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  1. Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    This has nothing to do with thibs. It is bad luck. Thinks didn't put Dudley's foot under teague to land on. Thinks didn't bump his knee. Basketball is a contact sport and teague looked healthy to start the game.
  2. Derrick White 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Jeez, that would have been some crazy bad luck. Glad to see the kid is healthy and has a chance to carve out his place in the league.
  3. Derrick White 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    RW reporting a meniscus tear. Is this real? I can't find anything on google.
  4. Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I thought he tweaked the ankle twice last night. Second on Dudley's foot. When did he bump knees? He looked healthy to start the game so it is just bad luck.
  5. Teague looked healthy to start the game. I thought he tweaked his ankle twice, but apparently he bumped knees (same one that was hurt) and then he landed on Dudley's foot and tweaked his ankle. Stuff happens and it wasn't anyone's fault. He was healthy and looked good before the game action hurt him.
  6. I disagree. At this point I want him back when he is as close to 100% healthy as can be. I don't want him missing time or tweaking it slightly and going back to step one. Just get right and then ball like Teague. But, I wouldn't mind him back for the upcoming strong of 4 game weeks 😃
  7. Timing sucks, but you can always be more patient. We are about 15% of the way through the season and RHJ has played about 10% of the season. Perspective helps with patience, but I understand not all formats are equal and RHJ was/is frustrating. With the allen news I would think RHJ owners would have held through a spot start. Either way not much to do about it now, but this is the life with Atkinson. If you want consistency and 35 mpg the nets won't be your thing. But, the Levert injury is much different than say an injury to joe Harris. They will need to mix in higher usage players. A luxury starter like Dudley for spacing probably doesn't fit when you have Dlo and no one else creating. I would not be surprised to see Dudley and levert turn into 2 other starters.
  8. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Note to self, never ever ever ever play pick up basketball with drose.
  9. Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    We were all stuck in the same boat. We had no option but to wait it out and it is fortunate about the timing of the Jimmy trade. But those that dropped him have other issues than just a lack of patience.
  10. Markelle Fultz 2018-19 Season Thread

    I don't think it is a matter of being the #1 overall pick as much as it is about being a lottery pick or first round pick or an NBA draft pick. He has fallen completely off of a cliff. I don't want to sound like I am overreacting to a couple of free throws, but the yips don't really disappear mid-season. Imagine what the sixers know from all the hours of practice and gym time. I have to think that was a factor in the timing of the Butler deal. I had the yips once and the ball just finds you. And if you ever had them you know how in your head you are. And I see fultz thinking and not reacting instinctually on the court and I feel for the guy. He doesn't look like he is having fun. I haven't seen him happy on the court or really creating and excelling/dominating whenever I watch the sixers. Really sucks to see a young person go through that.
  11. Markelle Fultz 2018-19 Season Thread

    Saw those free throws while eating dinner and threw up in my mouth a little bit. Those free throws cost the sixers alot of value. Unless you have six injured players and need a live body he is waiver wire material. I don't even think he is worth very much in dynasty formats.
  12. Caris LeVert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Yes, but the Wolves we're going teague Rose back court so dinwiddie was the matchup. They can go alot of different ways with their starting 5 so I would wait and see. Crabbe has to break this shooting slump at some point. Dinwiddie. Carroll at the 3 and Harris going to the 2. Etc.
  13. Markelle Fultz 2018-19 Season Thread

    I pretty much agree. Fultz will be a cutter and defender with the majority of his minutes. Blowouts he will get time to facilitate. I think Simmons at the 4 is the Sixers biggest competitive advantage. There are a handful of teams that have the ability to guard Reddick, Butler, and Simmons. The only teams that I can really think of with the ability to defend that lineup are the Raptors with Siakam taking Simmons and the Warriors with Dray taking Simmons. Everyone is focused on the outside shooting, and I get that, but Simmons at the 4 with Embiid and Butler is going to be crazy difficult for teams to defend. Everyone is forcing the 3 or short 2 philosophy because the Warriors and Rockets, but they have/had the personnel to do it. The Sixers have the personnel to really mismatch opponents. It doesn't need to be a 3 or a short 2, it can be through getting good looks in rhythm and racking up a crazy amount of fouls. Embiid can live anywhere on the court. Jimmy is a midrange player that slashes. Simmons is really a slasher and freak athlete that gets his. Reddick is a very tough cover. Fultz sucks, but he has zero pressure and can slash and play defense. There are many NBA starting 5's that have a "Fultz", but none of them have an Embiid or Simmons walking mismatch. I think patience to see how they stagger minutes and the rotations is probably best. Long term, I think the Sixers will deal Fultz.
  14. Stephen Curry 2018-19 Season Outlook The Warriors beat writer thinks he will practice and get some court time on Wednesday and return on Thursday. Just a guess, but he is more tuned in than most with that team.
  15. Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Game time decision tonight.