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  1. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    So not exactly being on the market, but sort of. Miami has really wanted this guy. They even had a trade for him set up this year. Perhaps Elway prevented Anderson from going to the Dolphins out of spite.
  2. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    Last time Anderson was on the market?
  3. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    I disagree. Anderson's yards after contact and yards per carry and yards per reception are right up there with the best running backs in the league. In 2014 he was the spark that lead the offense down the stretch. In 2015 he put the offense on his back and became a champion.
  4. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    Colts would be money if Luck returns to health and they don't draft a rb early.
  5. Dez Bryant 2018 Season Outlook

    Dez would make for a worse Patriot than Ocho Cinco did.
  6. Brandon Marshall 2018 Season Outlook

    We can like Marshall as a person and remember his glory years with fondness, but hoping for a player like Marshall to recapture his top form from 7 years ago is a great way to lose at fantasy football.
  7. Willie Snead 2018 Season Outlook

    If you read and understand my post, I wrote that Snead is 3rd or 4th most talented WR on the Ravens in 2018. I would put Snead firmly behind Crabtree and a healthy John Brown. If Perriman can get his head on straight, he is also quite a bit more talented than Snead.
  8. Willie Snead 2018 Season Outlook

    It seems like Ozzie Newsome may have lost his golden touch. This contract is a genuine head-scratcher.
  9. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    You are not making much sense. Who is "they?" Why should we care? CJ Anderson is a powerfully built featured back type who happens to also be a very good receiver and pass blocker. Chris Thompson is a slightly built 3rd down back. Even when Thompson was tearing it up in 2017 and the other Washington backs were struggling mightily, Gruden still knew better than to expand Thompson's role beyond that.
  10. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    A bit crowded there I think. Lions still have Abdullah (doubt they give up on him yet) Riddick and Zenner.
  11. Willie Snead 2018 Season Outlook

    And he got that top 32 PPR finish playing with a future first ballot HoF QB in a pass happy offense. To ignore Snead's 2018 situation as 3rd or 4th best WR on a terrible passing offense? That's just lazy analysis.
  12. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    I am a big fan of CJ Anderson. I think he is a well-above average running back. Very good in the passing game, pass pro, tough runner. Whoever gets him is going to be pretty happy.
  13. Willie Snead 2018 Season Outlook

    Have fun with Snead. With thinking like that, 5th place is yours for the taking.
  14. Willie Snead 2018 Season Outlook

    Alex Collins was a bit scary at times in 2017, but I mostly agree. Snead on the Ravens is a really bad player in a really bad situation on a really bad team. Give me a heapin' helpin' of DND.
  15. Brandon Marshall 2018 Season Outlook

    I will grant you that point. But having your own HBO show while the season is going on is a bit diva-ish. Anyway, I am pretty sure Marshall is done. He was a pretty good player in his prime.