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  1. While the fantasy football angles on here are pretty silly, there's no guarantee that being away from a hobby such as football is necessarily "better" for his life. We don't really know what he feels, but football could be his drug for all we know.
  2. Steelers aren't good enough to cruise into the playoffs, it'll be a fight until week 17
  3. There is? Like who? Who can you draft instead of Bell that has the same fantasy upside from weeks 4-16?
  4. Unless you're starting Le'Veon Bell in weeks 1-3, you are not getting zeroes in weeks 1-3
  5. If Josh Gordon had 1650-9 in 14 games last year, and he was still suspended 4 games this year, where would he be drafted? Probably within the first 2 rounds? Not really sure why a an extra 2 years makes a difference when he's what, 24?
  6. Yes but the "best schedule in the league" rarely, if ever, results in a bad schedule. Maybe at worst it ends up being a "mediocre" schedule
  7. Except now he has a much worse o-line. One can only hope a weak schedule can overcome that.
  8. Pretty much. The Pats haven't had a good o-line for a few years now. I don't expect much to change this year
  9. I don't think White runs as well as Lewis so I have to think Blount gets a slight nudge in carries. His receptions won't move though. I also have no doubt Blount wins the battle vs Gaffney
  10. It is? Because i'm seeing a situation where non-savvy owners now realize how much value Alf has, which they didn't see 2 weeks ago. Please elaborate
  11. What you probably meant to say was "most likely". Which is almost as ridiculous as saying "best case"
  12. It's actually supposed to be one of the best in the league both run and pass blocking
  13. Anyone especially worried about Miami's schedule for RBs? FFToolbox and FantasyPros has them as the worst RB schedule for fantasy. It seems every other week there's a "tough" matchup for Ajayi. I was never worried about Foster but I don't see how Ajayi has a ton of upside when he's facing stout run-Ds all year.