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  1. I would do it. OBJ still has immense upside and Ekeler may be on the shorter end of a time share.
  2. Thanks for the response -- but I don't know if it's that. For "Matchup Tie Breaker" the option "No tie breakers" is set.
  3. Even as a guy who has suffered through OBJ all season, I still wonder why you needed to ask. A steal for you.
  4. My league has no tiebreakers set -- seems like a clear tie to me but yet I was assessed a loss. Any idea why?
  5. What's the scoring exactly? I doubt I would have traded Pasta and Subban for Crosby and Petry regardless of what the scoring is.
  6. Gotta a 2QB league question. Rodgers and Goff are my two starters, who have byes Weeks 11 and 9, respectively. To prevent QB hoarding, no team is allowed to roster more than 3 quarterbacks at once. The third guy is always a bye week fill-in. My third guy is Sam Darnold who sees the Dolphins and Redskins while Rodgers and Goff are on byes. Doesn't get much more cozy than that but I don't know how (and when) he'll return from the "kissing disease." Cam Newton is currently sitting there in the free agency which is typically unheard of in a 10-team, 2 QB league. Would you drop Darnold for Newton? I fear this Lisfranc injury could put the kibosh on Newton's season, as even after he returns it may affect his running, from which all of his fantasy value is derived. All thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  7. I will be targeting him in next year's draft for sure. Though, I had big expectations for him this year. I believe in his skill set and sometimes young players inexplicably have bad seasons.
  8. About to partake in a draft on ESPN. I know players from Thursday Night game will be drafted into starting lineups. My question is will their points from the other night go towards my score for the week?