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  1. Pretty sure they are irrelevant for CBS as well. Trying to find confirmation of this though. Their free platform specifically says they don't count at least for Rotisserie leagues.
  2. His standard redraft ADP was actually closer to 60. Outside of that 3-4 day stretch (incidentally when I was playing him in H2H), he has been extremely disappointing.
  3. I'm not sure why you are so invested in this argument (which has spanned multiple weeks). Did Arrieta steal your lunch money when you were younger or maybe refuse to sign an autograph? Sure Arrieta is no longer the must start pitcher that he used to be but he is still very much playable in most formats. At the end of the year, he will likely have a line of about 3.75 ERA, 1.28 WHIP, and 140-150 strikeouts. That's good for an SP4 or SP5. Yes, he is no longer a 9 K/9 starter but so far this year he has done a very good job at minimizing hard contact. Unfortunately, the Phillies' defense has done an awful job for him in the last 3-4 starts, particularly Kingery at SS who made two terrible plays yesterday, including an error that should have been a double play. I wouldn't be surprised if the Phillies start to move away from Kingery at SS, especially on days that Arrieta pitches.
  4. Also, pitchers tend to be out a little longer than hitters when it comes to oblique injuries.
  5. I would recommend holding a bit longer. The whole team is hitting like dogs**t and, until the past two days, he was matched up against a couple of tough left-handers.
  6. Greene had pitched 3 in a row, although they probably shouldn't have thrown him the first two given they weren't save situations.
  7. I'm guessing that Mickey wanted Familia to pitch the higher leverage situation against the heart of the Brave's line-up in the 8th. But I agree, it was odd. An unexpected gsave for sure.
  8. So benched against a righty when they are facing a lefty tomorrow? Doesn't make any sense unless there is something that we don't know. I have lost pretty much all faith in Mickey Callaway as a Met's fan. At least with Terry, his line-ups were predictable and made sense.
  9. You are forgetting about Todd Frazier, who will be activated soon. Once Cespedes is back and unless there is another injury (which seems probable given how things are going), the only way both Nimmo and Conforto will get consistent playing time is by benching Bruce or moving him to first and benching Gonzalez.
  10. Felipe Vazquez did not look right and was grimacing and shaking/holding his left elbow once removed from the game. Hope he's not hurt!
  11. Nimmo has yet to get a hit against a left-hander this year (albeit in only 12 plate appearances) and didn't look particularly good against Garcia yesterday. It's not too surprising that he isn't starting today, especially given Conforto didn't play yesterday.
  12. Exactly. I think we need to differentiate medical diagnoses from organizational/training staff decisions. The Mets were provided with the results from deGrom's examination/MRI and now they need to apply this information and develop a plan in terms of how to proceed next. The latter is what has historically gone wrong with the Mets.
  13. Yes, the Mets have a very checkered injury history (believe me, I know this as a lifelong fan), but do people realize that the Met's doctors are at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 ranked orthopedic hospital in the country? Syndergaard's situation was different as he refused the MRI. DeGrom had an MRI and was cleared.
  14. A couple of things. I agree with PPolanco that maybe the injury was exaggerated and he's not that hurt. It's been stated that DeGrom has only felt this while hitting. Therefore, it's not a big deal that he's going to attempt to pitch through this. Trust me, if he feels ANYTHING, they are not going to let him take the mound next Monday. Also, post-game, Todd Frazier was interviewed and said that he's actually "hyperextended" his elbow dozens of times throughout his career and approximately 4 times already this year. And each time he was able to play through it without pain. So perhaps this is an issue of semantics and they are using the term "hyperextended elbow" differently than it's used in the medical field. All in all, I am very relieved with this latest news.
  15. People are speculating on Aug 1 because this is right after the trade deadline. But I think the Mets would still have to deal Cabrera and/or Walker for this to actually happen.