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  1. Thanks all! Always nice to get the after-the-fact verification on a trade. After I did the trade, my friend who is in my league said I was "crazy" for doing that trade. Another friend pondered if the possibly "slight" upgrade was worth the risk of unloading a high potential guy like McCullers. He does have a point. Yet another friend burst into my kitchen drunk, who is "McKluben"? I told him he played for the Houston Indians.
  2. I would do that trade. I always like to be getting the "1" in 2 for 1 deals with the caveat being in shallow leagues. You seem to have the depth to replace the loss of Hanley at 1st and imaginably the replacement level on waivers is high.
  3. Pretty close trade but I would err on the side of Benintendi since he will blossom into a great hitter I'm sure. It has already begun. Carrasco is nice in K:BB, though.
  4. Thanks -- my line of reasoning. I think McCullers is absolutely legit but my concern is he hasn't thrown 165 IP at any stop in the big leagues. Will there be some restriction? I have come to learn trying to predict injuries is a fool's errand. Of course, an annually injured player is more apt to be hurt but that doesn't really describe McCullers just yet.
  5. Well I meant he didn't pitch as poorly as his line would seem to indicate. Besides, you see more on TV but being there is an experience unto itself.
  6. 5x5 Roto league, re-draft ... ... I traded my McCullers for Kluber.
  7. I saw his start in SF. Very unlucky
  8. The window has been shut for a while.
  9. Do you guys expect this guy to be on an innings limit this year? He has looked great but I wonder if the shrewd thing to do would be to move him for a pitcher who was considered an ace coming into this season? There are a number of aces who are scuffling or half-scuffling or even hurt. Like -- is anyone really ready to have him ahead of Cueto, Verlander, Lester, deGrom, Kluber, etc.? Wouldn't it be advisable to toss him out there for all of those guys (or most of them)?
  10. Before the season I traded Carrasco (and Reyes) for Schwarber (and Prado) in a OBP re-draft league where he only has LF-eligibility. Hasn't exactly worked out. Going forward .... In OBP Roto leagues (C or not) ~ he is a buy-low In Points league (where walks are a plus and strikeouts are a deduction) ~ meh In traditional BA leagues where he does not have C eligibility ~ pray
  11. I still think he's too good to be in the FA, no C eligibility notwithstanding. But, yeah, it is hard to justify his ownership in shallow leagues where BA is a category.
  12. If Maddon weren't such an obstinate, new age hipster manager, he'd have moved Schwarber out of the lead off spot already. Joe -- I agree with you, OBP is what matters when constructing lineups; but Schwarber's OBP, while good in context of his putrid BA, is still below league average. Clearly this is not working. The team is not even .500. Until he gets his head on straight, Schwarber needs to be moved somewhere else in the order. By all indications, he is pressing under the onus of leading off. This move isn't exactly terminal, he could always be put back there. Schwarber has been a black hole of fantasy production. Stephen Hawking should study him.
  13. Yeah this one looked like a clunker at the start. I was merely hoping he would do whatever to salvage my ratios and we could move forward. No, he turned in a really nice start. Cole has made me wish I was more opening to changing Wins to Quality Starts before the season. Accursed traditionalist in me.
  14. He is on pace to play every game and finish with 39 RBI. Obviously I would rather have Chris Davis to all the guys on waivers in my deep league, you know all the guys outproducing him in spite of sporadic playing time or having spent considerable time on the DL, those guys. Going into the draft, I had my sights set on Chris Davis, an OBP league discount. So I thought. Wound up overpaying for him because he was the last of a tier of 1b left. Now it looks as if he won't even measure up to the discounted price I had hoped to get him for. He will get his knocks with time, I'm sure he will. But I think he's on the decline. His hard hit% is down and his K-rate is at a tenure with the Orioles high. Ryan Howard's production started to tail off around the same age and Davis may be the second coming of him. I hope I'm wrong and he'll get scalding hot in not too long.
  15. Eight measly RBI. I'm in a deep league and pretty much every guy on waivers has more RBI than Chris Davis. Robinson Chirinos has more RBI for crying out loud! He seldom plays.