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  1. Why are people afraid of Sims/Rodgers? Martin is Koetter's boy, he's gonna be the lead dog the rest of the way. Sims will get his occasional pass-catching reps and Rodgers is the clear backup. There's no committee. Never was with Koetter
  2. If this is your baseline for a stingy defense then by all means. But the Chiefs and Bears don't "torch" anyone through the air.
  3. Yes, yes it is.. Also I see three 20 pt games by him this year Are we talking about the same player?
  4. It's crazy how he gets 96 yards and people seem pissed. Tyreek is stealing some TDs and the Broncos played a little better against the run than I thought but this is a pretty solid example of his floor in plus matchups
  5. Yes. Did you see weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9 as well? In what world is "5th most fantasy points given up to WRs = "stingy" more than "terrible"
  6. I hope by stingy you mean terrible because that's a much better description
  7. Very annoying. If Crabtree wasn't dropping half of his targets i would kind of understand it. The annoying part is Oakland keeps winning so they won't be changing their gameplan any time soon
  8. Have they? Cooper made them look silly on his TD and if Crabtree knew how to catch he could have had an even better game. Also, Benjamin is completely irrelevant to Tyrell's outlook
  9. The thing with Cooks is he has week-winning upside at home, and the Broncos are not as daunting as they were last year. But if you do have another option with a better matchup anyway then it's probably the one time to bench him at home since the Saints might go ball-control and Harris is still a shutdown CB if he's on him
  10. It's Bosa. Kid's beasting
  11. If you look at who the Bears have faced, and who they've "shut-down", it's really not that impressive Asiata, Sproles, Ivory, Riddick are the only weak performances. Elliot/Miller/Gore all either had 100+ yards or 5+ ypc. The only note is that none of them scored TDs, but that's pretty fluky anyway
  12. If anything this makes for a fantastic bet of some serious TD regression during the fantasy playoffs. For those that get there anyway
  13. Pretty much just needs 1 week to be back to good enough shape. Koetter's got his guy back and he's gonna ride him regardless and may end up being a good fantasy play based on volume/matchup alone
  14. Can you all breathe now?
  15. Bruh just imagine making it to week 16 with him at home vs the Bucs