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  1. Keep Lamar because of his playoff schedule. Keep Waller because he is better and already had his bye.
  2. Chubb gets something even against NE. He is matchup proof. Bell got some last week too. Imagine if his qb wasn’t completing more passes to patriots then Brady.
  3. You upgrade theilen and Jacobs here especially when you consider playoff schedules. I would do it.
  4. I think Jacobs plays and gets “shot up” if it starts to bother him like last week. I would sit terry against MN.
  5. I would look for someone more desperate first. Ertz hasn’t scored much but he Is a big name and has had pretty good opportunity to score compared to other TEs. See if someone is willing to give you less of a question mark at WR.
  6. If it is close I may stop trying to trade Waller and trade Kelce instead. Waller is less of a name and already had his bye. I am mainly worried that Kelce just has a greater opportunity in the red zone.
  7. I might even try Tevin and Brieda for Cooper to see if he bites. I love Cooper’s playoff schedule and hate theilen’s.
  8. Hilton is the more conservative, wiser pick and I agree Stills does nothing for you based on your roster.
  9. I think fuller is out for an extended period, I would take stills.
  10. Standard with 1 pt per 20 yards Rec I am in a league where the playoffs are weeks 15-17. Who would you rather have for just weeks 15-17 and is it very close? Kelce is leading the league fantasy point opportunity from the TE position with 106 expected fantasy points per ESPN and Waller only has 81 expected fantasy point for the season so far.
  11. He is right, prepare to use that line on the second prettiest girl.