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  1. I need to drop someone to pick up a defense for this week. royce Freeman, Curtis Samuel, michael gallup or Devante Parker?
  2. Start Lamar Jackson or Gardner Minshew or Josh Allen Stat Juju Smith schuster or Michael gallup(also starting amari)?
  3. Heres my team- rb- Derrick Henry, leveon bell, devin Singletary, Royce Freeman, latavious Murray, chase edmunds wr- amari cooper, Mike Williams, Michael gallup, juju smith schuster, aj brown
  4. Should I drop Michael gallup for either Kenyan drake or mark Walton?
  5. Should I trade Zach Ertz and miles sanders or devin Singletary for Evan engram?
  6. I love Jacobs so not sure about this deal. I mean that’s a lot to give up
  7. Standard league. Not a fan of Ertz, should I trade Ertz and miles sanders or Singletary for Evan engram?
  8. Wendall Smallwood Or irv Smith? non ppr league
  9. Should I trade Evan engram for John brown? I have Darren Waller And can only start 1 te and need wr help. Should I trade russel Wilson or Lamar Jackson for Aaron Jones? I also have josh allen
  10. I just picked up josh allen also so think I’m set
  11. I have Chris Carson, James white, Austin Ekeler and Tevin Coleman