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  1. If you play with return yardage and in ESPN check your week 15 Kamara stats. I just lost his 50 yard return during their stat correction fiasco.
  2. So ESPN is not counting return yards right now for week 15 it seems. Kamara lost 2 points in my league due to his 50 yard return being wiped out. if you have a mysterious drop in your points check return yardage
  3. Why did Kamara lose two points? In ESPN
  4. there will be no garbage points either. I can’t belive Goff will put up a grand negative total over two full games in the FF playoffs. Just ridiculous
  5. Some of it is Goff, another part Mcvay. What is this game plan? All screens. Nothing challenging this Mickey Mouse secondary. Where is this greatest show on grass? The high tempo pushing the ball downfield with creativity? This is pathetic.
  6. Destroyed my league by 300 points and unless Goff can wake the f the up I’m going down. How does one even build a better team than this (auction, keeper, 10 team)...? it ain’t right that this team should be losing. But that’s where I’m at and it all feels pointless. All because in a single week, week 15, one player gets injured after 4 touches, Tyreek let a bomb hit him in the face mask, kittle gets overthrown on a 70 yard score, Houston can’t stop a Darnold and McGuire lead offense, and Goff is suddenly 2016 Goff. Even Hopkins’ 35 pointer doesn’t look like it’s going to save me. Ugh. Goff Kamara Chubb Hopkins Adams Hill Kittle Aaron Jones Houston Tucker
  7. I also don’t get this game plan. The eagles literally have street players manning their secondary and everything they are doing is underneath screen non sense
  8. Lol are you ******** kidding me? According to Rotoworld, the guy got injured again. I’ve never in my 22 years of playing fantasy football have seen something so ridiculous as this guys season. He is literally injured in every single game. Truly incredible stuff
  9. Kittle had an easy 70 yard touchdown but Mullens missed him by a couple yards. Makes Celeks score all the worse
  10. Why are they not funneling through James White? That always gets this offense moving and they are just ignoring him
  11. No Hopkins has been running free and Watson isn’t looking at him. That last third down Hopkins easily beat his man for a crossing pattern first down and Watson was only looking at Lamar Miller. What a disaster fantasy week all around