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  1. 3 of the best defenses in the league and they're 3-0. Not concerned yet.
  2. It was a 7 yard run up the middle against a stacked box...not an easy run. DEN def is pretty good.
  3. Its not a report, it's one beat writers speculation.
  4. $100 buy in every year. The 2 last place teams pay an extra $60 each to cover the CBS league fee. This also helps with garbage trade deadline deals as the bottom teams just can't give away players.
  5. IMO I'm more annoyed when owners check out. So much so that we penalize the bottom 2 teams at the end of the regular season. I'd rather have guys who play it out the whole season than who check out and have a dead team.
  6. It is "probable" pitchers, but this is MLB site that I use and it seems to be right on, typically.
  7. Bullpen scheduled for Monday August 18, 2019 Cole (hamstring) is scheduled to throw a bullpen session Monday afternoon, Chandler Rome of the Houston Chronicle reports. ANALYSIS A bullpen session Monday puts Cole on schedule to start Thursday after skipping one turn through the rotation due to a right hamstring discomfort. Although the Astros have not made an official announcement about Cole's return, they currently list Thursday's starter as "to be determined." Edit: Was thinking Thur was LAA, carry on.
  8. Where do you see Tatis Jr playing in this scenario?
  9. He has started 5 games this year: 7/20: 6.0IP, PC 75 6/13: 6.0IP, PC 90 6/8: 7.2IP, PC 110 6/2: 7.0IP, PC 92 5/23: 7.1IP, PC 99 Not saying it is guaranteed he'll go at least 5IP if he starts, but it doesn't seem TB limits him when he does.
  10. Let's say you go WR/TE 1/2 in your draft, you trust him as your RB1?
  11. But what was Staton's EV on the reg at 20 years old?
  12. Apples to Oranges, but Alex Reyes had a lat issue last year as well. We know how that turned out.