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  1. Larkin's a Hall of Famer for sure. He had a fairly similar career to Jeter. Jeter bested him in counting stats in most areas, but their OPS and OPS+ numbers are virtually identical. Larkin was a far better defensive shortstop than ol' Jeets, and that is a position where defense is a huge part of the equation. Larkin's a no brainer. Dawson, on the other hand, is pretty borderline. He accumulated pretty high totals, but was also a low OBP hacker. He was basically a slightly better version of Adam Jones. Dawson is probably the most borderline HOFer in recent years along with Jim Rice.
  2. The scary thing is Perdomo has the best stuff of any pitcher projected to start and it's really not close. As a Pads fan, I'm glad they're finally doing a complete rebuild. I'd be shocked if this team doesn't lose 100 games this year. The MLB roster is beyond awful.
  3. Haha Bagwell so clearly took PEDs, it's not even funny. The bottom line is that until these sanctimonious baseball writers stop holding these players to these arbitrary standards, then the BBHOF will always be a bit of a gong show. The writers have made something they claim to hold so dear into something that is mocked and ridiculed by many. Unintended consequences 101. Letting Clemens and Bonds in would be like a huge weight off of the shoulders for all of the sanctimony. Baseball is still haunted by these old-timey, George Will/Bob Costas-propagated notions that it's somehow representative of more than a bunch of dudes, some who are bad guys and giant a-holes, standing around playing a game. It's a great game, but those kind of antiquated thoughts need to stop. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the baseball writers who vote for this. When Pete Rose, the man who many sportwriters back in the day mythologized as the symbol of grit and determination, comes off on TV as your old uncle who may s**t himself at Thanksgiving, it's time to give up the mythology and sanctimony.
  4. Love NBC hoovering James Harrison when the dude is clearly on PEDs. This is like a 40 year old averaging 20 PPG in the NBA or a 40 year old having a .900 OPS in MLB. No wonder everyone is so cynical about the NFL. How naive do they think people are?
  5. Are you some AFC white knight? I never knew anyone gave a s**t about conferences in football. You're the first person I've come across who seems to care. The NFC is better at the top this year. Oakland (sans Carr), Houston, and Miami (sans Tannehill) are three of the weakest playoff teams in years. So, the AFC is essentially a three team race, depending on what one thinks about KC. The NFC had five teams who are legit contenders (Detroit being the exception). So, the NFC is objectively better at the top. I couldn't care less about favoring one conference over the other, just calling it like I see it.
  6. AFC QBs in the playoffs: Tom Brady Ben Roethlisberger Alex Smith Connor Cook Brock Osweiler Matt Moore NFC QBs in the playoffs: Aaron Rodgers Matt Ryan Russell Wilson Dak Prescott Eli Manning Matthew Stafford Carr and Tannehill going down is unfortunate, but it's just fact that the NFC is much stronger at the top this year.
  7. New England played one good offense all year (Seattle) and got shredded. Pittsburgh had Landry Jones in there when they played NE. NE doesn't have a lot of talent on the defensive side of the ball. I think Pitt, GB, or Atl could shred that defense. Also, the AFC is flat out garbage this season. Houston and Miami are two of the weakest teams to make the playoffs in recent years.
  8. By all accounts, the NFL was perfectly content with having the Rams be the only team in LA. They didn't necessarily want the Chargers to move north. We all know Stan Kroenke is probably furious that he's going to have to share his shiny new stadium in Inglewood. And the citizens of Los Angeles are clearly very apathetic about having the Chargers move up there. It's a bad situation all around. Leagues can use that threat of relocation to hang over the heads of cities until taxpayers finally cave for fear of losing the team. In this case, San Diego didn't cave. When that ballot measure in November to fund a new stadium in SD failed, the writing was on the wall. Most cities would have caved and probably agreed to fund a stadium, but San Diego is largely a very apathetic sports town with a ton of transplants. I don't live in SD anymore, but would go back to one or two Charger games every year. I was at the Ravens/Chargers game where Ray Rice picked up that 4th and 29 in order to keep the Ravens alive. An all-time display of incompetence. Fans were pissed for about five minutes, but walking out of the game, most people were over it. In a lot of cities, fans would be apoplectic for days. Even though the Chargers and Padres have/had been in SD a very long time, they're not really integral to the identity of the city. There are so many wealthy wine and cheese types there who would rather spend Sunday at the yacht club with sweaters tied around their necks. Most of those people probably think Philip Rivers is the name of a hedge fund manager or five star chef haha.
  9. Relocation only works when the relocation is to a city that doesn't have multiple pro teams and/or a great deal to do there (i.e. Oklahoma City in the NBA). Moving teams to LA, where there are many teams already entrenched (Lakers/Dodgers/USC football/Kings/Clippers) is a recipe for absolutely no one giving a s**t about the Chargers or Rams. It's 100% about the greed of the Spanos family, the Kroenke family, and other NFL owners. I hope the NFL has the hubris to move a team to London because it will be such a trainwreck. As someone who grew up in San Diego and has been a lifetime Charger fan, now former, I'm fine with the city telling the Spanos family to F off. No one wants to foot the bill for you, Dean. All the city is losing is a chance to watch a below average team, with a soon-to-be retiring franchise QB, play 8 times a year in person. If this would have happened 10 years ago, when I was 19, I would have been super pissed. Now, I expected it and just don't care all that much.
  10. Eh, he's having a good year, just had a garbage game today. Not saying he'll ever be Rodgers or Brady, which some seem to hold out hope for him to be, but he's played well this year. Houston was pressuring him relentlessly. If you switched Luck and Osweiler on their respective teams, Indianapolis would have 2 or 3 wins at best and Houston would be running away with that division.
  11. Hahn got monster hauls for Sale and Eaton. That's how you rebuild. Obviously, players need to pan out, but White Sox fans have to be thrilled at the beginning of this rebuild.
  12. The RW blurb writers have serious hatred for Kelley. They make it sound like he's Asiata or something. Asiata makes Fat Rob look like Barry Sanders.
  13. That one's up there haha.
  14. His numbers are fine, but that Pacers team is a trainwreck. Went from being one of the better defensive teams in the league to playing D like a D'Antoni team minus the D'Antoni offense. Ellis and Teague are one of the worst defensive backcourts I've seen.
  15. Yeah, let him go and don't commit yourself long-term to massively overrated player. Wall hates playing with Beal, Beal views himself as being far better than he is. He was quoted as saying he and Wall, "are both alphas". Come on, Brad, you're a glorified Kyle Korver who wishes he had Korver's shooting ability. The guy just isn't a particularly good NBA player. He may be good as a 6th man, Jamal Crawford type with far less handles at some point, but playing it off like he's Robin to Wall's Batman is a joke. He's nowhere near that level of player. Wall knows it, as evidenced by his comments and clear frustration on the court this year. We're bogging this thread down with Beal talk. Point is that Porter is a much more effective player in today's NBA given his defensive versatility and ability to move without the ball playing alongside a ball-dominant guard like Wall.