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  1. True. Also, the chances of a QB being cut/injured seriously during his rookie contract is far less than a DE. Although, Dion Jordan, who has been a titantic bust, is still with the Dolphins. You would have to be a Vernon Gholston-like bust, literally zero production, to get cut during your rookie deal as an early first DE. But it's more likely than a QB.
  2. Obviously, the initial offer and subsequent offers were not ideal for Bosa. I'm sure he and his family were shocked and dismayed when the Chargers made these demands. The Chargers are a cheap organization, by NFL standards. Always have been. They have a history of not being player-friendly in negotiations. But, Jameis Winston, for example, had $6 million of his signing bonus from his rookie contract deferred into March and had offset language. But he ultimately decided that the most important thing was to get into camp and start playing. So, it really depends on how much a player caves. Bosa and his family have chosen to take a more principled stand, which is fine. Ultimately, both sides could get this done if they really wanted to, but both are being incredibly stubborn. Very unfortunate
  3. Haha, Cush Lash. Good ol' "Jerry Maguire". Ever seen an interview with Bosa? He seems dumber than a bag of hammers.
  4. Just from the video, it looked like he rolled his ankle grade 3 style (ligament damage), but I'm surprised that the knee is involved, which is potentially more serious. Kind of looked like that injury Allen Craig had a few years ago.
  5. It's clear that he and his family have decided that they don't want him to play for the Charger organization. It's obviously easier to blame the organization than the player, but Bosa and his family are the ones being unreasonable. Bosa and his family are being overly sensitive to the Chargers playing hardball initially, and offering 60% of his signing bonus upfront, the same as which Ezekiel Elliott received initially. San Diego has since raised its offer, but Bosa, his agent, and his family are clearly harboring resentment and pettiness from the initial offer. This dude could easily be and should be with the team at this point if he and his camp wanted him to be, but it's clear personal feelings are involved at this stage.
  6. He's at that stage where he has control, but doesn't have command. He leaves a lot of fastballs in the middle of the plate. He can throw his breaking ball for strikes, bit hangs a lot of them in turn. He's going to be a solid mid-rotation pitcher in a couple years, but just needs to learn the art of throwing quality strikes.
  7. Man, he has been truly godawful since the ASB. Dude's had a 3-36 stretch since the ASB and is now in the midst of a 2-46 stretch. So, 5-82 over those two periods. He sandwiched a 5 game hot streak in between the two, but then promptly went on another epic suck streak. I wonder if he's taking his D into the batter's box, because dude is a real butcher over at 3B. Or maybe his hand is still bothering him. I can't remember a player falling this hard. I remember owning Justin Morneau one year when he went from MVP candidate to pure suckage in the second half, but, if I remember correctly, his second half was positively Ruthian compared to Lamb's.
  8. The problem is that his improvement over the last week or so has been hitting for an empty average with some runs sprinkled in. I'm not saying that he won't be a contributor in a few years, but right now, with his current profile of low power/zero speed, he's a hard player to roster in most redrafts. I just see no appeal with him in a redraft, unless it's very deep.
  9. Great, he's scoring some runs in an 8 game sample. Dude has been absolute garbage from a fantasy perspective so far. Zero bombs and zero bags, plus the atrocious triple slash. Just take away the fact that he's a rookie who's taking his lumps and he's absolutely useless in a redraft unless it's a very deep league.
  10. A player who isn't hitting for power who also doesn't steal bags is tough to roster, unless he hits about .320 or .330.
  11. Looking at the replay, that looked pretty bad. Wouldn't surprise me at all if he's out a month plus.
  12. Kind of reminds me of Roy Halladay or Dan Haren. Guys who threw 200+ innings for a bunch of years in a row whose stuff just suddenly went to complete s**t in their mid-30s. The arm has only so many pitches it can throw.
  13. Well, it's difficult to speculate on how much injuries affect a player's performance. And I never said I would stay away from him at a discount next year. Just no denying that this year has been a massive disappointment.
  14. I gotta be honest, this is a s**t the bed kind of season from this guy. The Mets basically handed Conforto the 3 hole, the spot for the best hitter in the lineup, after a hot start and dude responds with multiple trips to the minors. Really disappointing year from him. He needs to respond next year because players quickly go from studs in the minors to players who can't hang in the majors.
  15. His stuff is pretty marginal now, outside of his curveball, so poundings aren't really surprising. In the current climate of MLB, where hitters are so used to seeing 95+, a guy who throws 88-90 is so vulnerable unless he has absolutely flawless command on a particular day.