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  1. But is that just baseball revenue? Or is it the corporation making that much. Quite a few corporations that pwn MLB teams keep the baseball side separate from the rest. And each department is judged on its own merit for profit/loss.
  2. For the above bear in mind, that is just revenue and doesn't include operating expenses. So working capital would be much less.
  3. That part is true in that a corporation is more interested in the bottom line which makes the shareholders happier. It might be to early for 2016 data on revenue to be publicly available lr I could be just to tired to do a proper search but here is the MLB franchises revenue from 2015. It really doesn't appear that Toronto has the revenue to have a payroll like the Dodgers.
  4. For the Jays to offer say EE 4/80m they need revenue of approximately 106m dollars to cover it. It isn't just a simple matter of saying 4/80m without considering the exchange rate also. We can look at 4/80m as fair but in reality, it costs the Jays more to get that 80m.
  5. Aren't contracts based on US dollars? If that is the case then Cleveland offering a 10m contract just to match the Blue Jays would need to make the offer around 13.5m to equal out for the player. Don't know if it still works that way but at one point in time Canadian teams had to overpay to get players just to sign there.
  6. Yup. Just what I was mentioning because you consider him an ace then we should also. Some just have different standards or don't include as many pitches rs into the ace category as you do. No big deal really as this started when I asked what your criteria was. For me it is Kershaw, Bumgarner, Verlander(this year especially), Scherzer, Lester, and Sale. Cueto comes close. Just because a pitcher ranks on the top twenty does not make him an ace in my opinion.
  7. Curious what qualifies a pitcher as an ACE? To me being ranked 24th or 30th doesn't provide ACE status. The rest of his counting stats don't scream wow either. For the two years you mention he has given up more than one hit per inning. He is above average but hardly an ACE. For the Twins he would be a #1 pitcher but hardly any other team would he qualify as that.
  8. Justin Turner back with the Dodgers also. Reported 4 years and 80m is the deal I saw. Still need a 2nd baseman though.
  9. Looked good in a tailored suit?
  10. Think those numbers project him into the top two SS on the season
  11. But wasn't that trade done to get Yonder a FT 1st base job? Sorry another trade that made not a whole lot of sense.
  12. I can make you feel much better. Couple of years ago I drafted in a new startup dynasty league. I can't remember the players I actually drafted in the first ten rounds, but within a month into the season nine out of the ten were on the d/l. Of that nine there were three pitchers that went down for TJ surgery. It must have been 2014 as one of the pitchers was Corbin. Long story short I got kicked out of the league for not being competitive. In reality the commissioner gave my team to one of his friends the following year.
  13. from my commissioner I give : Correa, Cutch, Street I get: Dozier, Blackmon, Liriano I also have a punt w/k team with only Thor as my SP to make sure I make min innings
  14. Team is 4/23 (.174) Cutch is 3/3 for that team. Have to love the beginning of opening week when all your hitters seem to be facig ACES except for your opponent hitters (who are facing your pitchers).
  15. I put more stock in the results after watching him pitch. I didn't know he was sick (but the Brewers aren't that good) and he looked rough in the first three innings. Then it was like he reached a point and stepped up his game. Realize that isn't a fancy graph analysis but he was just doing what an ACE does while having a bad day