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  1. You have to see the documentary. He went to UNC so he wouldn't have to go to classes. I think he should have just gone in the 3rd round to pitch.
  2. Matt Harvey sounds pretty petty. He could have been in the majors sooner but chose to take the college route to get the 1st round signing bonus.
  3. No, not really. He could have gone from HS to MLB directly but went in the 3rd round and chose to go to College instead.
  4. I have no faith in him this season.
  5. Part of the Doc was that he hated going to classes because he was going to be a ML pitcher anyway so what was the point?
  6. In 672 Plate Appearances in 2016, Adam Jones walked 39 times. That's actually good for him.
  7. Thanks, but he'd rather put a ball into play than take a walk.
  8. A few years ago I saw the college documentary on him and he came off as the biggest arrogant prick ever.
  9. You pretty much know what you're going to get with AJ. He'll go through HR stretches where you think he'll hit 40 and then droughts because he swings at everything. I'd say career avg numbers give a little more/little less.
  10. The O's just re-signed Pedro Alvarez, plus we Traded for Seth Swith and re-signed Mark Trumbo and have Trey Mancini. The most dingers or bust!
  11. If I'm right, I want a like!
  12. Cousins loses one of his favorite receives in Garcon. There's a lot of talk about him going to the 49ers after this season.
  13. Caleb Joseph is a fine defensive catcher and a solid backup. O's have top catching prospect Chance Sisco waiting right now. I don't know what's going to happen with Beef Wellington but it seems that he's a 1 year rental.
  14. I remember when Greg Maddux was pitching, he got the corner like 3 inches or more.
  15. But MLB is telling the umps to get the calls right.