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  1. Did say deep leagues so 14+ teams and not sure how you got league winners from my post. Stills finished WR51 in my 16 teamer. Wilson was on pace for WR22 until he got hurt. Just saying both good value as WR4-5 with potential for more.
  2. Offensive guru Gase tanked the Dolphins offense last year. Had least amount of plays/game at 55. No other team had been that low since 2005. That will improve and one would hope Fitzpatrick or Rosen can be better than Tannehill. They will likely be trailing in games. Stills, Wilson, and maybe even Parker can be good value in deep leagues. Don't sleep on them. I'd be more concerned about Jets under Gase.
  3. 100% agree. Rosen seems to be forcing it downfield even if it isn't there. Seasoned QBs take what the defense gives. Part of problem is he needs to be coached to use the RB as safety valve. Or OC needs to start making DJ the first read for Rosen. No idea why they can't utilize DJ same way teams use Barkley, Gurley, Kamara. Even Conner getting better work and DJ is much better talent than Conner.
  4. If this is true it seems there is hope DJ gets more looks in the passing game. Severe talent waste so far. Cardinals have not followed through on statement they were going to use DJ in passing game more. This game they did but then went back to old habits. Offense needs balance, run game feeds pass and vice versa. Rosen needs a good run game to relieve D pressure. Some other notes on Leftwich...he was backup QB with Steelers with Arians as OC for 3 years. Then Arians hired him in AZ 2 years ago. So he has 5 years experience with Arians' playbook. Let's hope he has similar philosophy on DJ. Can't get any worse, can it?
  5. Crabtree most reliable out of those options. As you know Cooper could go off or could tank so if opponent has stacked lineup and you need upside, go with Cooper. If you just need steady points then Crabtree for me. Help with mine...
  6. Hard to say without seeing roster. I think I'd stick with Tate and look for better deal. Help with mine...
  7. Get Golladay. You can stream at TE if Olsen isn't healthy. Drop another guy and go pick up Uzomah from Cincy. He's the guy now and Dalton likes his TEs. Help with mine?
  8. Consider me concerned about D.Freeman. A bone bruise in the foot could be a multi-week injury. Anything lower body for a RB takes away explosiveness. I'd hold for now. I think A.Jones value may go up after this weekend. If you can wait until next week might have more clarity on Freeman's injury. The deal would only bring on more risk for your team. Help with mine...
  9. Get Cook. Difference maker when he's right and that time is coming. Crowell sharing carries and frustrating to own since could have 200/2 and then 0 yards the next. That actually happened which I'm sure you know. Great time to sell high on those guys. Help with mine?
  10. Jordy and Jones for me being non-PPR. Feels like a week to play Jones. Feels like he'll be the runner when they want to run more. Last week vs DET down by 24 early so didn't see much work. It's SF so hope they can build good lead to let him have his day. Baldwin just can't be trusted right now. Help with mine?
  11. 16 team PPR. Start 1 QB/2 RB/2 WR + flex. Looking for QB and RB since I'm thin at both. It's a keeper league so wire is barren. If keeper confuses things just consider if trade were in redraft. Team competitive so looking to make run this year for title. Offer 1: give Lockett for Brees and Hyde Offer 2: give Keenan for Brees and Ingram Ingram can be kept in 11th and Hyde in 4th. Offer 2 feels like slight overpay but have concerns Hyde keeps job ROS and Ingram better keeper value. Ingram just better talent and offense working for him. QB: Eli, Jimmy G (IR) RB: Mixon, Montgomery, Ito Smith, Barber, K.Dixon WR: Hopkins, Keenan, Tyreek, John Brown, Lockett, Crowder Which offer? WHIR
  12. Not sure you're gaining much for this week with that deal. Yeldon and Morris may be better options than Coleman. Coleman has not been good as lead guy. Are you doing it for future keeper considerations because Coleman is FA and may go somewhere to be the guy? I'm not sold on Coleman being able to do that. He's more change of pace type and needs right system to succeed. Like Kittle more than Engram ROS. Once again, if doing it for keeper considerations I'm high on Engram. Help with mine...
  13. Goff probably more reliable but forecasting snow in Denver. I'd watch weather and if it's snowing or field conditions bad then go Winston. Gut says Winston going to have good week vs Falcons having to throw, bye week to prepare, and Falcons banged up D. Help with mine...
  14. Godwin at WR2 and Ekeler in flex. Bucs throw a lot and play Falcons so expect them to put up points. Ekeler has most opportunity among rest for flex. Help with mine...
  15. I might deal Bell/Connor for Michel and a WR. Depends what other team has at WR. Help with mine...
  16. Don't really like either for you but lean towards the DJ/Edelman since it's PPR. DJ still talented just needs better OC/play calling. Risky but could improve. Think the Baldwin injury lingers all year and just not feeling him this year. Help with mine...
  17. 16 team PPR keeper league Offer 1: give Lockett + 2019 1st for Brees and Hyde Offer 2: give Keenan + 2019 1st for Brees and Ingram Ingram can be kept in 11th and Hyde in 4th. Offer 2 feels like overpay but have concerns that Hyde keeps job ROS and Ingram keeper value better. QB: Eli, Jimmy G (IR) RB: Mixon, Montgomery, Ito Smith, Barber, K.Dixon WR: Hopkins, Keenan, Tyreek, John Brown, Lockett, Crowder Either offer would boost QB/RB. Which offer or neither? WHIR
  18. Own both in different leagues. As of now Coleman is the fantasy asset to own but if Falcons go more 50/50 split prefer Ito. His game resembles Freeman. Coleman doesn't look as versatile. See my previous analysis. Coleman better in change of pace backup role. Just can't run between tackles and needs space to operate.
  19. I simply said Ito more talented than Coleman based on what I've seen on tape and gave several reasons why. Never said Coleman wasn't the RB to own. But the above statement says nothing on why Coleman is the superior talent. Coleman has done nothing with his opportunities since Freeman has been out. So why is Coleman the superior talent? Support the statement and why are you criticizing others providing actual analysis. Isn't that point of the forum? Coleman is obviously first in line for work. But tape doesn't lie so Ito could definitely see more work going forward.
  20. Ito Smith does look like the better talent over Coleman. If you watch the tape, Coleman has issues running between the tackles and usually requires fairly large holes to get decent gain. Also noticed he tends to lose speed when he cuts. He needs space to operate. He is an edge runner with straight line speed. If he gets a good hole with no hands on him he can outrun defenses. Ito has more wiggle and balance to avoid/break tackles and get through smaller holes. He's more elusive and slippery. Likely why they started giving him goal line carries. He doesn't require a lot of space to operate. He's more like Freeman. Coleman is free agent next year. Some team is going to make mistake of giving him a big contract he won't live up to. Ito was very versatile in college game and has a lot of potential in a good offense.
  21. Keeper league. Deal is below... Side A: Keenan Allen (14th round keeper) Side B: Chris Godwin (6th round keeper), 2019 1st round pick, 2019 6th round pick Which side?
  22. 16 team PPR, keep 10 and lose round pick of player kept. Offer is Keenan (14th) to receive Chris Godwin (6th) + 2019 1st and 6th round picks. WRs...Hopkins, Tyreek, Keenan, John Brown, Lockett, and Crowder. Start 2 + 1 flex. Which side do you prefer? WHIR...
  23. Barkley, Howard, and Woods. Barkley looks and elusive. Barkley > CMC and Woods + LAR offense > Alshon.
  24. I'd pass. Seems like an overpay for Cook since he's hurt and not performing. You don't really need him with your depth at RB. Losing Adams leaves you pretty thin at WR. Could counter with different WR + Freeman. Adams just too much in that deal.