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  1. Am I giving up too much?

    Not to turn this into Jordan Howard thread, but aren't Nagy's comments that Howard is still a big part of the CHI offense?
  2. Am I giving up too much?

    Thanks. My thoughts as well. I started with Howard for Adams straight up and will go from there.
  3. Am I giving up too much?

    Would you go for the Howard/Sanders straight up for Adams trade? Too much to give up as others have said?
  4. Am I giving up too much?

    Thanks for the input.
  5. Am I giving up too much?

    Those are his RBs. If it's too lopsided against me with Howard & Sanders, should I ask for one of those in return? In his shoes, would you go for it?
  6. IMO your hesitation is warranted. On paper, this trade is great. Too me, I'd be too afraid of Fournettes linger issues and pass on this. At 5-0 there shouldn't be a need to make a change.
  7. Am I giving up too much?

    Thanks. What would even out the trade? His other RBS: Lynch, Michel, Ingram, and Hyde. My team is 1-4. I'm 6th in points but only 45 behind #1, but last in points against by a HUGE margin. Need to make something happen.
  8. 1PPR Give: Howard and E Sanders Receive: Davante Adams Thoughts? WHIR
  9. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 5

    More worried about the Jet's Oline and the amount of time Darnold has to throw. May be wrong.
  10. James White 2018 Outlook

    They know what's coming and still can't stop it. Why is that a problem? The funny part about your argument is that you are either right or wrong in the long run but you offer no substantiation to your claim. "His usage will decline from where it's at now". Why? What empirical data do you have to back this claim up? Since Brady LITERALLY asked for more James White, they have dominated on the offensive end. I'm not saying you can't be wrong, but your opinion means nothing without evidence to back it up.
  11. James White 2018 Outlook

    The Patriots dressed 2 RBs last night. Will that change?
  12. James White 2018 Outlook

    More 1st downs = more opportunities for White and other offensive players.
  13. There's 10m left in the 2nd quarter.....
  14. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    He played 18 snaps and 1 of his catches he almost broke for a td. Should he have caught 4tds on 2 targets? I don't think he'll blow up tonight but what he did on limited snaps last week give promise to what he can do with increased reps.