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  1. Some decent WW Material! WHIR!

    Hamels over Kopech if re-draft?
  2. Who should I keep going forward ? WHIR

    Andujar over DeGrom? GRAMPS had the right 5
  3. Rank these SP WHIR

    Glasnow 1
  4. Keeper Help...WHIR

    You have right order on bats Folty Flaherty Carrasco
  5. Keeper Help...WHIR

    Springer over Machado?????????????? Springer over a pre-peak Correa?
  6. Keeper League: Which of these do I keep?

    Paxton easy cut, even if Paxton throws 175 innings yearly
  7. Keep Andujar, Torres, or Soto? Pick 2

    cutting Soto is the worst choice by far
  8. EE is hitting .235 He's ranked 131 on ESPN player rater He likely at age 36, doesn't go 29/90 next year Tikki was a 1st round pick, ranked 92nd right now He had nice numbers at AA and AAA this year Who's to say Tikki doesn't put up Derick Rodriguez numbers next year, and EE hits .220 20/70?
  9. Keepers for next year

    Buehler Wheeler I think Devers is overrated a Mark Trumbo type
  10. Keep Andujar, Torres, or Soto? Pick 2

    Andujar is the easy cut
  11. Prospects Help! Keeper

    probably a matter of opinion Kopech walked 60 in 126 innings He's Robbie Ray Ray has a career 4.19 era Until Kopech gets those 4+ walks per 9, down to 2, he's going to have whip/era issues Now i can see taking Kopech, since nobody else is up. But imo, Vlad/Robles/Bichette/Tatis/Rodgers/Whitley/Jimenez are better
  12. Cole Snell Buehler But i could see Snell or Buehler being 1