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  1. 3-6 now. Lost to guy what set his qb, but left in a WR on bye. My draft was actually decent; my gameday calls and a few really silly drops (dropped Ingram after week 3) have doomed me. I didn't do any seasonal last year and i foregetted how to be good.
  2. I was down on Wentz coming into the season. I was wrong. Thought the defense was legit, though. Suddenly we got weapons everywhere on offense except for backup RB.
  3. Hello 1-4. I was good at this one year anyway.
  4. Need Hunt to score 7 or less in standard.
  5. i just got Carson with #6 ya like me now? Also..I won week one....week 2 for normal people/leugues Dropped Abdullah...which was tough choice.
  6. Thanks, glad to get the perspectives. But my rbs.....are a plethora! ?
  7. Now that I'm looking at it, it's gotta be between. West, Abdullah, and Ingram.
  8. I drafted cold......havent been reading the forums or nuttin. Only doin one seasonal league. This league drafted late, skipping one week. 10 teamer, standard. Only problem is I forgot to grab a kicker. Who do I drop? Just snagged Cohen with 6th waiver (I can't fathom this but I ain't complaining) Cohen. (Ditched duke johnson) I know we all get super jazzed about our teams early on,...but tell me I'm not loaded? Got worst draft grade in league btw. Aaron Rodgers Dak Prescot (league is standard 1 qb) Ty Montgomery Mark ingram Cohen Amber Abdullah Tevon Coleman Terrance west Marvin Jones jr Delirious Thomas Julio Jones Stefan Diggs Antonio Gates Panthers Yahoo money league