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  1. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    Yes. To me he’s the number 1 target. Leads the league in rushing last year and now finds himself in potentially* the best offense in football. I want that all day. For perspective, I took a gamble and sold high on Chris Thompson and had to add Drake (got Clement back with Hunt). A lot to give up and I hated losing Thompson who is a .5ppr machine, but if your team circumstances merit it, I’d say go for it. The payoff could be huge
  2. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    I was concerned about this. Darnold when facing an above average defense is going to run into major problems. Add to that short preparation on short week and playing on the road, it made sense that he struggled. the 8 targets were nice though considering game flow. love Quincy but I think you’ll have to play the matchups some, considering the context, and value him as a WR3 going forward
  3. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    Good analysis. I love Enunwa like mostly everyone else here but a Thursday night game against a defense that almost beat NO and tied Pitt... I don’t know. I want to believe, but as this poster noted, Ben and Brees have seen pressure like this before. Will Darnold, a turnover prone rookie, be able to stand and deliver? Thats the biggest question tonight next to gameflow. To me this projects to be a tight ugly low scoring game, so maybe they throw less? IDK. But it seems like a Golladay-type player might be the safer/higher ceiling option this week. Having said that, I think if Enunwa produces again tonight you can basically just keep him in your lineup ROS and maybe try to trade another WR for help elsewhere.
  4. Davante Adams 2018 Outlook

    You do know that Adams is a stud 1, right? Rodgers/Adams won’t be playing Minnesota and Chicago every week, two of the best defenses in all of football. But you know what? They produced even then. I’m buying quickly if owners are panicking and look at that schedule! Only three games against tough defenses left. Two of which Adams already dusted to tune of WR11 in .5ppr. Higher than Julio, OBJ, Brown... you know, those stud 1s
  5. Larry Fitzgerald 2018 Outlook

    Even the best can’t play forever. It’s looking grim in Arizona and those saying to relax seen to be overlooking the trainwreck that hasn’t even been removed from the tracks yet.
  6. Trey Burton 2018 Outlook

    And he got lucky he didn’t throw another pick in the end zone when Seattle just dropped a ball in their laps.
  7. This is stupid. Bears can and probably will somehow lose this game even though their defense is just nasty. Man this Trubisky pick is going to follow and doom this franchise for years. They would be better off trying to snag Winston from Tampa.
  8. Wow. All you have to do is run run run or throw to your new TE who is a mismatch against these linebackers. Keep forcing to Robinson moron
  9. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    Their defense is so bad it won’t matter. Teams will easily mount comebacks and they will always need more points.
  10. 9/16/18 - Week 2 Miami @ Jets Gameday Thread

    Got to love Gase and his absolute steadfast subborn stupidity. Just give the ball to Drake you assclown
  11. Alex Collins 2018 Outlook

    These threads and this forum is becoming a joke. Everyone moans and whines about everyone all the damn time. A bunch of box score watchers. 1) Collins looked great last year 2) Collins looked great last night. 90 yards on 12 touches. Yes please. Making people miss and trucking defenders. What fans of his are seeing is a good talent performing at a high level *when given the chance. 3) I was on the Ravens forum last night and everyone was bitching about Harbaugh and MMs use of Collins. Local media will put it to the coaching staff. Last year the Ravens went 5-2 down the stretch when Collins was getting 18 carries a game. 4) last year Collins had 7 and 9 carries respectively in Ravens first two games. Ravens won convincingly in the first game and got blown out in the second. Almost identical script this year as last. Coaches, if wanting to keep their job, will get back to what worked for them. Ball control through a ground game and tough defense. Having Flaccco throw 55 times is a guaranteed loss. 5) Everyone who is calling this guy a bust is a child with no successful experience playing fantasy football. It’s been two damn weeks. There is no preseason anymore. I wouldn’t seriously judge a players situation until week 4 these days. 6) Everyone who is calling this guy a bust... here are some names that Collins’ week 2 performance would have outscored in week 1: Mixon (week 2), Mcaffery, Hunt, Fournette, Freeman, Cook, and Of course, Bell. Are all these guys bums too? Jesus, this place.
  12. Collins is good man. Give him more looks in the passing game. He’s makes something out of nothing all the damn time