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  1. Well I took the plunge. The way I see it, he's comparable to JJ Redick. He's a guy who likely will never be a star but he's an excellent shooter and a smart player. For those reasons he'll always have a place in a rotation somewhere. He's only 21 and so there's potential for him to round his game out. I'm playing in a dynasty league.
  2. So you see him getting less minutes than he is right now in his rookie season?
  3. What do you guys think about his long term prospects? Thw Clippers roster is likely to be very different next year, where does Shamet fit in?
  4. Do we have any Wizards fans in the house who can provide some intel on this 19 year old rookie? The little I know is this: He was taken in the middle of the first round in the 2018 draft. Scored well in ESPN's pre-draft analytics model. Has an NBA ready body. This past week he's finally found the court, averaging 7 PPG, 4.5 REB, 1.5 AST, 0.5 STL, 0.5 BLK, 0.5 3PT in 13 MPG. He plays again tomorrow and if his minutes go up or his production somehow goes up in that limited time than I think I'm buying. The Wiz appear to be going nowhere fast this season and so I think he has a shot at seeing his minutes spike in the fantasy playoffs. I'm in a deep league and its a dynasty league at that. This guy is showing some early signs of potential for next season and maybe the fantasy playoffs.
  5. If you trade now then you're likely not selling high. You might be getting fleeced, I don't know the offers.
  6. How deep is your fantasy league? Actual player contracts have nothing to do with my league. All that matters in my league are the standard nine cats and in that setting he's been top 70 in the last two seasons. From here on out he should be top 70 again... Anyway, good luck and I hope you're able to build a successful fantasy team based on your strategy of focusing on player contracts and whether or not how they obtained their stats is exciting for you to watch on Sports Center.
  7. Per 36 minutes he has some of the best stats at his position. In the playoffs he's been game changing at times. You don't sound like someone who's paying close attention to him. JV is a good player who has been changing his game to match the changing NBA landscape. He's lost minutes because the Raptors are incredibly talented and are running a different offense than when he came in.I don't care if you don't like him, I don't care if you think he's bad but at least tell the truth. His ranking will rise in his new location. Bookmark my post.
  8. Some of you guys dish speculation like it's factual information. Keep wearing those tinfoil hats and ear plugs. Good luck.
  9. JV actually changed his game a lot in the last few seasons and is a difference maker when on the court. He's one of the few Raptors in recent years who elevated his game in the playoffs rather than fading away under the pressure. He's no Marc Gasol but he's a very underrated center who can help a team win games.
  10. He's not back until sometime after the break. It depends on where you are in the standings, your scoring type and how your current roster all fits into that. Follow your gut. I don't have IL in my league but I'm holding until he's back or a better opportunity comes along.
  11. I view him as a spark plug off the bench. Given where he's at right now and how the roster looks, he himself would be totally delusional if he didn't view himself as that. He can do a lot of damage quickly against reserves.
  12. That's debatable. You don't think that the Nuggets want to see what they have in IT once he's cleared to play? Even if you're right about who's better, you're wrong about how the minutes will go. He's going to get his shot and if he does well and fits in on that second unit he's going to continue to get minutes. We're not talking about some ordinary guy coming back to the league.
  13. Something that ranks in the top 120 in nine cat leagues is serviceable, especially in my large, deep league which rosters 240 players. IT is free money. I picked him up last week for free. Score.
  14. How do you know what he can do or is willing to do? When was the last time you saw him play? Is there a new interview or something on where his heads at? As far as I can tell he's a 30 year old former all-star at the cross road on a contract year. He's probably going to be playing on a prove it deal again next year but how he plays now could determine what that deal looks like. Also ask yourself the question why did Denver choose to keep him at the deadline when a team like the Suns desperately needs a PG and a team like the Lakers are loading up for a playoff push? If the Nuggets don't need him and won't play him then they had an ample opportunity ti unload him for a 2nd rounder or something, anything.