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  1. Nikola Jokic 2018-19 Season Outlook

    It's an 8 team league with DD and TD as cats so it is far from standard. Personally, I am not very high on Curry or KD and I play 8 cat roto. The Warriors are going to rest their players. They just are. You have to account for that. And then you have to account for the Boogie integration. They will give that a stretch during the regular season to test it out before gearing up for the playoffs. In terms of Jokic and pairing him, please don't pair him with the Simmons and Drummond types if you are playing roto. Jokic provides you elite %s and pairing him with those guys just negates one of his biggest strengths, FT% for a big. If you are going to compromise your FT% at least do it with an elite shot blocker like Gobert or Capela in rounds 2/3 that don't have awful impacts on your FT% and then you have elite FG%, boards while positioning yourself in the other categories aside from points.
  2. The answer to the question is going to different for everyone because it comes down to how you want to roster construct and your league settings. There is no right answer, but I feel like there are a lot of wrong answers. This is what I do going into a draft. Let's say I have pick 10 and it is a 12 team draft. I will rank players 1-10 so that first pick is a no-brainer. Then I will go through each of the players 1-10 and evaluate each league setting category and see if they are elite, above average, average, below average, or nothing. I use ++, +, blank and - for those first 10 players. Then I will sort of rank or identify players 11-18. Put the same ++,+, blank, - ranking on them and I will start to look at what the ideal pairing is for each player ranked 1-10. I will usually go 5 deep for pairings for players ranked 6-10. Players 1-5 won't fall to 10 so I just think a minute on them to be ready to build if they drop even though they never do. If you do this then your first two rounds are no-brainers and you can start to tier your targets in mid rounds based on your roster construction and build approach. It takes a bit of time, but you will just cross off names and use your cheat sheet and make calm and well thought out picks to start your draft.
  3. I don't spend much time trying to piece together trades because they can always expand to 3 team deals, they can morph into larger deals, and they can be tank job deals. I tend to focus more on the macro view (direction of a franchise) than the micro view (trade). I wouldn't be so sure about it being about what Thibs wants. There has been a lot of smoke about the owner regretting giving Thibs all of the basketball controls. I would bet that that relationship ends sooner rather than later. Honestly, it wouldn't shock me if Thibs was out the door a month after Jimmy. Full disclosure, the Sixers are my team that I have been with for the past decade and I would be very disappointed to see them make a deal for Buckets and here is why. There is no way they should resign him, so he is a rental. Then the cost to acquire him goes beyond the personnel and draft capital. Let's say it is Covington and Saric or whatever the deal really doesn't matter. Bringing in Jimmy means you are taking away massive usage from Fultz, Embiid, and Simmons. Those guys NEED to develop. The risk to their development is not anywhere close to the reward of a Buckets rental. These young Sixers need game reps and a lot of them. I say get Fultz balling and making a ton of mistakes in the regular season to learn from. Embiid is locked up and have him really figure out when to look for his and how to defer better on offense. Simmons is in the same boat. These guys are just scratching the surface. Why would I want Buckets to come in and stunt that? To be a 2 or 3 seed instead of a 3, 4, 5, or 6 seed? KAT was more advanced than Embiid and look at how his season went last year? Sixers fans went through an epic rebuild that everyone is now is not really the time to shortcut it, IMO. Then all the patience is kind of for nothing. By bringing in Jimmy means your absolute upside is to hope for the Finals and get blitzed by the Warriors or Rockets. Or hope to compete in the ECF. But realistically you are going to compete in the second round or ECF. Nah, for me it is still the long game this season. That's my take on why teams like the Sixers are the exact wrong teams to trade for Jimmy. Teams like the Blazers and Pelicans that are stuck in no man's land need to take the risk to break through or rebuild. How they make deals is anyone's guess. But the Pelicans had a really crappy roster and they landed Boogie in a trade no one could have predicted.
  4. Good for them! That is a really polite way of the Knicks saying we aren't interested in crippling our franchise by locking up the decline years for a superstar with questionable health at a supermax cost. If I were a Knicks fan I would be pretty stoked about this. Shortcutting the current rebuild strategy because the last few rebuild strategies were flawed and poorly executed is not wise.
  5. I agree with the Clippers roster construction, which is the difficulty in making a trade for Butler. The Wolves have to get something in return. The first round pick and SGA are the only real things of value on that roster for a team like the Wolves that is still in the middle of a rebuild. Minnesota taking on expiring deals for older players just isn't smart, but they maxed out Wiggins so they aren't very smart. They aren't a free agent destination. They need to draft, develop and hold on to their own. Money isn't going to be the limiting factor on a Butler is going to be the assets that Minnesota wants back and who gives it to them. I am not really into trying to predict trades, but I do know that everyone thinks the Nets, Knicks, and Clippers have tons of leverage right now and they actually don't have as much as one might think. Kawhi applied more pressure on the Spurs and they walked away with a pretty legit package. And Kawhi's health, both mental and physical, was clear as mud before that deal. Butler is on a relatively cheap contract, more mentally stable, physically healthy for the time being. If you think you are fringe competitors and Buckets puts you over the top you pursue that rental. Teams like the Pacers, Rockets, Pelicans, Grizzlies, Blazers can all convince themselves that pursuing Jimmy is worth it, even as a rental. Landing Jimmy and not making noise in the postseason would essentially allow those teams to stop pussyfooting around the rebuild button and take the leap...talking more specifically about the Grizz and Blazers there. In terms of the Lakers, I wouldn't worry too much about what players Lebron is going to team up with. Stars are disgruntled all the time. A new wave will present themselves over the next 12-16 months. Guys will want that max max money and length. They will start to force the issue well before their contracts expire. The beauty of Lebron is that almost all of the stars would be decent fits playing alongside him. I would say KD is the only mega superstar talent that is easier to build a superteam around than Lebron. Someone good will sign up to be a Laker.
  6. AD is the #1 pick and the only reason he isn't is if you don't want the injury risk. I say that as a person that seriously considered KAT at #1 earlier in the offseason. Personally, I would want to build with KAT instead of Harden so he slides into the #2 spot. But the reality is that AD, KAT, and Harden all give you great paths to build. KAT is just so freaking good and we didn't get to see an increase in stats last year because of Butler, Teague additions and Wiggins forcing more. Depending on what the Wolves get back for Jimmy 28/13 isn't that crazy of a projection for KAT. And those %s. Lots to like about KAT.
  7. Obviously, forcing a trade guts the roster you are about to join to some extent. Then you max out and superfy the roster and fill in with ring chasers. The really smart play is pulling a Lebron and joining a roster with a lot of drafted and developing rookie scale contracts. My guess is the majority of stars see this year or next as GSW's last hurrah with their core going to break up as Draymond and Klay don't sacrifice enough dollars on their next contracts to keep everyone intact. Or the core sacrifices because their investments in Silicon Valley startups work out and they just crush the league until they decide to stop. Personally, I want to see Jimmy out in LAC and see Kawhi pull a PG13 and resign with the Raptors. Then have the Clips ship him out to Orlando or Atlanta where he can follow the path of Melo and watch his bloated contract become the hot potato amongst GMs.
  8. The Clippers (and the other teams) are more about the future. Pat Bev isn't the future. Avery is out if they get Jimmy and Kawhi. Luc will probably hurt his shoulder the third time he touches the rim this season and he rides the bench if they get Jimmy.
  9. Rudy Gobert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I never said you did. Gobert missed time last year. Fluke or no fluke, he had 2 injuries. Them be the facts. I never considered the Stifle Tower to be soft. Just wanted to see if that is kind of the consensus in the fantasy community or not.
  10. Rudy Gobert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Anyone else think Gobert is soft? If there is a herd mentality that a player is soft coming off of injury plagued year (even if they were fluke) then that player should fall as drafts approach and not rise.
  11. I am going to guess the team that pulls the trigger will give the reason of "culture" because they aren't smart enough or they don't care about anything but the present to realize they just locked up a player's decline on a max deal. All the talk of Butler being a leader, hard working and blah blah blah is out the window for me. He threw everyone under the bus in Chicago with Wade. He punks out of Minnesota. This move is all about being selfish. He is only looking out for himself and wanting to get dealt to a place where he can get max years and money. I think Jimmy's next contract will be the NBA's version of Albert Pujols. Just a dude coasting through his twilight cashing checks.
  12. Rudy Gobert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Take away all of your bias towards Chriss from the Suns mess. That environment was terrible and Chriss was too immature to deal with it. But, he is an athletic freak that spaces to the 3. Do you know how crazy that is? A rim protector that can space to 3 and play the 5 for a team that can go as fast as possible. I think Chriss represents a sizeable risk to Capela's minutes upside....IF he can mature and play within himself. It is basically like Lebron with the Heat when Bosh would play the 5 and everyone on the floor would be a 3 point shooter. Only you replace Lebron with Harden and you play with far greater pace. Does anyone question Rudy's toughness? I ask that sincerely. Like the thought that Rudy is soft never crossed my mind. I keep driving home the flukiness of the injuries last season, but I think he blew away the recovery timeline and almost always comes back from injury earlier.
  13. If he is into defense he sure picked some weird destinations....Nets are allergic to defense. Clippers? Maybe in the hope of playing with Kawhi in a season. I actually think the Knicks have a defensive future with Robinson, Porzingis, and Frankie Smokes. But it sure seems weird. If I am the Knicks I would much rather chill and wait for Kyrie. And the Knicks have to deal something to get Butler.
  14. I don't know, the Bulls are looking really quality with Lauri, LaVine, and Dunn and they were in the position of the Wolves 1 year ago.
  15. If I am an NBA team, Jimmy Butler would be one of the last "star" players I would trade for. He is 29. He has a long history of injury. It is actually shocking how many games he misses every single year. If you trade for him you are maxing him out throughout his entire decline. No thanks. If Jimmy gets max money and years that will be the contract that his new team looks back on and points to the time when the franchise went into decline, probably as early as 2 years into the deal. Seriously, when is the NBA going to realize that you shouldn't max out these stars through their decline. How many Albert Pujols-esque contracts will it take before the NBA learns?