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  1. He's going off right.
  2. He stinks!
  3. Grand Slam! Woo!
  4. Zach Britton looks like he's back to his old self. Still hasn't blown a save.
  5. If you can, please calculate a WAR pitcher.
  6. It's not that simple. Different stat people have different calculations for their WAR. "Wins Above Replacement."
  7. I keep asking how WAR is calculated and I keep getting a "Well It's Better than the current metric of AVG/OBP/SLG etc" "
  8. How is Mike Mussina not in the HOF? 270-153, 3.68 ERA in the heart of the steroid era in the AL East.
  9. He's been on a tear lately. O's need to keep him.
  10. Hitting: .302/.350/.540, 19 HR, 63 RBI
  11. Only 25, he good.
  12. 462 ft HR today to the 3rd deck in LF for his 18th HR. I would put him in the HR derby. He hits some dingers.
  13. He stinks!
  14. As long as he's looking good. I'm his main man!
  15. His swing reminds me of Mike Trout. Very short, fast and quick to the ball.