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  1. Evans/Martin for Hyde. Martin is not a proven back and Hyde is going to dominate the 9ers backfield this season.
  2. It's an interesting trade. Hopkins is a top 10 receiver with top 5 upside, and if your banking on hillman taking over if/when cj gets injured thats a big risk. I'd go for it and get hopkins
  3. Hi, With FF in full swing, I want to make some trades. Heres what I have going on at the moment 10 Man league, very competitive 1 pt PPR 2QB League, 6pt Passing TDs 3 WR 6PT Receiving TDs 2 RB 6PT Rushing TDs 1 TE 4 Bench QB:Big ben QB:Ryan Tannehil WR:Odell WR:Deandre Hopkins WR:Kendall Wright RB:Forte RB:Deangelo Williams TE: Greg Olsen Bench: Foster Bench: Sammy Watkins Bench" Tevin Coleman Bench: Ronnie Hillman Giving up Big ben and Odell for Aaron Rodgers and Maclin Everyone ive asked says its a pretty fair trade or that I'm losing. I really need the advice. Thanks and WHIR 100%!!