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  1. Good god Salazar is just the most painful pitcher to watch.
  2. He's pacing for 258 Ks in 170.2 innings with a Carlos Silva-esque ERA/WHIP. What a bizarre season.
  3. A positive start for the Gaus at this point is double digit hits without getting completely obliterated in the ER department.
  4. Good post, misterj, you make valid points. Honestly, I'm just trying to find reasons why the NBA sucks so bad right now. I'm not an old guy (29), so it's not like I'm harkening back to the 70s or 80s. I can remember the year that Dirk and the Mavs won the Finals, the playoffs were incredible. That wasn't too long ago. It's a real shame when a league's playoffs are so atrocious, even though the Finals will likely be interesting. Just a really watered-down product we're seeing, but obviously the NBA is counting on the Finals to bring it all back home.
  5. To be fair, this is maybe the most predictable fall in recent memory. I've been playing fantasy baseball since 2003 and there are very few instances where a guy who started off god-like would more predictably start sucking than Ryan Zimmerman in 2017.
  6. Easily the worst playoffs I can remember. I used to be a hardcore NBA fan, but I've totally lost interest for the most part. The media massively hypes up the league now due to the TV deals, but it's really gone down the toilet. Yes, there are tons of talented players who could have played in any era, but the league is systemically flawed. There's no intrigue in any of these series. Guys enter the league now at 19 or 20 without having played enough in college and very few are ready to make an impact. Look at the last two draft classes. Bad teams stay bad for the most part because young players, with very few exceptions, are very slow to develop. I don't care that the Warriors and Cavs are a foregone conclusion because that series will clearly be the most entertaining, and the NBA has always been somewhat predictable, but my god let's see something to watch before that. It's a huge problem when the regular season is better than the playoffs because at least the regular season gives fans the illusion of even a modicum of parity.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends the year hitting below .250. With how upright he is and how close to the plate he is, he is incredibly vulnerable on the lower-inner part and lower-outer part of the plate. Obviously, he will punish mistakes over the plate, there is no doubt about it. Matt Cain, who is not an overpowering pitcher anymore at all, abused him on the inner-lower part of the plate tonight. Pitchers have to execute, but it is pretty easy to see how this guy can be exposed.
  8. He's a very poor man's Freddy Sanchez at this point.
  9. Social media is now code for, "Letting that p-tang make every decision for you".
  10. The need to steal bags is actually less when you have better hitters behind you. Stealing bags makes more sense when guys like Chisenhall, Gomes, and Almonte are hitting behind you, in order to manufacture runs. He's probably a 10-12 SB guy at best at this point.
  11. Dude seems like he got caught up in the New York life, being a Namath/Jeter type. Probably needs to be shipped to someplace like Milwaukee or Pittsburgh. The accents on those Yinzer women will be enough to drive him to focus on baseball.
  12. Don't feel bad, brother. Still a wonderful porn name. Still has the 'magn', which is a nice little short-hand for 'Magnum'. And he has the Sierra, which is a porn staple. In fact, his real name gives it a little flair. This is this South American bro who is going to wreck to porn biz and displace the likes of Johnny Sins and Keiran Lee.
  13. Wha...Wha...What? They've got Ryan Schimpf, the man who literally either Ks or hits bombs. They've got Hunter Renfroe, the man who thinks he's swinging a boat oar and can reach sliders multiple feet outside the left-handed batter's box. Just kidding. This lineup is atrocious. But, as a Pads' fan, I'm happy we're all in on possibly 100 L's this year. These guys are equipped to do it.
  14. Infield Fly Ball. Pop ups.
  15. Totally off-subject, but C-Mart has a dime piece as his translator. They showed him being interviewed on MLB Network last week and I was shocked how hot his translator is.