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  1. If you look at his swing numbers, he's gone from ridiculously aggressive to somewhat aggressive this year. He's started to lay off some of the pitches he used to swing at in the past, which has allowed him to really tap into his ability to its full extent. Something that his teammate Adam Jones has never been able to do.
  2. You have a point, but most people are far more tuned in to what a player does early because, due to human nature, most people are far more interested in what goes on in the first half of the season. Baseball and basketball seasons are long as hell and it's incredibly hard to follow the entire year, especially as you get older and have more responsibility. I've even done this in money leagues where I get lazy in July and August if I'm doing either incredibly well or very badly and I just kind of fall asleep for a bit and don't monitor players as closely and just do the requisite amount with my team. Not saying one doesn't manage his teams, but it's difficult to monitor player stats weekly and monthly at times, and it's naturally easier to do that when the season is fresher.
  3. Moncada looks far more natural as a hitter than Buxton IMO. Buxton is one of those guys scouts fell in love with because he's got sick speed, can cover everything in the OF, and abused really awful lower level MiLB pitching. You have to keep in mind that scouts get massive hard-ons for players who are elite defensively at scarce defensive positions and sort of dream on any offensive upside. Buxton has slow hands and a long swing, which are exacerbated by his leg kick. Moncada is just being exposed to some really good pitching over an extended period for the first time and is being exploited for not being advanced as a hitter. I think he'll be fine in the long run.
  4. What a career he's had. Considering the year he's had, he probably has 2-3 years left. Pretty remarkable.
  5. People always sleep on this guy because he usually sucks in the first half and owners get frustrated, not knowing his career patterns. He's always a stealth weapon in OBP leagues because he struggles the first 2-3 months and then turns it on and ends up with very good numbers and a lot of people tune out and go, "How did that happen?" The first half bias half people have is so incredible that it should be a societal study.
  6. Haha Jaha was the ultimate steroid guy. It wasn't just the bombs, it was the OBPs. Now, dudes sell out for power with like 35-40 BBs per year. Back then, it was like 40 bombs with 90+ BBs was the norm.
  7. He would fit into those mid-90s A's teams with Big Mac and Canseco and monsters like Geronimo Berroa hitting at the bottom of the lineup.
  8. Well, they have to sell JD. The Tigers likely can't resign him because of the JV and Cabrera contracts. Victor is nearing the end of the line. Norris and Castellanos were highly touted, but neither have been studs at the MLB level. Castellanos was good last year and Norris was great the final month of last season, but neither has carried it into this season. Who are they going to trade this year for young starting pitching while leaving the current pieces in tact? Kinsler has one year after this before his contract runs out and will be 36 when it does. The Indians aren't going anywhere. The only piece they are going to lose next year is Santana in free agency The Twins and White Sox have some good young pieces that will improve. The Royals are probably due for a rebuild, but who knows? This Tigers team is screaming for a rebuild, their window to win was 2-3 years ago. In the AL, the Yankees, Red Sox, Rays, Indians, Twins, White Sox, Astros, Rangers, and Mariners all have better outlooks for the immediate future IMO.
  9. The guy who really sucks is Desmond. Terrible in 2015, absolute dookie the second half of 2016, OPSing just north of .700 this year playing his home games in Coors. Cargo is having a horrible season, but he has a far better track record than Desmond. Reynolds is a human windmill, but at least gives you competitive ABs in spite of his need to leave earth constantly thus swinging at a ton of bad breaking balls. I live in Denver and watch quite a few Rockie games and Desmond is atrocious. He's a high K/low BB guy, which you could live with if he had a ceiling of 40 HR, but his ceiling seems to be about 20-25, which isn't enough when his OBP hovers around .300.
  10. Wow, what a ridiculous deal. Unfortunately for Quintana, who is a solid, unspectacular pitcher, he's going to have this deal hung over his head because the Cubs traded a huge haul to the crosstown rival for him and he's not an ace.
  11. Little background on Bregman. My roommate I had my last two years of college is from Albuquerque, where Bregman grew up. His little bro played baseball with him in HS. Bregman attended one of the best private high schools in the Southwest (ABQ Academy) and comes from a very wealthy family. Then, he was the golden boy at LSU. I asked my friend what his little bro had to say about Bregman and he said he was actually a pretty cool guy FWIW. But, because of his background, he hasn't dealt with a lot of adversity or criticism. That reaction to that random guy on Twitter was ridiculous, no need to even dignify it. You're always going to look like a chump responding to criticism on Twitter.
  12. Honestly, Desmond has been almost as bad. He's had some BABIP luck, but an OPS just north of .700 is atrocious when you play half your games at Coors. Tapia, Blackmon, Parra, and Reynolds are all performing much better than Cargo and Desmond, but track record will always play a factor in playing time.
  13. Yeah, their offensive core is really nice. Definitely need to address the rotation. Lackey obviously was going to regress, Hendricks is a 3 or 4 who pitched like a 1 last year. Lester is aging and can't be counted on to be an ace anymore. Whoever gives Arrieta a ton of money will regret it. Montgomery looks like a decent middle to back end starter for them. Their starting pitching has really failed them this season. Bullpen's been great. Offense hasn't been amazing, but it's hard to put the blame on the hitters. Russell (who is massively overrated, I just don't see it), Zobrist, and Schwarber have been bad, but guys like Happ and Jay have performed way above expectations. The rotation is the problem.
  14. Haha dude be pleased that Seager is the guy you have to complain about. My team has Hunter F**king Renfroe hitting cleanup who approaches each AB like he's got a boat oar in his hands and consistently swings at pitches no human can touch with a baseball bat.
  15. I checked the clip on MLB.com as I have him on a couple teams. He pulled his hammy running down to first, didn't look good. Wouldn't be surprised if he's out a few weeks. Just as he's heating up a bit too.