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  1. A trade here would make zero sense. I agree that stranger things have happened, but I mean really....they are contenders and their pass offense is deficient...and they're going to trade away Diggs? And to the Pats, who they would likely have to beat if they somehow make it to the Superbowl? The Vikings fan base would explode. It's the equivalent of throwing the towel on the season. We'll find out what happened here but my guess is that Diggs had some very important personal business to attend to, so they let him do it on Wednesday so he could practice Thurs and Friday. Not sure what that could be that he couldn't do Tuesday, but a trade to the Pats seems so far fetched.
  2. How long does a sprained toe keep a player out? That's best case scenario with adams.
  3. That better be cramps for Adams and not a toe injury
  4. Oops I meant to post that in the McCoy thread. Full disclosure, I own darrel too. I'm just glad I dont have to pick now.
  5. Full practice today for McCoy. Boom.
  6. Sorry guys. Due to bye week, I am starting Corey. Prediction - 2 catches for 12 yards. If you have other options, you may want to consider them.
  7. I started Corey every week except for week 4 and yesterday. I will let all of you know when I decide to bench him again. I hate fantasy football.
  8. Look at the snap counts from the last game. I think it's time we can start counting on Jones for rb2 production. Looks like he is on the field 60% of the time now and Ty might be benched after that last game.
  9. Agree. Until an injury hits, Jones is at best a flex, and you probably have someone better on your bench. He's not a weekly starter.
  10. McCarthy and Philbin have been talking about committee since OTAs and it sure looks like Philbin is getting his way. Last year, before Philbin joined, McCarthy used to just play his best guy. Looks like those days are over. Sorry guys. I have Jones too and I was hoping I would be wrong here.
  11. I started corey davis weeks 1 to 3, then sat him week 4, and then started him this week. Fml.
  12. Whether or not plays, I think more importantly he is not startable. Do we really think he's gonna have a good game without even practicing due to a concussion and hamstring issue? Hope everyone has a good alternative.
  13. Carson was head and shoulders above Penny so all that arguing about Carson vs. Penny was just ridiculous. However, Carson doesn't appear to be head and shoulders above Davis. Also consider that after a 34 touch effort, Carson got hurt. Would be reasonable for them to move towards something of a timeshare. Maybe not 50-50 but Davis may get enough work to really eat into Carson's value.
  14. For me, starting Gronk depends on a few factors - 1. Who is my other option? - If it is a waiver wire guy, then I start Gronk. If I drafted a low end TE1 or high end TE2 as Gronk's backup, maybe now is the time to use him, especially if my backup TE has a good matchup. 2. Am I favored in my game or not? If you are favored by a lot you may want to get a decent floor and hope the rest of your lineup performs. 3. What's my record? If i'm desperate for a win, it's time to roll the dice.
  15. Sometimes I feel like the Rotoworld blurb writers read these forums. Honestly. Not that there is anything wrong with that.