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  1. Great line except for the 3/5 from the foul line. Free throwing shooting has continued to be his problem all year. When you take over 9 free throws per game, the difference between being a league average free throw shooter like he was the past two years (77% and 76%) vs shooting a career-low 70% (since his rookie year) is a gigantic especially in roto leagues In real life, he's the leading candidate for MVP. In fantasy, he's currently the 13th ranked player after being a top 5 player the past two years all because of his drop in FT%.
  2. In head-to-head leagues, that's fine. In roto leagues, if you punt multiple categories, you have no chance to win the league. Besides Giannis was a FT neutral player the past two years ( 77% and 76%) and only very slightly below average for his career. There was nothing at all to suggest he was going to be a total category killer like an Andre Drummond in FT% this year
  3. Like you said the 3 pointers are easy to compensate my drafting a bunch of other 3 point shooters. Not everyone on your team is going to be 3 point shooter anyways and you knew coming into the year that Giannis was going to be a zero in that category. The much harder area to compensate is him shooting 65% from the FT line on over 8 attempts per game. Given how often he gets there, only Gobert, Whiteside, Adams, and Drummond have provided a larger negative influence in FT% than Giannis per Basketball Monster. In H2H leagues, that's probably fine if you are punting FT%, but in roto leagues, that's a killer. It's very frustrating considering he was a career 75% foul shooter going into this year and was essentially a FT-neutral player the past two years. He's shooting way worse from the foul line that he ever has any other year and it seems like every week his FT% goes down even more. Everything else is good, but in roto leagues, he's been a major bust because of suddenly forgetting how to shoot free throws.
  4. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    It's close but David Johnson last year was a worst draft pick than Bell this year because Johnson went number 1 overall in most leagues last year and this year Gurley went ahead of Bell in most leagues
  5. Pascal Siakam 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    That's always my thinking during the last few rounds of the draft. Has worked out well for me with Siakam. Not so well with Boban, but that's what bench spots are for.
  6. Pascal Siakam 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He's really really solid. Each of his last 9 games have all been great. I'm starting to come to expect these types of lines from him now. I drafted him in the last round; I liked him a lot but wasn't sure how many minutes he'd get. I never could have anticipated he'd be this good though.
  7. And 0 for 5 from the foul line tonight. After two straight years where he was essentially a FT-neutral player, I certainly wasn't expecting him to be a Shaq-like negative influence in FT% this year like this. In real-life, he's an MVP candidate. In fantasy, he's been a huge disappointment considering his top 5 ADP.
  8. Giannis is great in real life, but fantasy-wise he's been pretty disappointing relative to his top 5 ADP. Currently ranked outside the top 30 in fantasy. I was expecting that he'd be a complete zero in 3PTS (despite all the preseason hype every year about him improving his 3 point shot). What I wasn't expecting was for him to be this bad from the foul line. He shot 77% two years ago and 76% last year. Currently shooting an abysmal 68% this year. With how frequently he goes to the line, that is a gigantic difference and it's absolutely killing his fantasy value. Been a pretty huge disappointment so far this year fantasy-wise. Hopefully he can turn it around.
  9. CJ McCollum 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Take a look at his splits with and without Nurkic in 2016-2017. Had a significant dropoff after Nurkic came over, and that's continued last year and this year. I'd consider him a fringe top 50 guy, but he always seems to get drafted in the top 40. Not a bad player and is definitely durable, but he's a little overrated in my opinion.
  10. Boban Marjanovic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Roto leagues have yearly positional game limits. If you start all your players every game, you'll be out of games remaining by the end of February. So for my bench spots I like to stash players like Boban who have upside in case they get an opportunity, not people like Cedi Osman who can't do anything even when getting a ton of minutes.
  11. Boban Marjanovic 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Two games in a row with 23 minutes. By the way, even with the lack of minutes, Boban still has a significantly higher rank than your boy Cedi Osman (131 vs 221 going into tonight).
  12. CJ McCollum 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I don't see him repeating his 2016-2017 season. That year was mostly without Nurkic and McCollum was a bigger part of the offense then, and his numbers tailed off big time the last month of the year after they picked up Nurkic. Repeating last year should be doable. Look, like I said, he's not a bad player and he is durable and reliable. I just prefer getting more category coverage out of my early round players, so someone is always going to outbid me for him.
  13. CJ McCollum 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I agree the FG% should come up, but he's been under 45% every year of his career except for one season. He shouldn't kill you in FG% like a Ricky Rubio, but I wouldn't expect him to be a huge positive in FG% either. For his career, he's averaged less than 1 steal a game, less than 0.5 blocks, less than 3 assists a game, and less than 3 rebounds a game. That's why I'm calling him a 2 category fantasy player. He's not a bad player, but pretty overrated fantasy wise in my opinion. For how early he gets drafted, I'd want a lot more category coverage. When you say buy low, who are you able to get him for? If you're able to trade for him, without giving a top 75 fantasy asset, I'd do that, but I kinda doubt you can get him for that low of a price in most leagues. And I wouldn't want to trade a top 50 fantasy asset for him, especially since his usage on offense seems to be going down this year.
  14. CJ McCollum 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Depends on how long you can buy him I guess. Personally I own zero shares of McCollum and I'm not looking to invest unless I can get him for a dead giveaway price. I felt like McCollum was very overrated in drafts this year (considering he's basically just a 2 cat player: points and 3 pointers), and he's looked truly pathetic so far this year.
  15. CJ McCollum 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    "Kind of a rough start" is a huge understatement. He's been worse than waiver wire caliber so far. I still wouldn't sell him without getting top 50 value back for him in return, but he's been incredibly disappointing so far.