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  1. He tells the reporters he's fine as he cradles his dismembered leg in his arms while massaging the hamstring.
  2. Bregman leaving the game. Didn't even wait for the trainer's permission. Don't know what happened.
  3. Peralta has struck out Votto twice on a combined 7 pitches. Not easy to do.
  4. He looks great but I know this not the thread for in-game updates.
  5. He got it addressed ... with a lucrative extension.
  6. This why I never pay up for sophomores ... even for as one so seemingly polished as Soto. League adjustment is an inevitability.
  7. When did Sale become Jered Weaver?
  8. Prognosis isn't as bad as I feared. I just learned it's a dreaded high ankle sprain but the outlook isn't as grim as I would have expected. I purposefully averred my pessimism earlier. In the event we got bad news, I would be viewed as prescient. In the event we got "relatively" favorable news, it would be good for my fantasy team. Win-win situation.
  9. I understand H2H playoffs are not occurring right now, but how doesn't it hurt you? You need to win these weeks to ensure you get in.
  10. Regrettably, I agree with you. I went against my principles that which I drafted after the Corey Seager fiasco last year -- don't bother with players who have existing injuries. Within reason, of course. If the discount is massive, by all means, go for it. But the slight discount I got Lindor at in my draft, which occurred in the time frame between the two injuries, will probably not go down as good value. I think it's weird we haven't heard anything. I was anticipating news yesterday. It's like they're trying to conceive of the best way to tell the fanbase the face of the franchise won't be on the field for a while.
  11. They said they will address it today.
  12. I think we should be bracing for some bad news today -- this is the vibe I'm getting.
  13. I was forced to dump him today and it was hard as I am still intrigued by him.
  14. I've been trying to move him -- for other good players, of course -- and no one is biting. Perhaps, it is for the better and I am being rash. I, however, disagree with you. At this point, there's a lot of other guys I would take just beyond the 15th pick. This latest injury may not be all too serious but the calf strain has great risk of being recurrent. Lindor derives a good bit of value from his lower extremities and, at the moment, both are compromised. The big question is whether he'll be overly protective of them upon returning?