
  6. Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Is that Jarrett Allen out there or Andre Drummond?
  7. Gary Clark 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Anyone have eyes on this Houston gunner? What's the scoop? Shots aren't quite falling yet, but minutes are rising and Clark has potential to contribute an attractive combination of threes and stocks. First 8 games of his NBA career Clark's per 36 averages are: 10.7 3PA, 1.6 stl, 2.4 blk.
  8. James Harden 2018-2019 Outlook

    1-17 from 3pt tonight
  9. Bradley Beal 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Very James Harden-esque sans Wall.
  10. LeBron James 2018-19 Season Thread

    I don't think LeBron cares to bust his butt to come back. Why? So he can drag the Lakers to a 7th or 8th and get eliminated in the first round of the playoffs? Best to take one's time and come back when you're fully healthy with the Lakers out of it--that way your absence can be the reason the Lakers missed the playoffs and you'll be free of blame.
  11. Tomas Satoransky 2018-19 Season Outlook

    11 games subbing for Wall this year. 12.0 pts 1.4 3pt 6.0 asst 5.3 reb 1.4 stl 0.2 blk 49.5% FG 46.9% 3pt 75.0% FT
  12. Jaylen Brown Season Outlook 2018-2019

    Marcus Smart took Jaylen's starting job and his 3pt shot lol.
  13. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    The trade chatter is really heating up. Bill Simmons suggested AD to Philly for Ben Simmons and a pick (none of this Lonzo/Ingram/Kuma junk).
  14. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    Nah. Negative points. Like turnovers. AD would be a 2nd rounder.
  15. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    While a line such as this -- 38/13/7/2/4/1 locker room visit -- would get bumped like crazy.
  16. Marc Gasol 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Lol like 15 bad / OK games and 1 good one. The sell high window closed a while ago.
  17. 2019 Coaching Carousel

    McCarthy strikes me as a guy who probably doesn't interview all that well. He's not a Mensa member, let's face it, and he's been on complete cruise control with zero pressure -- to win, or innovate -- for the last seven-plus years. Hard to believe he's going to knock anyone's socks off in an interview.
  18. Tomas Satoransky 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of whiners in this thread.
  19. Tomas Satoransky 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Low-usage glue guy. The lines are fine. Same lines we got last year.
  20. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2018-2019

    It could have been bigger.
  21. Derrick Rose 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed.
  22. Cody Parkey 2019 Outlook

    The kick was blocked. Not his fault after all.
  23. Cody Parkey 2019 Outlook

    Has leg, can make 80% of kicks. Parkey will get a tryout somewhere.
  24. Phila @ Chi Wild Card Game

    Are you saying the Bears should have just defeated the Eagles handily, such that a kicker is not a factor? Or are you saying the outcome of a professional football game, fundamentally, shouldn't come down to whether or not a kicker kicks the ball between the uprights?
  25. Phila @ Chi Wild Card Game

    Nagy salty AF