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  1. Yates or Robertson?

    Yates is better Whether he gets more I don't know But seranthony could steal some
  2. Can't decide on last 2 keepers???

    Mondesi Abreu
  3. 11 Player Blockbuster Dynasty Deal...WHIR

    2 You get 3 of the top 4 players
  4. Pick the last keeper?

  5. Dynasty story Seager deal

    Seager side
  6. My last pick in the MiLB draft

    Kikuchi Edwards Garcia nats Valera
  7. Everyone in life is replaceable. Sometimes athletes and agents forget this. There are plenty of deals to be had. You just can't always get what you think you should. The owners take all the risk. If they see foolish money I applaud them.
  8. Keeper Trade Question

    Flaherty Taillon Clevinger
  9. I would take the hitters out and offer Sixto mize Greene package
  10. Nola isn't worth that There is no next vlad but Franco could be the closest thing He will be 1 soon Kirilloff is probably the best minor league hitter after vlad Even though Dodgers stock dropped some he's still a 25 he 2b in col
  11. Which Prospect should I draft?

    Lavigne looks like he could be Matt stairs like body wise Edwards has 50 sb speed Imo kelenic has highest floor of group
  12. Draft

    8 team 16 keepers With my pick likely looking at these 5 Kind of looking for best keeper of them Suarez probably safest Maybe Chapman Pham is older Dahl or devers could be big? Rank the 5 I have Donaldson at 3b but he's likely a one year only guy Dahl Pham Devers E Suarez M chapman
  13. Gerrit Cole

    Benintendi Stanton
  14. Which Prospect should I draft?

    Larnach Kelenic Garcia nats Edwards Lux
  15. Last slot, keep 7

    Castillo Dahl or clevinger over hicks
  16. Puig trade

    8 team 15 keepers Would you trade hader for puig?
  17. Tucker trade

    8 team 15 keepers 5 man minors Would you trade Kyle Tucker for 4th pick in draft? Top 4 Corbin Wheeler Leclerc Doolittle K giles
  18. TO trade

    8 team 15 keepers No 3b till vlad gets up Would you trade aroldis Chapman for Brad hand Roberto ozuna Felipe Vazquez Matt chapman
  19. Puig trade

    I just took this team over from a buddy Of has Benintendi Upton Pham Hader only rp
  20. Puig trade

    I have 8 money keeper teams with guys from all over the country Company started in 80s I get calls or texts almost daily lol
  21. Tucker trade

    Cano Mazara Eddie Rosario Are there too but I have almost all hitters and few pitchers I took this team over I have 3rd pick and could get 4th with this trade
  22. Dynasty Trade: Vlad for Eloy+

    Bryant has won a mvp Correa was having a mvp year 2 years ago Profar stat wise matched albies last year These guys are far from busts Mark appel is a bust Sano Buxton not doing much but still young enough to turn it around Drew was a above average hitter that was made of glass Prospects deliver and fail But so do PROVEN mlb players