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  1. He sits out a game in fantasy playoff. SMH what can you do?
  2. Need this guy for playoff next week! Welcome back big fellow!
  3. i don't understand why his FT % so bad this year. Hoping he can ball out with AD for couple weeks.
  4. He did well today. Why drop city? Is he hurt again?
  5. Dang, that is a long time, not sure still worth holding.
  6. The clippers is falling fast. I will pick him up and see if you have someone to drop.
  7. This is annoying. If he not going to play, then mark him inactive so I can put someone in. smh
  8. Maybe this coaching change will help this guy.
  9. I would trade for the Freak if you have the chance but I doubt the other guy will accept.
  10. I think Nance is better than Slow mo....
  11. Goo info guys. He is willing to do Ball\Harrell for Winslow\Saikam. What you guys think of this new offer he proposed?