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  1. Anyone especially worried about Miami's schedule for RBs? FFToolbox and FantasyPros has them as the worst RB schedule for fantasy. It seems every other week there's a "tough" matchup for Ajayi. I was never worried about Foster but I don't see how Ajayi has a ton of upside when he's facing stout run-Ds all year.
  2. Honestly Rodgers looked pretty dreadful and I was shocked how much the officials let the DBs drape onto him
  3. That one yard loss at the end to negate the 100 stings a little, especially considering it was close to the goalline. I'm happy with the running between the 20s though. Mangold being back is huge and he looked ferocious a number of times
  4. Colon isn't that good. Average but not great. I don't see much of a difference with Winters. Mangold is the key
  5. What? How? Hilton runs deeper routes. Hasselbeck doesn't have a big arm. Moncrief runs more underneath routes. Only thing that is concerning is Andre Johnson. I dont think Luck's buddy Whalen will be a factor when Hasselbeck starts.Are you a Hilton owner? Actually both. But I was legitimately wondering your reasoning because in Hasselbeck 2 games he targeted TY over 20 targets or something.
  6. I didn't watch but didn't Mangold get knocked out early in the game? Surely that's gotta play a factor?
  7. I don't think many people here had him since week 1
  8. Don't worry. He'll under perform next week and have you running like a loose chicken again. Some of you need to relax and learn to distinguish the differences between fantasy and girlfriend relationships... Man do you sound like a bitter soul..... He's right though, people are way too reactionary
  9. Except Toby Gerhart was a plug his whole career and Yeldon was picked in the second round from an RB factory of a school, 3 months ago. Let's give him a chance to produce yes?
  10. Don't even start with this
  11. Lmao Noob. Your deduction was still terrible
  12. Guy's not even 30 either. Still in his prime
  13. I do. I have him ranked at #9, but all he needs is to get fortunate with TDs (i.e. 10-11 instead of 7) and he could easily become top-5. I know you're projecting for next year, but just to toss a reality check in here for people who think you're talking about last year... TY would have needed 14 TDs last year to break the top 5. That's 7 more than he got, double, roughly an extra TD every other week. Add Andre, Gore, Dorsett... and you want to predict an increase to his TDs? I'll pass. Luck threw only 23 TDs in his first 2 seasons, history is against him throwing back to back 40 TD seasons. I wouldn't bet against him though. I'll gladly take Alshon, Cobb, both of whom outscored him even last year in his 'breakout' year. Evans and Nuk too, but not as confidently. Given how extremely up/down TY was his first 2 years in the league, it's just not a bet I'm willing to make with that competition, especially if you, like me, believe AJG and Tron are back into the top 10 discussion this year. With all that said, even I, still have TY at 13. This is such garbage. Have you ever heard of something called progression? It's his 4th year in the league, he's going to be (if he's not there already) the class of the QB position for years to come. He's way closer to getting 50 TDs next year than 23