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  1. I will go out and say Gallen will blow away a declining Kluber. Gallen is next years Flaherty.
  2. McNeil Best hitter of bunch, and has 2B rating. I could see Muncy, but he sometimes sits, and is older. Ozuna is so overated.
  3. I like Aquino. Grandal in a hitters park hit .245
  4. Not having Mondesi in 7 is wrong.
  5. Correa over Sano Robinson over Tucker imo
  6. Translation drop a pitcher for Reynolds
  7. locks Mondesi Kershaw JD Bellinger Chapman/Bogey/Bauer for last 2
  8. Suarez and Laureano are the easy cuts Suarez has a career .341 OBA Hiura is going to be as good as Gleybar, maybe better
  9. The 4 locks as stated I like Eloy as 5th
  10. Let's get recent Last 2 years Yelich has 30 more homer's and even has more sb Give me the 35 homer guy over a 25 homer guy was the point
  11. 5 locks i can't see a argument why they aren't Bichette Soto Albies Machado Baez Trout as 6th After that, its a debate Clevinger 7 Flaherty 8
  12. When was the last time Betts hit 33 homers? never Yelich has twice