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  1. Just reached for the third time tonight. Thanks, I guess!
  2. I was amazed watching him hit last year as I thought he looked nothing like a rookie out there. He just moves way too much in the box. He just struck out on a weird check-swing and considering his back issues I didn't really like how it looked.
  3. What the hell was that Soto? Why is he doing so much in the box?
  4. He cleared waivers in my league. I wouldn't use a #1 on him.
  5. Three games in a row with a steal and a homer tonight. Heating up!
  6. Yu's been terribly unlucky but I mean 2 hits for Wacha...
  8. I wouldn't. I also claimed Puig off waivers a few weeks back and I'll give him more time. He's usually a slow starter but his combination of power and speed is worth waiting on.
  9. He said the same thing (mt) in my thread and I'm also not sure what he meant...I used to be very active on here years ago and Rush was always around even back then. I guess it shows by his 96K posts.
  10. Can you wait until later in the season to deal Jo-Ram? If you know you won't keep him this seems like a nice return though.
  11. These are the only 2 I can drop. This league is pitching heavy so most teams don't carry bench bats. I guess it'll be Kepler.
  12. Yeah seems like you're set if Kimbrel comes back. Not sure I would pay too much to get another closer. The names Ry34No mentionned (Abreu, Villar, Turner, Bieber or Grandal) would be the most I'd trade to get him.