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  1. His postseason struggles are getting difficult to defend. I mean, it would be one thing if he went 7 and gave up 2 ER and had a hard-luck loss. That would be a bad outing for regular season Kershaw. Going 5 and and giving up 5 runs, 4 earned, with a handful of extra-base hits, multiple bombs, is unheard of for him in the regular season. He almost never does that. His struggles in the postseason are like MJ or LeBron going to the playoffs and averaging 17 PPG on 40% shooting. I don't want to put hitters in this equation because hitting good pitching is absurdly hard and dudes can have bad series or postseasons. But great pitchers and great basketball players should always have the upper hand because there's just that dominance factor that overrides cliches like, "Will to win" or whatever people want to talk about. Kershaw has hellacious stuff and 80 command on a scouting scale. There are starts when you go, "I don't know how anyone gets a hit off of him." The only other starting pitchers since I was born that I thought that about were Randy Johnson and the late Jose Fernandez. But, damn, it's disappointing that a guy this good gives you a feeling of, "Man, he's probably not going to pitch that well in game 6 of a massive postseason game". Madison Bumgarner, who has very good stuff, but would, I'm sure, love to ramp his stuff up to Kershaw-level, is one of the best postseason pitchers of all-time. As a fan, it's just disappointing Kershaw can't step it up in the playoffs
  2. He sucked tonight. His stuff was super flat. No excuses either since he didn't throw that many innings this year.
  3. He's started 12 games in the postseason. I'd say 3 of his 12 starts have been bad. Two against St. Louis, one in 2013 and one in 2014. He also had a bad outing in 2009 against Philly as a 21 year old. 21 year old Kershaw still had very erratic command. One of his bad starts against St. Louis was that bizarro game where he gave up a bunch of runs in the 7th while starting on 3 days rest. Then, in his most recent start against Washington, he also started to wear down a bit in the 7th on 3 days rest. I'd say there's a pattern where Kershaw starts to fatigue around the 90-100 pitch mark when he's asked to start on 3 days rest. Roberts should probably take note of that the next time Kershaw is asked to start on the 3 days rest. If he's made it through 6 innings with 10 Ks on 95 pitches, it's probably wise to pull him if he's on three days rest. It's obviously tempting to stick with him if he's rolling because of his ability, but he's probably hitting the wall about 15 pitches earlier when he's not on normal rest.
  4. I think it's just a given that people tune in to watch the Indians to watch Lonnie Chisenhall. Easily the most exciting player in either league.
  5. Looking at their schedule, 1-15 or 2-14 is definitely a possibility. They play some bad teams (NO, Tampa, Miami, Chicago), but this team has so little talent. Even if they draft Kizer or Watson, neither will be in any position to succeed because of the overall quality of the roster.
  6. Ubaldo has horrific FB command, so he seems an odd choice to bring into a high-leverage relief situation. Sure, he can be effective once he settles into a bit of a groove, but a high-leverage relief situation is not where I want to find out if he has his command right off the bat. You knew Ubaldo wasn't going to be able to get Encarnacion out after the missiles Donaldson and Travis hit.
  7. Apparently, one of the other guys on the boat had never met Fernandez before that night. He was a friend of Fernandez's buddy who was on the boat. So, it's doubtful he would be driving. It seems unlikely someone else would be driving the boat besides Fernandez given his affinity for it. The next pertinent info will be the toxicology reports. I'm guessing that the dude who knew Fernandez before the ride felt pressure to get on the boat because he didn't want to say no to a guy who was the most popular current athlete in Miami. He seemed reluctant in those texts that were released. Just a horrific situation all-around.
  8. Man, that video is sad. Credit to Boras for that eulogy. He's had to go through this twice in 7 years with Fernandez and Adenhart. I honestly don't think there's ever been a death that's affected an individual sport more than this Fernandez's.
  9. Forgot about Derrick Thomas. He's up there.
  10. In American sport, off the top of my head, I'd say that Clemente, Reggie Lewis, Len Bias, Drazen Petrovic, Payne Stewart, Thurman Munson, and Dale Earnhardt were the greatest losses in terms of profile/accomplishment to their particular sports. That's not to trivialize the deaths of others, but just putting Jose's loss, in terms of his profile in the game, in perspective. But Fernandez had that combo of youth, personality and proven ability that's hard to find . On the level of international sport, Ayrton Senna is definitely up there. Probably the greatest F1 driver in the world at the time and died in the prime of his career. I'm sure that was a huge deal in Europe and South America at the time.
  11. I can't remember being more shocked about a public figure passing. Just brutal. RIP Jose.
  12. They need to fire Preller. This is ridiculous. Throw a bunch of money at Jason McLeod, who is the next great GM in baseball IMO, and see if you can get him. Preller has scored some solid international signings and acquired some good young pitching, but the guy is clearly an assclown. This organization continues to sink to new lows unfortunately.
  13. Their secondary isn't as talented as it was last year with the losses of McLeod and Jenkins. I still like the front seven, but they badly need Robert Quinn to step it up. I'm not that big on their D this year because their offense is going to have trouble sustaining drives and their secondary is pretty vulnerable.
  14. I can see the Rams getting blanked next week against Seattle as well. This could be an all-time awful offense.
  15. Ogletree is going to have an insane IDP year with how much LA's D is going to be on the field.