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  1. With the Brown news, all those that were worried can now relax
  2. If Waller is still available, he’s a good add. Very encouraging performance today.
  3. Gordon is a beast! Too tough to bring down alone
  4. Gordon is primarily a distraction to himself. He’s never been said to be a cancer to a locker room. Brown is.
  5. Because Brown is a premadonna and can be a distraction to Gordon
  6. I will say this, Brown is one of the last players i’d want around Gordon..
  7. This. Brown has a better Martavis Bryant with him now
  8. Clearly James White was the security blanket. Dude had 123 targets from the running back position! Anytime the receivers, including Edelman couldn’t get free he checked down to White. Anytime they were in comeback mode he literally looked his way when the initial play wasn’t there. No doubt he’s most familiar and has the most chemistry with Edelman, but when plus broke down, Brady looked for White, hence security blanket.
  9. Targets and security blankets are NOT the same thing. But that also helped confirm that Edelman is the WR1 on this team and people were wrong for thinking Gordon would be even before the Brown signing.
  10. I guess that’s where we don’t agree. I never seen Gordon as the #1 there. That’s been Edelman.
  11. What games have you been watching? James White has been the security blanket the last two years.
  12. How many targets a game were some of you thinking Gordon would get? This definitely hurts Edelman more than anyone else on the team. Those double digit target games he’d get are definitely coming down. Gordon will still get around the same amount as he would if Gronk was there.
  13. Too bad this wasn’t done in time for that week 1 match against the Steelers