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  1. Victor Oladipo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I'm just going to piggy back on this....everyone frustrated needs to put that ADP stuff to bed. We are way too far in the season to be fixated on an ADP. Your roster has been constructed and you have got to roll with it at this point. There are tons of reasons why Dipo isn't performing at last year's levels and tons of reasons why he won't get to those lofty totals. There is literally nothing you can do about it now so just get the negativity out of your head so it doesn't cloud your judgement of how to play out the rest of the season. If you need to vent about missing the mark on a 1st/2nd round pick take it to the vent thread. Aside from that it is time to just pencil in the numbers you project ROS based on the current team structure and hustle to find the difference on the WW or trades or whatever you league settings allow. Owning Dipo isn't an excuse to not be competitive. He missed about 15% of the season. That isn't a throw in the towel type of injury. If anything Dipo will allow you to be more bold/aggressive in your pursuit of WW adds and trades so play it out to give yourself a chance at winning.
  2. Victor Oladipo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    You are getting lost in the weeds. Take a more macro view. Your sample set of a week or two isn't indicative of an entire season. My point is equal stats but 2.4 steals per game versus 1.7 steals per game is probably an 8-10 difference in rankings. It doesn't really matter because 1.7 is still a great steal contributor and it sort of is what it is for your roster construction at this point of the season. Obviously, it is disappointing, but it isn't catastrophic.
  3. Victor Oladipo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    This thread is sort of going around in circles. There is such a focus on where his ranking ROS will be and whether it is a regression or whatever you want to call it. The fact is that Sabonis has taken a massive leap this year and he facilitates a lot of the offense. He isn't a low post big that doesn't pass. He scores efficiently, he passes willingly, and he is a monster on the glass. Dipo's minutes are down because the team is just better. But the main difference is his steals aside from the decrease in counting stats from playing less minutes. The 2.4 from last year was just off the charts and so tough to duplicate. But, rather than focus on a ranking, he is still an elite source of steals. So if his decline in steals leads to a fall of 8 spots in a ranking it doesn't change the fact that you target him for steals for your league standings. ROS or end of year player ranking is limited in reflecting the value of a player for your specific team build. So who cares if it is 10, 20, or 30 at the end of the season. He still does what he does on a slightly less scale. He is healthy now so just put the games missed behind you and focus on the positive that he is back and contributing.
  4. Victor Oladipo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    To those going back and forth on this thread...please stop immediately. This has no place in the Oladipo thread and needs to stop or be taken to PM's if you must continue the dialogue. I am cleaning this thread now. Thanks
  5. Dude, I know the minutes are limited. I own Elf everywhere and have been high on him coming into the season. I am simply watching the game and reporting. It was like 1:51 if I remember off the top of my head to end the 4Q. It was possession game down the stretch if I remember correctly and he checked back in and the Pels pulled away with FTs. Context is everything and you can only get it if you watch the games. You don't check in down the stretch to check out with less than 2 minutes in crunch time to then check back in to save 30 seconds off of your minutes cap. I can't go back and forth on this. You can have the last word if you need it.
  6. Nah, he was holding it the way he held it when he broke the finger when it first happened. He came back in and first time he really went to the left he couldn't control the ball. I just share the insights I get from watching the local broadcasts on League Pass in real time. Sharing quickly means you don't have the luxury of time passing and having that 20/20 hindsight. I just share what I watch on League Pass. It isn't really an overreaction when you report what the home announcers are saying during the local broadcast. Obviously he played better today. Didn't watch the game. Anyone notice if he was clutching his hand at all? Would love to see this team back with a healthy Mirotic and Elf. They are dangerous and very fantasy friendly.
  7. Willy Hernangomez 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I agree. It would be really frustrating to see them start anyone aside from Wily. He should get all the minutes he can handle. Foul trouble is my only concern. He should be a beast.
  8. He lost his dribble with it. Taken out of the game. Announcers saying he isn't 100% yet and can't straighten it. Honestly, I hope they sit him for a week and let him fully heal and come back 100%. Not having a left hand is no good for a PG.
  9. Yep. Let's hope he isn't grabbing at it for the rest of the 4Q. I assume it is a stinger or there is no reason to put him back in the game.
  10. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but he went out in the 3Q holding his hand. He dove for a ball and immediately grabbed for it. Reminded me of the first break. Same hand. Same finger. Hoping it was a stinger and he checks back in. Hasn't happened yet.
  11. Larry Nance Jr. 2018 Outlook

    It is so hard for me to see Love being in the Cavs plans. Same with Tristan. With one more year on TT's deal he is someone that should be dealt to a contender. As much as they say they don't want to trade Love, they are probably trading Love. He won't want to be there while they rebuild and they won't want him clogging up minutes from a guy like Nance that they need to develop. It is definitely going to be bumpy for Nance rest of season, but dynasty leagues I think he is looking pretty bright for the remainder of the contract he signed. He has demonstrated his upside, but he is still going to get screwed with minutes this year because it is the Cavs. The only thing I can see is the Cavs getting lucky and drafting an elite wing in this draft and short cutting a rebuild and thinking they can compete for the 8 seed with Sexton, Love and Nance. Then they keep TT and Love and Nance gets screwed for another year. Sounds like something the Cavs would do.
  12. I think he is missing time this week. He is either an IR slot if you have one, stash on bench if you can afford it in your league settings, or drop if there is better upside on your wire.
  13. Jeff Teague 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I am just going to guess that we see him when the Wolves return home on Friday. Just a guess, obviously. Either way, he is close. The last couple days are the worst because we are all anxious, but this is the wrong time to lose patience.
  14. I don't think that it was a permanent move. Or it was stated as permanent. Mirotic lost the job due to injury. Then he came back and was compromised by the injury and played on one leg. Also, this was all without Elf. With Elf in the lineup spacing becomes more important since he isn't a spacer and neither is Randle. If anything, it seems like a better option to stagger the minutes of Randle with Elf. That is why Mirotic was so effective to start the year. He spaced and had plenty of good looks because of the pressure Elf, Jrue, and AD put on defenses. I am trying to not be biased here and just look at skill sets. They are starting Elf and that is a given because Jrue hates playing point. Elf, Jrue, Moore, AD and Mirotic is a far better combination than Elf, Jrue, Moore, AD, and Randle. I think Moore should start when healthy. That lineup was killer to start the year. They destroyed on offense. I think we will see that lineup again this season.
  15. Devin Booker 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I don't know man. He has had a couple hamstring pulls this year and I just don't consider that being fragile. I read he is playing today, but that isn't confirmed. It isn't like he is falling down and bruising a hip and missing a week. That would be fragile. Most of his injuries are bone breaks and the pulled muscles and that seems pretty legit. I think it might be a little early to consider him soft. Getting shut down because you are on a tanking team doesn't count....that is just the way of the NBA.