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  1. Looked good in a tailored suit?
  2. seems foolish. I like the position players more. But not enough more to include Tananka
  3. Think those numbers project him into the top two SS on the season
  4. But wasn't that trade done to get Yonder a FT 1st base job? Sorry another trade that made not a whole lot of sense.
  5. I can make you feel much better. Couple of years ago I drafted in a new startup dynasty league. I can't remember the players I actually drafted in the first ten rounds, but within a month into the season nine out of the ten were on the d/l. Of that nine there were three pitchers that went down for TJ surgery. It must have been 2014 as one of the pitchers was Corbin. Long story short I got kicked out of the league for not being competitive. In reality the commissioner gave my team to one of his friends the following year.
  6. championship week (and I realize that a fantasy season should have ended a long time ago), but I have Westbrook, Wall, and Crawford sitting out tonight. Lot of points just resting . Thought OKC wasn't resting players?
  7. Tiger bullpen going up in flames again. 7-2 going into the bottom of the 9th and one run in with 1st and second with one out. Make 1st and 3rd two out. Pitcher change
  8. And McGee would make a big difference?
  9. I don't know. I am just tired of trash offers. At this point in the year is there really any point in low balling? After 2 games most managers know the value of the players hasn't changed all that much. Joe WW/FA isn't all of a sudden worth a 1st and 2nd round pick. But you get offer after offer that way.
  10. Well I'm not sure anyone has already lost the job but in Philly that job seems to be up for grabs.... I'd think Jenmar gets the next crack with David Herandez and Hinojosa not pitching well already. Hector Neris is someone to keep an eye on as well. Reads post #664. He asks who will be NEXT to lose the job. I hadn't heard of anyone losing it yet this season. Was just curious.
  11. who lost the job already?
  12. Makes me think Colome is the guy. Brought in the 8th because the manager had more confidence in him than the rest of the bullpen to shut TOR down in a tie game. Then left him to get the SAV. Doesn't do much good to save your closer for the 9th IF you aren't getting the lead. TB had lost the first 2 and had a good chance of losing this one. Plus he hadn't pitched yet this season.
  13. from my commissioner I give : Correa, Cutch, Street I get: Dozier, Blackmon, Liriano I also have a punt w/k team with only Thor as my SP to make sure I make min innings
  14. Lowe or maybe Wilson.
  15. Going to be a long year in DET