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  1. Happen to me first two weeks of this season.
  2. Is McCoy hurt again? Why he hasn't been in last couple of drives?
  3. Anyone know exactly what is wrong with his knee? I thought it was just a bruise.
  4. Not sure why he was dropped in my 14 team league. Used my waiver claim on him. I got McCoy but picked him up and see.
  5. None of my players score a TD yet.
  6. You got some nice rbs. Good draft!
  7. I would go with Zeke for dynasty since he is still young.
  8. Among these four rbs, how you rank them? Gurley, Chubb, Mixon, and Dalvin Cook. Thanks in Advance. If you want my opinion on your thread, please link to it here.
  9. He sits out a game in fantasy playoff. SMH what can you do?
  10. Need this guy for playoff next week! Welcome back big fellow!