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  1. Prestige Worldwide - Dynasty Football

    I might be interested, get me some info.
  2. Cooks is going to cost at least what Sammy Watkins got. So it's gonna be more than 12-15 million per.
  3. Amari Cooper 2018 Season Outlook

    Nope, it's fantasy football. We are doomed to repeat the same mistakes every year. 😋
  4. Amari Cooper 2018 Season Outlook

    At the moment I'm willing to reach for him at the bottom of the 2nd or top of the 3rd in a 12 teamer me thinks. But the hype train is gonna keep chugging along.
  5. Joe Mixon 2018 Season Outlook

    Me too. There's still value with him going in the 3rd round right now. If his ADP goes into the 2nd round tho, I'd be wary.
  6. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    He's been bad for two years now. It's a shame, he used to be dominant. Way overpaid and likely to get released soon. Especially if they can grab a WR early in the draft. Good spot for Calvin Ridley to land.
  7. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    Are you going to ignore that he had 13 TD's total in the three years before that? his targets will also go down this year.
  8. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    Agreed. Tyrod is a HUGE upgrade for Gordon. He's a value in the third/fourth round right now.
  9. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    Landry does not get into the end zone often. Gordon is gonna be the preferred red zone guy.
  10. Deshaun Watson 2018 season outlook

    It really depends on how your draft goes. If an elite level QB is there in round 4 or 5, he's mine. Otherwise, I'm fine waiting on QB. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. Deshaun Watson 2018 season outlook

    Right now Fuller's ADP is closer to round 10, so you can still take Fuller before then if you grab Watson earlier.
  12. Deshaun Watson 2018 season outlook

    Taking him before R4 in a 12 teamer is a bit rich for my blood. He's undoubtedly talented. 4th or 5th round in a 12 teamer I can understand.
  13. Josh Gordon 2018 Season Outlook

    So excited for this guy heading into next season. Legit QB in town with Tyrod. Having Landry around will help get him open. 1200 yards minimum for him next season.
  14. Brandin Cooks 2017 Season Outlook

    Hahaha.. No. Strictly for depth and to have a big body out there. Still a huge question mark this week in what looks to be a shootout. He's either gonna put up 4 points or 30 points.
  15. 12/10/17 - Packers @ Browns

    Patience grasshopper. The faithful will be rewarded.