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  1. Everyone, please get back on topic. If you must continue the racism discussion do so over PMs. Thank you.
  2. I completely disagree with your perspective. From an ownership standpoint, it is a business first to the great majority. Even an owner like Mark Cuban is still owning a business with the Mavs. From a player's standpoint, the league is become more about entertainment until the playoffs. You are too idealistic in your opinion that sports is only about winning. I wish that were the case, but it just isn't the reality of it. Fans are the lifeline of sports because without them there is no business. Fans get fed the idea that sports is about winning while they have allowed these owners to grow their businesses hundreds of millions of dollars.
  3. Cool. Let's run with this for a minute since Embiid is essentially synonymous with rest, even though I would argue he is far too injured to be the poster child of load management. What other star sits out 14-17 games to rest for load management? Not saying bumps and bruises...purely rest purposes. It is extremely rare. Like Kawhi rare. Embiid played 64 games last year while sitting out the last 8 because of injury. He is hitting 70 games played if he is healthy last year. He started playing B2B last year. He is taking steps to survive the season by losing weight. The risk is high, but he is trending towards playing more games and not less assuming he doesn't have real injury.
  4. Now we are just going around in circles over the finer details of something that is a projection (mine was quite loose). I combed through a game log quickly. I am not going to lay it all out there piece by piece in an Embiid thread. Kawhi got an unprecedented amount of rest in the regular season for someone that was healthy. Yes, he was coming off whatever you want to call the previous year's debacle. But the dude was healthy and he rested. Whatever he said after the fact is kind of pointless, right? Like everyone would love to take multiple weeks off during the regular season because that is the generation we are in. The point I am making about Kawhi being an outlier is by looking at the NBA from a macro point of view. They realize rest is the downfall of the league. Fans suffer because of rest. I don't need to hear an argument of rest leading to championship which rewards fans of the city that wins the title. Overall, fans lose and it is by a lot. Fantasy basketball has become far more frustrating and annoying and less enjoyable. Watching games has become worse. Going to games has become worse and in many cases much worse. It is essentially robbing fans when healthy players sit out. So the NBA is reducing B2Bs. I believe their goal is to eliminate them. Not sure that is possible, but it is on their radar and that is the important thing. This is why I think Kawhi is an outlier. If the NBA recreates the schedule to eliminate B2B and the players continue to rest 20+ games when healthy than the consumer suffers and the business declines and no one in charge wants that. I believe the NBA has already reduced B2B by 4-5 this season compared to last season. If you think rest for load management (what an adorable term for something so soft) is only going to get worse even though B2B are getting less and less? Then the question becomes what do you think the optimal number of games is for a player to play. Then the question becomes where you draw the line...because you can go through the majority of early round picks and say they would be better off in the playoffs if they played 75% of the regular season. You get pretty far down the rabbit hole pretty fast. With Embiid, I say you put in 10 games missed. Do I think he misses more....yea, highly likely. Do I think he plays So 10 games. 12 games. 15 games. Does it really make a difference? Honestly, do you really adjust your ranking based on a projection to miss 15 games instead of 12 for a guy like Embiid who has a statline that no one else provides at that point in the draft? You are either taking him and building off of his crazy numbers and assuming risk or you are factoring games played as a highly valued variable.
  5. It falls in outlier category for me. The rest didn't determine or allow them to win the championship. The injuries to Klay, KD, and Cousins allow it to happen. The West doesn't really allow for rest like Kawhi had. If you give your top player multiple weeks off during the season your chances of missing the postseason increase substantially. In the East it can probably happen unless you want home court, which is a real possibility. I think we are probably closer to the same side of this argument or discussion. I think the league as a whole is probably 80% load management risk. The 20% is the 7-9ish seeds that can't afford to take a day off. It is frustrating from a fantasy perspective. Giannis should rest 10-20 games. Simmons should rest 10-15 games. The list can go on and on and on the opposite end of the spectrum you have the tank teams where any smell of injury is an excuse to shut a guy down. It is awful and fantasy basketball is worse off because of it. The only real hope is for guys that are competitors and have their financial future & contracts wrapped up. Kawhi needed to mitigate risk for his long term. This year he should be down to play a lot more. Embiid needs to play 65+ games to be a realistic MVP candidate.
  6. There is a difference between load management and injury, IMO. Load management should not result in 20+ games missed. That is absurd and more than there are B2B, which the NBA has been trying to further reduce year over year to combat the rest. Kawhi last year was an outlier and not the norm. The Raptors had him miss at least 7 games just to extend his rest periods and he played 60 games last year. I think they gave Kawhi a couple periods of a week off throughout the season. I think the Sixers have 13 or 14 B2B this year. I think you can expect Embiid to miss 10 games for load management. If he is on the path for MVP and all of that stuff he isn't going to sit more than they force him to. I have zero concerns about his minutes. Everything runs through him when he is on the court. End of story. 26 minutes. 30 minutes. 34 minutes....doesn't really matter because they will force feed him like they always do. I think he relieves Horford more than Horford relieves him. Horford has almost zero impact on Embiid IMO.
  7. You sort of have to realize taking Jokic means you need to circle back on center to get blocks and that he isn't giving you that stat. On the plus side, he makes missing out on top level guards easier because he gets you their assists. It just comes with the territory of drafting Jokic early and it just requires some creativity. Personally, I would probably double up on centers and then get some value at guard when people are scrambling to find bigs and compromising their builds in the process.
  8. I don't mind the Gobert pairing. I think I like it more than Drummond. Doncic is an interesting pairing. You are going to need to address stocks, but your baseline in everything else should be solid. I expect Doncic's % to increase this year. Prefer Vooch to Ayton. I think I lean Kemba over Trae, but I am not a Trae guy.
  9. I am going to give you some boring/awful is probably a fair trade and comes down to preference on how you want to build your dynasty over many years, but I would want to see the rest of your roster. My concern is that H2H you want your strengths strong and your weaknesses weak. Ayton is like a mini-KAT so I just wonder how much more over the top the trade takes you since Ayton is like 85% of KAT and their stat lines have a lot of overlap. Not sure it is a big enough difference to not take the second piece in Mitchell. Talking in circles, but I have looked at this for a while and haven't been able to respond because I lacked conviction so I figured I would just share my thought process. Hope you find some sort of value in it.
  10. I agree. Your FG% is not good and it won't be improved with this end of roster tinkering. Provide more info about your league, but my advice right now would be to use that spot to capture upside to allow you to make trades. I feel like Zeller and Len are known commodities that people will pay little for regardless of performance. DSJ still has some of that lingering upside that he just was never able to capture. If he pops off early he can provide you with options, or at least more options than zeller and len.
  11. I would look for value that falls to you and I would focus on the strengths of Jokic. His %'s and assists are such a strength and gives you some flexibility to snipe value rather than press for a need early. I think Jrue is a good pairing with Jokic and you didn't have him listed. Here are my thoughts on the guys you listed. Drummond - Why? You take out the edge that Jokic gives you in FT%. You will need more blocks so you might tap into more of a FT% negative later. I get the desire to cat crush, but I think you can do this without hurting a cat like FT%. Also, you should not tank any cat in 8 cat roto. PG13: If you are comfortable with his health he supplements a lot of what Jokic does. Westbrook: Taking out %'s edge that Jokic gives you to add more counting stats and you don't even get a ton of 3's with the low FG%...not in love with this pairing. You still need to address stocks and 3's. I am low on Westbrook. Kemba: His 3's are worth the tradeoff in FG%.
  12. I don't know how you can not take that deal. I get the concerns with Embiid and the diet and health and the upside JJJ possesses, but it is one of those offers you probably can't get away from. And I wouldn't look too much into that JJJ/KG stuff. The one thing it doesn't show is the competitiveness of KG and that is what allowed him to become a great. If you could measure how hard they both worked in the offseason after their rookie years then I might be interested in that comp.
  13. You need to provide more information for us to give you accurate opinions. List the rest of your roster and any other league/format info you think we might need.
  14. His price in dynasty should already be discounted because of his age, primarily. If you are competing you are probably best served keeping him because you should not realize a huge haul for him if your dynasty is competitive. I think PG ages decently well, but the team is being superfied and the prime window of his career is closing....not to mention injuries are mounting up.
  15. I would. I am not high on Zion. I would take Ja and Lauri over Zion in a dynasty.