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  1. He's awful. Brandon Moss is also doing his share, along with Hosmer, Escobar, Gordon and the immortal Paulo Orlando. Just a wretched lineup. The 2013 team I meant to reference in my first post were the Marlins. My god that offense sucked. I owned Stanton that year and that truly was one of the worst offenses of all-time. I remember the 2010 Mariners having Jose Lopez hit cleanup haha.
  2. They're pacing to be the worst offense in MLB history, averaging 2.47 runs per game. The 1968 White Sox were the worst offense of the modern era, averaging 2.86 runs per game. The 2010 Mariners and 2013 are the worst offenses of recent memory and averaged 3.17 runs per game. The futility this team has shown so far offensively is incredible. They have a collective team OPS under .600.
  3. I went to the game tonight and sat behind home plate and dude was giving up absolute missiles. Just scuds all over the field. He has a nasty change and a decent slider, but when he doesn't locate his fastball, it's just rockets and moonshots all over the yard. He could have easily given up 5 bombs tonight, but Peralta hit one off the center field wall that was maybe two feet from going out, but would have gone 420 feet if it hadn't hit the wall. I haven't seen a pitcher get hit that hard in person since the immortal Rodrigo Lopez.
  4. I got stuck with Franco in a money league because I got drunk on a Saturday night and dozed off (my idiot friend scheduled the draft for 9:00 PM on a Saturday) and he ended up on my team. A true displeasure to own the clown. He makes Hunter Renfroe (I'm going to go scorched earth on this guy this year with his HORRIFIC plate discipline) look like Bonds.
  5. S**t hitters tend to hit when you least expect them to. Lesson #1 of owning that kind of hitter. I had a girlfriend in college who was similar to terrible hitters. I would have a great day, weather's great, life seems like it's on the upswing, and she would be in the f**king worst mood. Franco could face the 2017 version of Nick Blackburn and probably go 0-4 with 3 Ks.
  6. I wouldn't sell this guy. He's on that Bonds 2001 regimen (please don't get offended, it's a joke) and there's no looking back. He'll hit 40+ this season, book it.
  7. Don't play H2H. Slumps are irrelevant in roto.
  8. Haha gotta love the panic 12 games in or whatever. Dude will have an OPS over .900 in June probably and this thread will be silent.
  9. I was joking around. I own the guy and have noticed that he's enormous, so I'm not saying it from an angle of animosity. Most MLB players are strong, muscular individuals, even punch and judy hitters. Thames is noticeably more yolked than other players. He has a body-builder physique. I was saying, in jest, that he has an incredibly hulking physique. Ryan Braun has even mentioned how jacked he is.
  10. To quote Frank T.J. Mackie from "Magnolia", you could go with "Respect the C**k, Thame the C**t".
  11. You're not missing anything. He's probably going to have a sub .300 OBP with 20+ homers. I'm speaking as Padres fan, not as a fantasy owner, and he's one of my least favorite Padre players in recent memory. Horrific approach.
  12. I've never understood why anyone is enamored with Hosmer. Some team will massively overpay him in free agency. He's a rich man's Casey Kotchman.
  13. He sucks, and I say that as a Padres fan. He's Jeff Francouer 2.0.
  14. This guy has the physique of Bonds on 'roids. Dude is gigantic, hope he doesn't get popped this year. He could easily hit 50 this season with whatever "medicine" he's on. I own him in two leagues and am praying he can pass the piss tests.
  15. This is the pitching equivalent of a porn star who re-opens a wound on his nether regions every time he does the deed and has to take a while off.