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  1. I scooped him up and will deploy in his first start back. Pirates have the third worst OPS in the MLB against left handed pitching. Plus, he gets to see the pitcher (hopefully not 3 or 4 times through the first 5 innings). Snell's control is bothersome but I've always liked big prospects upon being recalled after scuffling earlier. Many times the second go-round is redemptive. Though, I did drop Buxton for him. The ill portent of highly touted prospects?
  2. At first blush it seems that way, but I feel this is one of those perception vs. reality things. Like I said, Lindor is undoubtedly the better player in real life but is he really going to help my team win more than Broxton from now until the end of this season? Broxton is higher on the player rater: 101st to Lindor's 157th.
  3. I just fancied the idea of proposing piping hot Keon Broxton for Francisco Lindor and astoundingly I have to think about this one. Lindor is, without question, the better real life player but Broxton is perhaps the more dynamic fantasy option. Lindor is the more staid ratio guy, right? Even with all of Broxton's strikeouts, he still edges Lindor in OBP (which my league uses). Obviously position comes into play and, in my league, we start two SS, two of everything for that matter, and currently my SS are Correa and Galvis. I am just shy of middle of the pack in Stolen Bases (5 of 12 points). I consider Broxton the better speed option. Do you think I should propose this trade?
  4. First at bat as an Iowa Cub resulted in (not surprisingly) a strikeout.
  5. It's an interesting offer and, as much as I love Freeman, wrist injuries are notorious for sapping power. Who knows if he'll return to form right away or need an extended period of time to get back to being Freddie. I wouldn't be averse to moving Bellinger though, but, as someone else said, perhaps seek a healthy, proven asset. Disregard those who say Reed doesn't carry much value on account of the Mets play. He's an above average reliever and has good job security, the only two things that matter for a closer. Once this criteria is met, saves will follow. Bad teams win fewer games but are more likely to win games by smaller margins. The Mets aren't exactly historically bad. I would stick with what you have.
  6. Only two players have at least 13 home runs and 13 steals: Paul Goldschmidt and Keon Broxton.
  7. Yes worrisome after last year but, as a betting man, I predict he will go on one of his runs soon enough rather than put up pedestrian numbers (by his standards) the rest of the way.
  8. ...and glad I did.
  9. The best thing about fantasy baseball is when you see the team of your best player scored 18 runs and, with great excitement, you check the box score only to see said player has nary a run or RBI.
  10. The guy who pitched the 9th, Luis Garcia. He was going to get the save opp. I highly doubt Garcia is worth even a speculative add but this doesn't bode well for Neshek's chances, as he only need 4 pitches to get the final two outs in the 8th.
  11. I'm going down with this guy. I am in a deep OBP-league, I have no choice. I also think he will have a way better second half.
  12. I couldn't agree more. He was my ace last year and, in exchange for McCullers, is my ace again. (Kluber was on the DL when I acquired him).
  13. I know it's hard to say but how long do you think he'll be out for?
  14. Story
  15. I have acquired Miggy. Thanks for the advice all.