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  1. Man, his first big game I am trading his a**. I've been with him since the very beginning in a league and I just don't think he has in him what I've been waiting for. He's an alright if he stays healthy but I don't think he's ever gonna be a steady RB2 that I was hoping to eventually get when I picked him up as a rookie.
  2. This guy is worth a three week speculative add in a deep league. He might return next week and if he does he might need a week to integrate and then in the third week play some meaningful snaps. By that point you're battling other owners to pick him up as a lotto ticket.
  3. The trade deadline is four weeks away though.
  4. If he gets flipped to the GIants or Texans then he's back in business.
  5. I hope he's alright. That was a dirty hit.
  6. Anyway, a guy in one of my leagues dropped him (cool story I know) and I don't blame him... But I added him and I think he will have value later in the season and those who can withstand the wait (ie: a good record and a good outlook) should consider waiting.
  7. Wait, if you have a good roster couldn't you afford to wait on him? If you have a bad roster you need to win now.
  8. Scary Terry. He's starting for me this week and thereon unless he's legitimately hurt.
  9. Well why aren't you selling your expert foresight? "Told ya so" is worthless.
  10. Mattison might be an avenue you'd want to consider if somehow he fell through the cracks in your league.
  11. Perhaps you should be selling your expert hindsight?
  12. Wouldn't even bother then. You have to think that if he were legit then the coaches would see it in practice and THIS would have been their time to roll him out to see what they have.
  13. Swing and a miss. Onward and upward, ladies and gentlemen.
  14. The right play here now is to let it roll until whatever happens happens. Whatever you get take it as a bonus and you'll feel better about it.