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  1. I hate how everyone always points to 2015 -- mind you a more spectacular season at the plate than any active player in the majors has to his credit -- as an outlier. Harper is merely 24 years of age and had the said MVP campaign when he was just 22. The three seasons prior are practically dismissible since the game's best young hitters were still in college, Single or Double A at the time. You couldn't have expected him to be a finished product in his 19-21 aged seasons? He hadn't yet faced a pitcher who was younger than he was! Last year he must have played through an injury and his agent insinuated he did. Still, he was 20/20 with an exceptional .373 OBP. Since I've been following baseball, I haven't seen a more hyped prospect than Bryce Harper. 2015 was vindication of a generational talent so many touted. Believe me, he has many great years ahead of him. His immense upside and -- yes, realized greatness -- make him a bona-fide first round pick across all formats. By the way, on the subject of "overrated" didn't the players vote him as such heading into 2015?
  2. I have him in an OBP roto league. Can't wait for the season to start. Mike Podhorzer, of Fangraphs, still has him as his 12th ranked outfielder. I think 12th overall is too low for him, what 11 outfielders could he possibly have before him. I should send him a succulent dead crow with some utensils.
  3. I would take Stanton over Cespedes. Where is Springer on that list? He and Stanton are very close for me.
  4. His fastball is very hittable so it's imperative he get ahead in the count to unleash his unhittable curve.
  5. Yeah just snatched him up. Even if his starting stint is short lived, he has the speed the make it worth it.
  6. Just picked this guy up in my Roto (OBP > BA) league. It took a lot of effort (Carrasco/Reyes) but I really wanted him. I'm honestly so bullish of his bat that I don't really care if he picks up C eligibility (not that it wouldn't be nice). My league breaks down the OF spots and, for whatever reason, LF is always the shallowest. You would think it would be the 1B of the OF but this has been the case for years. Schwarber's LF eligibility is thus not overlooked in such formats.
  7. Why do you guys insist a healthy Stanton cannot produce in runs? Projected over a full season: 2014 -- 99 runs 2015 -- 103 runs No one expects him to play every game but this underscores that a healthy Stanton can still be productive in that category.
  8. I also don't believe that, when we evaluate Bryce Harper, we can put too much emphasis on his pre-MVP seasons when projecting out. He was 21 and less. Those are developmental years. 2015 and 2016 should be weighted more heavily.
  9. For the weeks heading into my draft (which happened last night) Harper was "the guy". This is a 12-team 5x5 Roto league with OBP substituted for BA. The rosters are very deep, at least on the batting side, with pairings at every position (ie: two C, two 1b, two 2b, and so on) and the OF broken down as such (LF, LF; CF, CF; RF, RF). One misgiving I had to do with taking Harper was an acknowledgement of how deep RF is. Undoubtedly the deepest of the positions once you breakdown the OF. At least in my opinion it is. Then on top of that I would need to start two players from such weak positions, like C and 2b then SS really trails off to its traditional paucity after the crop of phenoms are gone. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I was so convinced of Harper's ability and was determined to get him. I wound up getting into a bidding war with one guy and nabbing him for $39. To put that in context, Harper was the second most expensive slugger ~ Trout went for $44. Kershaw also went for $39. Those were the most expensive three. I like Harper this year in any format but he really receives a boost in OBP. Last year was disappointing but still a good year in such a format. 20/20 with a .373 OBP -- nothing at all to sneeze at. My theory (which I am not sure if confirmed or not) was that Harper played through some sort of injury after his torrid April. Injuries are the rub. If healthy -- I cannot see him failing to have a very big year. Some pundits question his spot in the first round and so many inculcate the importance of being averse to risk with early selections. I can see there point but, uh, what player doesn't carry a modicum of risk? And I play to win the league, not finish 6th. We're not exactly starting with last year's numbers then going from there. Even with last year's crazy power surge, Harper posted a better line in 2015 than anyone else did last year. In fact, he was the first to post an OPS above 1.100 since Pujols in his prime. Cabrera didn't do it in his Triple Crown year (less than 1.000) or the year after. Trout has never done it. And this 2015 season was done by a 22 year old! He will be only 24 on opening day. Have our expectations for young players been skewed by Trout's uncanny stability? I mean, can we give him a pass on having an age 23 season which did not meet people's #1 overall pick expectations? I, too, pooh-pooh the Washington Post article cited above. I would like to see the players they included in the sample, my bet is none was a generational talent like Harper is. One player which sprung to my mind was Alex Rodriguez. In 1996, he finished 2nd in the MVP voting, slashing .358/.414/.631 with 141 runs, 36 home runs and 123 runs driven in. The following year 23 HR 84 RBI and a less flashy .846 OPS. But -- yeah -- not like A Rod ever had another great season or anything.
  10. It's hard to say ROS, he is further down the list than Julio. It sucks if the absence of a dominant performance from your top pick has left you 1-3 or worse but you'd be foolish to move him. To the eye (at least last week) he looked as electric as ever and big games are forthcoming. I drafted him with the 2nd pick (after Brown of course) and then proceeded to trade him (before the season) for Amari Cooper and Lacy. Hard to believe all three have such pedestrian numbers a quarter into the season (well the Wisconsin fattie has a week to his quarter). I wish I could get Beckham back at a discount but I doubt his Giants fan owner would give him up.
  11. That didn't take long.
  12. I would use Wacha in your situation. Not because I like him but strategically it is the right thing to do.
  13. Miley is actually one of the guys I have the most confidence in. He has is coming off two good outings. It's all relative though. I don't really like any of them.
  14. Ouch. I wanted Gsellman but someone got to him before I did.