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  1. Keep the faith? Man is it getting difficult...
  2. It's only been ONE game, man. One game. Odell is going to be fine.
  3. The opposite of that. If he does not hit his incentives, they pay him less.
  4. Wow Rexy is much more interesting without White if White is out this week.
  5. The Giants may be the cure for what ails OJ Howard. They have been getting strafed by TEs for years and gave up 2 TDs to Dallas's extremely underwhelming TE group back in week 1.
  6. I am keeping the faith as well. There is no Hockensen or Andrews on the waiver wire in my league, so I am not about to drop OJ Howard and chase some random TE who scored last week. When Howard finally pops, I will be getting credit for those points.
  7. OJ Howard is trending up. In week 1, Cameron Brate had two TD catches called back on penalties. In week 2, Brate didn't have any!
  8. Welp. I did see Howard run several routes in the highlight video. And Howard motioned into the backfield and threw a crushing block on the Barber 16 yard TD run. But no targets is not...good.
  9. Maybe the Smoking Man novicaned Scam's arm at half time. Don't you believe in miracles?
  10. Holding Ito over Justice Hill is bad business? I think we may have to revisit this one.