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  1. It would be a featured phrase in a Sports Cliche 101 course. Just an easier way of saying, "This player has been horrific, we need to get him out of the spotlight for a bit in hopes it doesn't get worse." It's like "changing the culture" is easier than saying, "Yeah we have a horrible organization, so we'll try anything". Or "clubhouse presence" is code for "a guy who doesn't do jack on the field, so there must be some intangible he's bringing to the clubhouse".
  2. This guy blew through a stop sign at third in the bottom of the 9th tonight and was thrown out by 10 feet haha. Either dude is incredibly stupid, was throwing the game, or has a dime piece waiting for him after the game. Maybe all three. https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--t-hGpI6q--/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/eqv3f9bsdkt2ifx3tmht.gif
  3. I have him most years in OBP leagues and he almost never has good first halves. Last year, his best year, he was hitting .222 with a .739 OPS on June 10th. He's one of the few guys in MLB who plays every single day and is on a full season pace of 100 runs and 91 RBIs even with his early struggles.
  4. One of my favorite things in baseball is the pat on the back when a guy is clearly furious coming back to the dugout.
  5. I remember Chisenhall was God-like for a couple months 2-3 years ago (think he had a 3 homer game) and had an absolutely horrific second half. He can definitely get hot in stretches though.
  6. Maddon seems like a retro 70s porn guy. The modern stuff is too aggressive for his tastes. Hideki probably loves the Japanese stuff where the woman is in distress. They likely had to come to a compromise.
  7. Maddon continuing to hit Schwarber in prime positions in the lineup reminds me of when he was hitting Hideki "Porn King" Matsui cleanup for a while when he was hitting like .140 and was on his last legs. Maybe he and Joe would chill after the game with some wine, cigars, and watch porn together or something.
  8. Jesus you gotta be kidding me. 0-6 in a game where the team scores 11. Biggest ticker tease I can remember in a while.
  9. I'm sure they're cool of the court, but I'm sure when Lebron hears Green talking junk, he thinks, "Come on man, know your place." I'm sure knows that there are warts in Green's game that would be exposed if he was forced to be the #1 on a team. Draymond is in a perfect position to talk smack. He's on a team where he can be a very high-level role player, he's not forced to be a scorer, and he can exert all the energy he wants on D.
  10. Draymond talking s**t to LeBron is like Vernon Maxwell or John Starks talking junk to Jordan in the 90s. Green's ego is way out of control. Dude's feeling himself because he plays on a great team, is allowed to maximize his game, and has developed this heel persona. Some of the stuff he says is amusing, but I get the feeling he believes his own hype.
  11. Listen to his Pardon My Take podcast. Dude seems like he's on the level of intelligence of a 13 year old. It was really bizarre. He's exactly the kind of dude who would go, "I'm going to be getting a lot of ladies soon, so I'll get married, DURRRR!" I'm sure it's affecting his performance, how could it not?
  12. Dusty wants "veteran presence" as opposed to a guy who is throwing better in Glover. Dusty probably faps at night to the words "veteran presence" and "clubhouse guy".
  13. That interview on PMT was awful. He's maybe the only guest I've heard on that show who didn't seem to be in on the joke at all. Even if some guests aren't funny themselves, they are usually somewhat in on the joke. He didn't come off as very intelligent. I posted this last night, but it got deleted, so I'll put it in a less raw form. Dudes in their early 20s with money shouldn't get married. Hell, I don't think guys in their 30s with money should get married. You quite literally would have to be less than intelligent to say, "I'm 21, I'm going to have a lot of women throwing themselves at me soon, let me get married." Unless you're AC Green Jr, you're not going to be able to resist. And women tend to not enjoy being cheated on. As far as the allegations of hitting her, that's obviously inexcusable if true.
  14. These legacy debates are some of the dumbest things known to mankind. It actively rots brain cells both listening to them and reading them. LeBron is a beast and so is KD. KD could end up as a top 10 player of all-time, LeBron is already top 5. LeBron nearly had a 40 point triple double, but still gets s**t on. Korver missed a good look at 3 to put the Cavs up 5 and probably cement the game, which is really his only reason to be on the court. It's pretty simple.
  15. Dominance in sport is a tricky thing. It can be interesting given the right circumstances, but it can also be incredibly dull and predictable in others. In individual sports, dominance is fun to watch. Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are good examples. Two guys who were head and shoulders above a bunch of other really exceptional players. So, it's interesting to watch one man do that. In football, with the Patriots, they continually take fairly marginal players and have them perform way above expected levels. So, as much as I hate the Patriots, there is something fascinating about that and what Belichick does. However, there is nothing particularly fun or intriguing about the NBA right now. The Warriors have two of the top three or four players in the league and two other All-Stars. They should be doing this. There just isn't another team in the league that can compete with their firepower. No mystery to it. I'm sure it's fun for Warriors fans, but what is enjoyable about seeing about a team run roughshod on the league when that is exactly what they should be doing and are expected to do? Nothing.