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  1. Haha, come on man. Trout is routing Harper in two of those cats, slightly outpacing him in two others, and barely behind him in homers. What's the point of that post? Trout's taking a giant dump on Bryce value-wise this season. Harper has been absolute s**t relative to expectations this year. I don't think it means much in respect to the rest of his career, as I think he'll have many great years ahead. But let's not try find ways to make Harper's season to this point look like anything but a big disappointment relative to expectations.
  2. Took a piped fastball that he could hit 450 feet and swung at a breaking ball in the dirt.
  3. Votto's signed through 2024 (his age 40 season), so his contract is basically impossible to trade. Not that Votto isn't a great hitter, but that contract will probably be a real albatross in 5 or 6 years.
  4. He's way out of whack mechanically IMO. I've seen him take a lot of swings where he's flying open to the point where he's almost facing the pitcher. In fact, I can't think of another hitter I've seen this year where it almost seems like he's moving his front leg horizontally in a way where he completely opens up. I fully expect him to come back next year and have a monstrous season, just been a weird year for him.
  5. Man, I would trade Miller for this guy in a second. If Washington is offering that, you have to pull the trigger. A reliever for a young, talented, cost-controlled starting pitcher is a no-brainer. Even if Giolito ends up blowing chunks down the line, this should be one of the easier decisions of Cashman's career if the rumors are true.
  6. Dude feels very Dustin Ackley-ish to me.
  7. He still generates an incredible amount of buzz from casual fans. I went to the Dodger game in Arizona a few weeks ago and he gets an amazing amount of reaction, positive and negative, from fans. Probably as much as any player I've seen in recent memory. I think a lot of people who don't really follow the game closely still believe he's this superstar player. His first month plus, playing in a huge media market, where he hit close to .500 and generated an absurd amount of media coverage, will always secure this guy notoriety, no matter how poorly he plays. Similar to Jeremy Lin. But Puig has been putrid for basically two years now.
  8. I don't own him, but whenever I watch him, it seems like he pulls off of everything. Even when he hits a bomb, it looks like he's on the verge of pulling off. Weird that a guy who posted prime Ted Williams numbers last year would be so far off that this year.
  9. Eric Loney would be better on a team that didn't prioritize slapd**k contact over actually looking to drive the ball. I know the Royals are defending champs, but man I hate that team's organizational hitting philosophy. It's fine for punch and judy infielders, but you don't want to spread that philosophy to guys with 30 HR power.
  10. The real question is why didn't he take the jerseys to someplace remote and burn them? Or he could have put them in a big pile and pissed on them right before game time. Or perhaps pour red wine all over them. The thing that great about all of this is, despite what a great pitcher Sale is, he will always be known first and foremost as the nutcase who cut up a bunch of bad throwback unis. Like Marty Cordova with the tanning bed or Clint Barmes with the deer meat.
  11. Doesn't the whole premise of the Cubs being overwhelming favorites to win the World Series depend on this guy not sucking major donkey d as he has the last month and a half?
  12. Sale is apparently fed up with the standard road grey unis now as well. Per sources inside the team, "Sale thinks they're overly drab. Wants something in more of a cream color. He called them an affront to men's fashion. We don't want him taking his machete or gardening shears to those too."
  13. I never remember anyone questioning the mental makeup of Elijah Dukes, do you? I think the consensus was that he was a really soild dude whose woman must have been a real ball and chain.
  14. There's a report now from Ken Rosenthal that Sale threw a fit when he was told of a possible trade to the Red Sox because apparently they're wearing some 1950s throwbacks in early September that, "would do no favors for his a**" and are "unflattering in way that is simply unacceptable".
  15. The actual process of cutting up the uniforms now needs to be discovered. Did he tell guys to put their uniforms in the middle of the room and methodically cut them with scissors? Did he go around to each guy's locker and cut them up with gardening shears? Or maybe he took them to an alternate location and chopped them up with a machete.