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  1. I agree the Jags could have done a few things better, but the referee bias was too much to overcome. Both teams were playing physically and aggressively, mugging each other all over the field. One team got flagged once for ten yards and won. The other got flagged six times for 98 yards. It was LA v. Sacramento all over again.
  2. I think the player being held is Telvin Smith, aka the Jags best defender. You can see he is trying to sprint over and tackle Lewis, because his legs are waiving in air but his torso is immobile. The blocker has reached from behind and grabbed a handful of jersey and is holding on for dear life. Blatant, obvious foul on the game-deciding play.
  3. I actually don't really care about Jacksonville, and I picked the Patriots to win. But I know football from watching it live during the last five decades, and film from before that. The refs had their finger/elbow/foot/whole body on the scale down the stretch in that one.
  4. The Jags were driving to score again and put the game away, but the refs allowed the Patriot players to blow up the Jacksonville receivers before the ball got there. Three times. So, yes, the refs did give this game to the Patriots. But enjoy it.
  5. Pats don't even like 1st round picks, they usually trade them. So, not much of a punishment. Throw me into the briar patch, Brer Bear.
  6. A few years back an NBA referee called Tim Doneghy spilled the beans on the fact that the league office gave the officiating crew marching orders to call a tight game when Kobe and Shaq's Lakers were in a game 7 against Sacramento. Stern knew very well that an NBA finals with the Lakers in it would get about double the ratings. Hardly surprising. And Greedy Goodell makes Stern look like the model of a restrained and fair-minded businessman.
  7. I love football but I hate how the refs make sure the Patriots will win. Charlie Weiss, not exactly a Patriot hater, was on Sirius NFL Radio this morning and he said those PIs against Marcedes Lewis were critical plays and that has to be called.
  8. If the Pats would have won fair and square I would have paid them the respect due. Jacksonville was the better team yesterday, but the zebras swung the game in the fourth quarter with about six critical no-calls, all in New England's favor. Elway used to get the exact same star treatment back in the day. In the Super Bowl last year, Atlanta beat themselves, it was not the refs. Yesterday? Three times in the fourth quarter, 23 for the Patriots blew up a Jags receiver well before the ball got there. Just blatant, obvious, critical pass intereference that let the Pats get the ball back and win the game.
  9. Jags weren't really going that conservative. Bortles was throwing quick passes to his receivers who were getting blown up before the ball got to them with no flags thrown.
  10. No, I just draft or purchase as many Patriot players as possible. Look at Lewis's game-clinching run. There is a hold so obvious as to be impossible to overlook. Blocker has a huge handfull of the defenders jersey, from behind, and there is nothing to screen the ref from seeing it.
  11. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    Keenum's stage-coach turned back into a pumpkin, and his liveried coachman turned back into a church mouse. Franchise tag indeed.
  12. If the Pats commit blatant holding penalties on each of their last three drives but the refs don't call it, does that mean Belichick has not instilled them with discipline? How about wiping out the Jags receivers before the ball gets there on multiple occasions in the fourth quarter, but no calls? Astonishing fundamentals and rock solid coaching?
  13. 2017 Starters you did not FEAR in H2H

    Did I mention that team also had Justin Tucker, the Jags D, and Todd Gurley?
  14. 2017 Starters you did not FEAR in H2H

    I did not fear Alex Smith, Jarvis Landry, or Demarco Murray. But the team that had all three beat me twice, knocking me out of the playoffs, and won the championship in my league. I still have no respect for those three guys, and will not draft/buy them next year, and will not fear them if I face them in 2018.
  15. Tom Brady 2017 Season outlook

    Stitches on his throwing hand? Sure Brady will play, but how good are his passes going to be?