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  1. Forgot about Derrick Thomas. He's up there.
  2. In American sport, off the top of my head, I'd say that Clemente, Reggie Lewis, Len Bias, Drazen Petrovic, Payne Stewart, Thurman Munson, and Dale Earnhardt were the greatest losses in terms of profile/accomplishment to their particular sports. That's not to trivialize the deaths of others, but just putting Jose's loss, in terms of his profile in the game, in perspective. But Fernandez had that combo of youth, personality and proven ability that's hard to find . On the level of international sport, Ayrton Senna is definitely up there. Probably the greatest F1 driver in the world at the time and died in the prime of his career. I'm sure that was a huge deal in Europe and South America at the time.
  3. I can't remember being more shocked about a public figure passing. Just brutal. RIP Jose.
  4. They need to fire Preller. This is ridiculous. Throw a bunch of money at Jason McLeod, who is the next great GM in baseball IMO, and see if you can get him. Preller has scored some solid international signings and acquired some good young pitching, but the guy is clearly an assclown. This organization continues to sink to new lows unfortunately.
  5. Their secondary isn't as talented as it was last year with the losses of McLeod and Jenkins. I still like the front seven, but they badly need Robert Quinn to step it up. I'm not that big on their D this year because their offense is going to have trouble sustaining drives and their secondary is pretty vulnerable.
  6. I can see the Rams getting blanked next week against Seattle as well. This could be an all-time awful offense.
  7. Ogletree is going to have an insane IDP year with how much LA's D is going to be on the field.
  8. This is the most ridiculous offensive stretch I've seen post-roid era. He has 32 bombs in 2 1/2 months. That's like a 75 homer pace over a full season.
  9. Tebow could run into a few balls in the low, low levels of the minors because he'll be facing a bunch of 19 and 20 year olds who can't throw secondary pitches for strikes. It will be nearly impossible to escape the hot takes at that point.
  10. Watching the replay, he just looks like a guy who is resigned to the fact that he may have to get another major elbow surgery. Can't imagine what is going through his head. He's shaping up as one of the all-time "What ifs" given his talent level.
  11. Heyward put up fairly similar stats to Fowler the last 3 years with better defense. Heyward's just having a horrible season. Nothing really else to say. Heyward has been a big disappointment in the fantasy community because he hasn't lived up to the hype at all, but I can see why Chicago gave him that contract given how tricky RF is in Wrigley Heyward's a great athlete who can patrol RF there and I'm sure they thought their coaching staff could tap into more of his offensive potential. I'm guessing one of the Cubs' top priorities in the offseason will be overhauling Heyward's mechanics. It's not a lot of fun to watch him hit, and I'm sure it's miserable for Heyward to try to hit right now.
  12. Dude has a pretty impressive heater IMO. Can touch 95 and it appears to have a lot of late life. The Padres are an awful lineup for the most part, but hitters looked consistently late on his fastball. He also does a good job of throwing his fastball to all four quadrants of the zone. I also think his change is very good. The development of his breaking ball is going to be key as far as whether he develops into a top of the rotation pitcher or a mid-rotation pitcher with high K totals.
  13. True. Also, the chances of a QB being cut/injured seriously during his rookie contract is far less than a DE. Although, Dion Jordan, who has been a titantic bust, is still with the Dolphins. You would have to be a Vernon Gholston-like bust, literally zero production, to get cut during your rookie deal as an early first DE. But it's more likely than a QB.
  14. Obviously, the initial offer and subsequent offers were not ideal for Bosa. I'm sure he and his family were shocked and dismayed when the Chargers made these demands. The Chargers are a cheap organization, by NFL standards. Always have been. They have a history of not being player-friendly in negotiations. But, Jameis Winston, for example, had $6 million of his signing bonus from his rookie contract deferred into March and had offset language. But he ultimately decided that the most important thing was to get into camp and start playing. So, it really depends on how much a player caves. Bosa and his family have chosen to take a more principled stand, which is fine. Ultimately, both sides could get this done if they really wanted to, but both are being incredibly stubborn. Very unfortunate
  15. Haha, Cush Lash. Good ol' "Jerry Maguire". Ever seen an interview with Bosa? He seems dumber than a bag of hammers.