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  1. Gotta ride him up, vaulted into 1 of my keeper spots over Mikal.
  2. For how great he is at everything else, especially with the volume, his FTs are trash.
  3. Back today but yahoo instantly removes his INJ tag and right before trade deadline. They need to change this to at least game time. Causes issue where you can’t pick anyone up, but also can’t play him the same day even when you drop someone.
  4. Anyone worried about his free throws long term? If he was at 80% like he shot in Europe, he’d be top 40. Seems like it’s in his head but that’s really all it takes to be a sub par ft shooter.
  5. “Essentially cleared to play”. Wow, after reading through everything, sounds like KP wanted to come back, Knicks want to tank. They keep saying he wasn’t on board with their “vision” (tank).
  6. Justin Holiday! Currently highest rated 9cat waiver pick up!
  7. Barring foul trouble he will get at least 25min. Read the suns don’t want him chasing around PGs which makes sense. Hold tight. He can produce in 25min. Minutes will continue to creep up. And he will start eventually. He’s too good to hold him back.
  8. Kanter owners shouldn’t panic. While his upside isn’t as great as it was starting and getting 32-34mpg, he is still very valuable getting 25-28 off the bench against backups. He dominates coming off the bench. And there’s still a chance Fizdale brings him back to the starting lineup. Plus Fizdale saying he wants Kanter go for 6th man of the year means he’ll still be getting heavy usage off the bench. If you can move him for a starter with more upside, that’s a solid move too. But holding him will still help your team.