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  1. Hahn got monster hauls for Sale and Eaton. That's how you rebuild. Obviously, players need to pan out, but White Sox fans have to be thrilled at the beginning of this rebuild.
  2. The RW blurb writers have serious hatred for Kelley. They make it sound like he's Asiata or something. Asiata makes Fat Rob look like Barry Sanders.
  3. That one's up there haha.
  4. His numbers are fine, but that Pacers team is a trainwreck. Went from being one of the better defensive teams in the league to playing D like a D'Antoni team minus the D'Antoni offense. Ellis and Teague are one of the worst defensive backcourts I've seen.
  5. Yeah, let him go and don't commit yourself long-term to massively overrated player. Wall hates playing with Beal, Beal views himself as being far better than he is. He was quoted as saying he and Wall, "are both alphas". Come on, Brad, you're a glorified Kyle Korver who wishes he had Korver's shooting ability. The guy just isn't a particularly good NBA player. He may be good as a 6th man, Jamal Crawford type with far less handles at some point, but playing it off like he's Robin to Wall's Batman is a joke. He's nowhere near that level of player. Wall knows it, as evidenced by his comments and clear frustration on the court this year. We're bogging this thread down with Beal talk. Point is that Porter is a much more effective player in today's NBA given his defensive versatility and ability to move without the ball playing alongside a ball-dominant guard like Wall.
  6. They massively overpaid for a poor man's Kevin Martin (back when K-Mart was good). Beal is colossally overrated.
  7. Mavs need to give him all the minutes he can handle to see if he can be a poor man's version of his bro. That team is going nowhere, need to build around Barnes, Curry, Justin Anderson and some future picks. Curry needs to get 30-35 MPG this season. I feel like he's a player who can improve once he gets a steady stream of minutes.
  8. Malone is a good coach, just stuck with a roster that doesn't fit that well. Jokic and Nurkic are two of their top four players along with Gallo and Barton, but can't play on the floor together effectively. Mudiay is playing absolutely terrible basketball. I understand that he's young, but he's an abominable PG at this point. The Nurkic/Jokic combo could work with an experienced PG, but not with Mudiay out there. I watch a lot of Nugs' game because I lived in Denver for a while and cannot stress enough how badly Mudiay is playing, particularly given the demands of the PG position.
  9. Too bad the Wizards gave Beal all that money. Porter should be Wall's sidekick. Beal flat out sucks.
  10. Really excited to see what Danks does this year. Members of this board need to be constantly bumping this thread so we can keep tabs on Danksie.
  11. Kluber's stuff is flat. Short rest is catching up.
  12. Baez is pretty much an auto-out if the pitcher can execute pounding fastballs inside and then spin a good breaking ball.
  13. FWIW, there are now reports that somebody was on the phone with Fernandez prior to the crash and could hear Fernandez giving instructions to someone else on how to navigate the boat. http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article111325997.html
  14. Not to be flip about this, but the cocaine/alcohol combo can make you feel like you're Superman. I'd guess Jose was peaking on the two, figured he can speed in his boat in the darkness, and ran straight into the jetty.
  15. Haha I'm not rooting for either team and think both teams are pretty likable, but it is pretty funny how much media bias there is toward the Cubs. The national media is talking so much about Schwarber possibly playing LF, but barely mentions anything when Cleveland puts Santana out in LF. Schwarber has barely played this season and Santana had 34 bombs this year, but let's just ignore that. Then, in the last few innings, there were constant close-ups of Cubs players in the dugout with maybe one or two wide shots of the Cleveland dugout. Joe Buck sounded devastated when Cleveland won tonight.