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  1. Who Are My 4 Keepers? WHIR

    Baez Seager Soto Folty Scooter and Castelanos nice players, but not over those 4
  2. Which 6 for next year?

    No Xander?
  3. Keep 6

    Albies over Seager is crazy imo Career average Seager .302 Albies .268 Career OPS Seager .862 Albies .770 I get it Albies steals some, but Seager is so much better as a hitter
  4. Franchise Player: Altuve or Judge?

    Judge, but Altuve not a wrong pick
  5. Help me think about my keepers

    Ohtani in a keep forever, is a easy keep over Rendon or Bellinger
  6. Pick 7 Keepers for 2019???

    Andujars career 4/16 BB/K rate a concern His .316 babip and 16% hr/fb ratio, could be hard to repeat I would go your 7, minus Andujar, for the more complete Mondesi
  7. Dynasty league trade advice

  8. Trout for Lindor

    Vlad side Andujar had a nice year, but a .332 career oba is bad You only get Trout for 1 year He's missed 70 games the last 2 years 3 years of Vlad, versus 2 years of Andujar It's a slam dunk for me
  9. Keepers For Next Season - Thoughts?

    cut ERod CMart Bellinger Hoskins Flaherty Those advising Hoskins or Bellinger over Seager is crazy Seager is the better hitter, it's not even close
  10. Keep 5 forever WHIR

    Bellinger is a little better version of Mark Trumbo Sample size is small on both, but Soto is much better. If you look at BB/K rate, wOBA, it's not close Bellinger is the most overrated player imo
  11. Acuna/Vladdy Jr.

    Career i'm taking Vlad Fantasy wise, Acunas sb could make him more valuable, if he steals 20+
  12. Acuna/Vladdy Jr.

    Sean Spencer, Kevin Maas, Joe Charbeneu did too Not saying Acuna not legit, but 1 year not a career If you play the have yet to be seen card, you would pass on Trout/Ruth/Arod as examples
  13. Can only keep 4

  14. Harper or Kluber/Verlander?

    Kluber 30 Darvish 10 Miles 9 Aguilar 10 Senzel 7 LeClerc 10 Dahl 10 $7 left