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  1. Very well put. As others said at the beginning of the thread, 2018 will almost certainly go down as his career-best season. I was probably a little more pessimistic about Nola than most people, as I thought he would regress most of the way to his 2017 level (I was predicting a 3.3-3.5 ERA and a 1.15-1.2 WHIP) rather than split the difference between 2017 and 2018. However, I never envisioned Nola would be so significantly worse than his 2017 level and his career averages. After a horrible first two and a half months, Nola did get it together from mid-June to end of August, then totally collapsed in September.
  2. Well, there's obviously people that disagree with me, which is why there's been a discussion. I said at the beginning of the year that I thought Nola was overvalued given his 3rd round ADP coming off of last year's fortunate .251 BAPIP. As I said at the beginning of the year, I thought he would regress to the 3.30-3.50 ERA and 1.15-1.20 WHIP range. Obviously I wasn't right about Nola either and he's regressed a lot more than that. The difference between Nola and Gerrit Cole who had the same ADP has been staggering
  3. J-Ram's overall numbers before he got hurt certainly didn't live up to his first round ADP either.
  4. He's certainly been way better since mid-June, but the overall numbers are still very disappointing for a guy who was drafted in the 3rd round on average. It's really not possible for an early round pick to make up for two and a half months to start the year that were that poor.
  5. Wow, what a truly pathetic start. Glad I decided not to stream him, but it was really stupid of me to even consider it. Valdez is simply one of the worst pitchers who should not be on anyone's stream radar because he can be lit up by even terrible teams like the Pirates and Blue Jays
  6. You mean when Nola allowed 3 ER in 7 IP vs the Marlins on 8/25? I thought Nola was overranked in the preseason and so far he's been a bit of disappointment considering his 3rd round ADP, but Nola is infinitely times better than Framber Valquez. Honestly, after Charlie Morton's miracle turnaround in Houston, I think the Astros get a bit overrated for their ability to make any starting pitcher good. No question the Astros are a great team and Verlander and Cole are obviously studs, but after that it's not like the Astros rotation has been a fantasy gold mine this year. Collin McHugh: Posted an atrocious 6.97 ERA in 8 starts before the Astros mercifully banished him to the bullpen in May. 4.70 ERA overall including relief work. Brad Peacock: Wasn't terrible before he got hurt but wasn't great either. Had a good K rate (94 in 88 IP) but I was expecting better than a 4.06 ERA when I drafted him Wade Miley: 3.06 ERA is good, but 1.22 WHIP is mediocre and only 134 Ks in 156 IP is bad. I guess he's been a decent free agent pickup for the back of a fantasy team's rotation, but hardly a gigantic difference maker. Framber Valdez: Has a 5.14 ERA and 1.54 WHIP Corbin Martin: Had a 5.59 ERA and 1.81 WHIP before getting sent to the minors Jose Urquidy: Has a 5.87 ERA and 1.87 WHIP before getting sent to the minors In summary Peacock (before he got hurt) and Wade Miley have put up low-end fantasy value, worth owning but nothing spectacular, while McHugh, Valdez, Martin, and Urquidy have all been absolutely atrocious.
  7. Disappointing finish after he started out strong last night. Not sure what on earth he was thinking throwing that high fastball by Escobar when he only throws 91mph, instead of keeping the ball down and changing speeds like he had been all night. Hope he gets another chance to stay in the rotation, especially since he would be facing a Rockies team next week that has totally mailed it in for the year.
  8. I know that Clase likely got the save last night because LeClerc was unavailable, but is it possible that Clase could become the closer, especially after how dominant he looked yesterday? LeClerc has proven time and time again that he doesn't have the stomach or the control to be a closer?. Is it possible that LeClerc's latest disaster on Thursday could be the final straw?
  9. Even when Dahl was saying a few weeks ago that he hoped to return in early September, I always felt it was doubtful he would play again this year given that Dahl is the all-time slowest healer in the world and that the Rockies are well out of the playoff race. The fact that he's not even running yet makes it more likely the sun won't come up tomorrow morning than Dahl returns this year.
  10. Above average? Very little about Valdez's performance this year suggests above average. He does pitch for a great team and has two very friendly matchups coming up, but I'm just having a hard time getting that disaster against the Pirates out of the mind. If he can get shelled like that by the Pirates, he can get shelled by anyone. Tough call whether to stream or not today.
  11. Is Framber worth streaming on Saturday vs. the Blue Jays? He did pitch well vs. them earlier this year, has a good K rate, and plays on a great team. On the other hand, this is the same guy that got epically destroyed by the Pirates.
  12. Given that he hasn't even thrown off a mound yet and we're at the end of August, I think if Snell does return this year, it will be as a reliever. To me, Snell is a drop at this point, and he'll go down as one of the biggest fantasy busts of the year.
  13. I know it was only Detroit, but he looked great tonight
  14. Those splits didn't include yesterday's game. Davis now has a 10.97 ERA at Coors and an 0.63 ERA on the road. Makes quite a difference when breaking balls don't break in the thin air.
  15. In fairness to Davis, almost all of the damage has come this year at Coors Field (9.70 ERA at home, 0.63 ERA on the road). I still think Wade Davis is a really good MLB pitcher who will be an above-average closer again whenever he gets out of Colorado. He just simply can't pitch at Coors. Coors hurts all pitchers obviously, but Davis is very reliant on his breaking ball, so Coors hurts him even more than most. Fly balls carrying a few extra feet in the thin air is the very minor, almost negligible part, of the problem. The main issue is that breaking balls don't break in the thin air, which makes hitting exponentially easier when you don't have to worry about protecting against breaking balls. Only one Rockies' pitcher has ever finished as a top 25 fantasy pitcher: Ubaldo Jimenez in 2010. And Jimenez did it by throwing 99mph and blowing the ball by hitters. That's literally the only way you can pitch well there when you can't throw breaking balls. On a side note, Ubaldo really should have won the Cy Young in 2010. Rockies' hitters always get punished for the Coors effect in the MVP race, but for some reason, Ubaldo didn't give credit for pitching in Coors. Seriously, check out Kershaw's, Bumgarner's, Strasburg's, Greinke's, and Scherzer's career numbers at Coors. Not one of those guys have numbers at Coors that would even be ownable in fantasy leagues. As Scott Pianowski on Yahoo likes to say, "Gravity always wins"