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  1. Chance he’s reinstated by training camp
  2. Collins is out. I currently have Cook vs GB in my lineup. Should I make the switch to Bradley vs OAK?
  3. Boyd hasn’t been so hot without Green
  4. Just concerned that Bell May finally report. I’m uncertain how they’ll handle that
  5. With Green down, you don’t like Boyd’s outlook?
  6. I'm leaning towards no, but I wanted to run this by others. My Boyd for Chubb and Watkins I currently have at RB; Conner Cook/Murray Cohen Duke at WR; Gordon Beckham Boyd Baldwin Should I do this deal?
  7. That was a catch. Toe slid outside after coming down
  8. I have Golladay but I’m not sure this trade makes a huge difference. I’m looking at the slot replacement in Detroit
  9. I can't see daily leaders. The link someone provided is coo, but it doesn't account for my leagues scoring and if their FA for me to swoop. ESPN is killing me