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  1. Wow Perez getting injured by his own teammate is just awful. Brutal blow for the Royals.
  2. You guys know I'm a Pads fan and I'm fully on board with the massive tanking. Let's lose 120 baby. WHOOOOOOOO!!!! This team has been stuck in mind-numbing mediocrity for so, so long that it's almost refreshing to see them putting out this godawful product. It's the same concept as some movies being so bad that they're good. Still think Gyorko sucks though. Throw that guy sliders all day and all night. He gets absolutely wrecked by them.
  3. Damn, I didn't realize how stacked the DR's lineup is until I looked at the box score. Beltre and Polanco as the 7-8 hitters is just insane, and even Castillo can do damage at the bottom of the order. That lineup is going to do serious damage in this tournament.
  4. I wonder how Qualcomm feels about the velo drop?
  5. Suck it up, OP. I'm a Padres fan. San Diego just had their football team move, the Pads have a AAA roster, are the most irrelevant team in MLB, and will probably lose 110 this season. But at least they're attempting a massive rebuild. The White Sox are clearly rebuilding as well, but do have have potential studs in Giolito, Kopech and Moncada close to MLB action. Watching a team rebuild, having young players come up, can be more enjoyable than watching a mediocre team win 75-85 games. Hell, the Padres have been caught in the cycle of winning 70-80 games for a long time prior to last year, which is even worse. Mind-numbing mediocrity without the chance of a Wild Card spot. I'm glad they're rebuilding, even though they'll be an absolute gong show on the field this season.
  6. The top 6 in that lineup looks filthy on paper. It's going to be brutal for opposing pitchers because none of these guys are really hackers either. Santana Kipnis Lindor EE Brantley (assuming health) Ramirez
  7. New England ran 93 plays to Atlanta's 46. That's staggering. Running only 46 plays is hard to do. Shanahan's second down call, putting Ryan in position to get sacked, was just completely inexplicable. I doubt Shanahan himself could even articulate what he was thinking in that moment.
  8. Another reason the NFL has become ridiculous is the the way pundits who talk about it take it so seriously. That doesn't really exist as much in other sports. There is so much sanctimony around the way it's covered. Like these clowns who talk about the draft and say stuff like, "I know he's a football player, but is he a football guy? Because there's a big difference between the two." The Pardon My Take podcast does an amazing job of skewering the coverage around football. It's quite hilarious.
  9. The NFL is atrocious. People watch this s**t out of habit, myself included.
  10. Larkin missed quite a bit of time over his career, so he ended up playing 577 less games than Jeter, equal to little more than 3 1/2 seasons. Jeter was a slightly better hitter than Larkin, though not by much, but Larkin was far better defensively. Larkin was a fantastic player.
  11. Larkin's a Hall of Famer for sure. He had a fairly similar career to Jeter. Jeter bested him in counting stats in most areas, but their OPS and OPS+ numbers are virtually identical. Larkin was a far better defensive shortstop than ol' Jeets, and that is a position where defense is a huge part of the equation. Larkin's a no brainer. Dawson, on the other hand, is pretty borderline. He accumulated pretty high totals, but was also a low OBP hacker. He was basically a slightly better version of Adam Jones. Dawson is probably the most borderline HOFer in recent years along with Jim Rice.
  12. The scary thing is Perdomo has the best stuff of any pitcher projected to start and it's really not close. As a Pads fan, I'm glad they're finally doing a complete rebuild. I'd be shocked if this team doesn't lose 100 games this year. The MLB roster is beyond awful.
  13. Haha Bagwell so clearly took PEDs, it's not even funny. The bottom line is that until these sanctimonious baseball writers stop holding these players to these arbitrary standards, then the BBHOF will always be a bit of a gong show. The writers have made something they claim to hold so dear into something that is mocked and ridiculed by many. Unintended consequences 101. Letting Clemens and Bonds in would be like a huge weight off of the shoulders for all of the sanctimony. Baseball is still haunted by these old-timey, George Will/Bob Costas-propagated notions that it's somehow representative of more than a bunch of dudes, some who are bad guys and giant a-holes, standing around playing a game. It's a great game, but those kind of antiquated thoughts need to stop. Nowhere is that more obvious than in the baseball writers who vote for this. When Pete Rose, the man who many sportwriters back in the day mythologized as the symbol of grit and determination, comes off on TV as your old uncle who may s**t himself at Thanksgiving, it's time to give up the mythology and sanctimony.
  14. Love NBC hoovering James Harrison when the dude is clearly on PEDs. This is like a 40 year old averaging 20 PPG in the NBA or a 40 year old having a .900 OPS in MLB. No wonder everyone is so cynical about the NFL. How naive do they think people are?
  15. Are you some AFC white knight? I never knew anyone gave a s**t about conferences in football. You're the first person I've come across who seems to care. The NFC is better at the top this year. Oakland (sans Carr), Houston, and Miami (sans Tannehill) are three of the weakest playoff teams in years. So, the AFC is essentially a three team race, depending on what one thinks about KC. The NFC had five teams who are legit contenders (Detroit being the exception). So, the NFC is objectively better at the top. I couldn't care less about favoring one conference over the other, just calling it like I see it.