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  1. Anyone feel he will play it very very safe in his return, as in timetable? One argument could be that he would want to rush back to prove to a team he is worth the money next year. But he’s still AJ Green. I wonder if he’s going to wait it out longer than we think so he doesn’t pull up even more lame before, especially with his recent injury history piling up a bit. I need to find the article but I think there was something on the Bengals site posted five days ago where he said something cautionary like this, that the reports of 6-8 weeks were generous and he was going to take every precaution.
  2. Good thing you idiots keep taking out Chubb!! They know you aren’t running with Johnson. Why take out Chubb who keeps the defense honest, who can catch the ball, who can pass block, for this scrub? These god damn coaches
  3. This is so ridiculous. Why not just have a dude in NYC review all this s--- on the fly to save us from this garbage nothing time
  4. I’m going with them as my Defense as well. They looked great out there. Cameron Wake doesn’t age.
  5. The Titans defense gets no respect but they were hyped last year and were above average. I think they take another step this year, and repeat the success against the Browns week 1. That means even more running with Henry in my opinion as they shouldn’t get into too many shootout situations. All that with AJ Brown in tow, and Mariota being who he is, it’s difficult to see how Davis has any more value than players who are, or who probably were, on your waiver wire. Dude needs to run himself out of town ASAP to save his career
  6. Right now I’m agonizing over dropping Goff for him. I too think his upside is off the charts and if he can still get you 14 with 4 turnovers as he did last week, that’s pretty damn good
  7. Lol four of my guys are on your buy low list. Shows you how bad my week went. I mean makes sense what you’re proposing but I’m not selling Julio, Evans or Chubb after one down week
  8. Nice missed chip block there by Jamal. a**hole
  9. Maybe Jones being in helps draw more attention to him giving Rodgers more availability to have the passing game open up. Same s--- a different year
  10. Less obviously, I’m really interested in watching Josh Allen. Guy was incredible those last five weeks and if shows any improvement in the pocket he could be a really nice sleeper option. Also curious how the Ravens backfield shakes out. Does Justice Hill come in on every third down and get some early down usage? Does Gus eat into Ingram’s workload? same for SF. Does Breida play the Freeman role while Coleman plays the Coleman role? i think Hyde has sneaky value being on top offense and being the early down back. Does he have a start to the season like he did with CLE last year where he was an everyweek RB2? who is the number 1 receiving option in MIA and Wash? Do they have value? I like McLaurin and Wilson but does Richardson and Parker represent the better plays? Lots of interesting early season questions
  11. I’m feeling great. This guy was the #3 FF QB (or #2 depending on settings) before Kupp went down. With them potentially giving Gurley some more rest, and with another year and super bowl experience under his belt, I’m betting on a huge year for Goff
  12. Didn’t this guy win the award for top WR in the country when in college? He’s got the pedigree, the skills, and now the situation to prosper. As much as most of us recognize(d) the immensity of Bortles’ ineptitude, I don’t think any of us can yet fully comprehend how greatly he was holding back players like Dede who know how to run professional routes and have the wheels to create separation. Serving as a WR3, I imagine for majority here, he could be fantasy gold.
  13. Someone has to catch passes right? Reed can’t and won’t stay healthy. Richardson the same. I like the possibility of Terry doing things
  14. If you play with return yardage and in ESPN check your week 15 Kamara stats. I just lost his 50 yard return during their stat correction fiasco.