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  1. Anyone else? Looking for one more team.
  2. Aaron Judge 2017 Outlook

    He should be the AL MVP ... and I'm not just saying that as a fantasy-first Yankees fan.
  3. Hi guys, Our ESPN league’s snake draft is fasting approaching — this Sunday (the 1st) at 9pm EST — and we’re looking for a dedicated and competitive manager … or two. This league will be run through ESPN and it is straight points (not H2H). The team with the most points at the end of the season wins it all. Simple as that. Of course, we will have some consolation prizes dependent on the size of the league. As of right now, 10 managers have given their word. We wouldn’t mind having 12 or 13 teams. The scoring system is as follows: Skaters Goal = 10 Assist = 8 PP Point = 4 SH Point = 4 Hit = 1 Block = 1 SOG = 1 Goalies Win = 20 GA = -10 Save = 1 Shutout = 10 As the subject says, $50 buy-in with all money being held by LeagueSafe. If you're interested or need more details, please message me! Thanks! Dan
  4. Ryon Healy 2017 Outlook

    Again, fantasy baseball isn't fantasy football but if anyone is still mixed up here; above are some posts from just last month. I told you he wasn't anything special.
  5. Miguel Cabrera 2017 Outlook

    Would it have killed to get an MRI earlier in the year? He has probably had these herniated discs all year.
  6. Hi all, I am running a $50 NHL cumulative points (not H2H) league through ESPN. The settings are as follows: The draft is Sunday, October 1st at 9pm EST. Bear in mind, the rosters and such are contingent upon the amount of teams. Right now, I am seeking as many managers as possible. All money will be handled by LeagueSafe. If you're interested or have any questions, please reach out to me. It may take me a few hours to respond as I am about to step out. Thanks! Dan
  7. Is this ethical?

    Thanks all for the advice. Well, I did say, before the season, if you are inactive I reserve the right to replace you, but I just let the dead teams lie this year. I was thinking the fair way to do this would to personally e-mail the 4 or so managers whose inactivity may influence the standings and ask if they could perfunctorily make moves the rest of the way. This would include the managers who inactivity stands to benefit my team, as well. I doubt I do anything though.
  8. Is this ethical?

    Yes, I suppose you're right. I would have felt dishonest reaching out to this dead team. Hopefully this guy will have a random spurt of activity but I fear his neglect may decide the league.
  9. Is this ethical?

    Hi all, I run a big money Roto league every year. This year we have 12 teams, the top half of teams is competitive, the bottom half is inactive. Currently, my team is tied in 2nd, merely a point out of 1st place. The top 3 finishers (who are all bunched up right now) will get money. I noticed last night that one of the dead teams is not on pace to reach the 180 pitcher start min, which is needed to qualify for ERA and WHIP. My team and the team tied with me are ahead of him in ERA while the 1st place team is behind him. At the end of the season, when the dead team fails to qualify, he will drop down to the bottom of the standings in ERA, thereby giving the current 1st place team a potential league clinching point. Would it be collusive or unethical if I reached out to the dead manager and asked if he could throw some of his benched starters (like Kershaw) into his lineup? As it sits right now, all he has is Bumgarner (a part of a 6 man rotation), Trevor Bauer and Homer Bailey. He has Salazar in his starting lineup but I fear he will relegated to a bullpen role the rest of the way. Now, I am chasing 3 dead (well one is mostly dead) teams in RBI. The other two top teams have already passed this trio. I am just about to eclipse one of them while the other two have eluded me for sometime. At best I'll probably only be able to gain 2 points in the RBI category. Potentially just the one. Ethically speaking, if I were to reach out to the one dead manager, I should have to reach out to the ones I am chasing in RBI, too. Should I do nothing? Or am I right to believe you should actually have to pass a team in the category to advance in it, not a gain a point by virtue of another guy failing to hit a min?
  10. Luis Castillo 2017 Outlook

    It'll be the most appreciative drop all year.
  11. Miguel Cabrera 2017 Outlook

    The "highest hard hit rate since 2014" led me to engage in a disastrous trade for him back in June. Those numbers coming out of Comerica are hogwash. Look at how many Tigers are towards the top of the list, yet none has congruent surface numbers. Still, if you look elsewhere, his underlying numbers are concerning. He is not pulling the ball at all and his strikeout rate is the highest it has ever been. He hasn't been unlucky (the underlying numbers have no business looking good). He hasn't been distracted by the situation in Venezuela (the cynic in me ponders whether it is on his mind at all). He has been hurt. He needs the offseason to heal and probably should have been on the disabled list earlier this season. He should come at a discount next year but now there's a ***** in the armor of a guy who once led an infallible career.
  12. Justin Verlander 2017 Outlook

    Dang, I was hoping he would just stay put in Detroit. The malaise surrounding the Tigers hasn't had an adverse effect on his pitching of late. Now he'll need his wife's boobs to stay buoyant.
  13. Tommy Pham 2017 Outlook

    My best pickup of the season.