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  1. Pretty crazy that his 1H was so dominant that even after a month long slump he's still right there in the MVP race. If he gets hot again, it may be his to lose. Hopefully the last 3 games are the start of another great run.
  2. One of my favorite broadcasters in all of MLB is Keith Hernandez. I was interested in watching the Mets broadcast yesterday to hear his thoughts on Judge/Sanchez/and a few other Yankees and was pleasantly surprised to find out he's a huge fan of Judge. Usually Keith is pretty down on the high K% guys but he was raving about Judge, said he loved his swing, that his swing was better than Stanton's and that he'll be a great player for a long time. He said the recent uptick in K's was, in his opinion, mostly a timing thing and not indicative of a big issue with his approach/swing, etc. So take that FWIW, but Keith's one of the best analysts around, IMO.
  3. While some may be complaining a lot of us are just discussing the season he's put together so far and how that compares to the expectations coming in. Just because you don't paint a rosy picture of every player's season, regardless of performance, doesn't mean it's "complaining." I've always thought the idea of these threads was to have nuanced discourse about a player, not simply cheer the players on. I've actually always been far more bothered by people who try to rationalize poor performance than people who "complain" as you say. But to each their own. People use this forum for different reasons, and its been that way for a long time.
  4. Alright, so we both agree he's been a disappointment then. Obviously the level of disappointment will vary from person to person. I still like Mookie a lot long-term. This is just a blip on the radar screen in his career, IMO. Just think when a guy who was so highly touted prior to the season underperforms to this degree it should be acknowledged.
  5. You claimed they would bench Pedroia in order to get Devers playing time, that was never going to happen and multiple people including Red Sox fans who follow the team everyday basically laughed you out of the thread for suggesting it. You're seriously incapable of ever admitting to being wrong, aren't you?
  6. That's nice, you're very accommodating, but he was the #2 overall pick in most drafts and is OPSing under .800 and has been comfortably outside the top-20 in 5x5 all season. That's a disappointment anyway you slice it. The "sorry shnookums" stuff is really cringeworthy, btw. Gave me secondhand embarrassment.
  7. He's currently at 32nd overall in traditional 5x5. I imagine he's ranked quite a bit worse than that in OPS leagues, and higher in points leagues.
  8. Where does he go in drafts next year in traditional 5x5 roto?
  9. So what's the point of posting/reading these forums then? I've watched far more ABs of his than you, I guarantee you that. But keep dismissing the opinion of people who clearly know more than you about the subject.
  10. I actually agree with you that he stands too far off the plate. He should consider moving a bit closer or if he's not comfortable with that he may need to try closing his stance a bit. He simply can't reach the outside corner unless he dives when the pitch is released right now.
  11. Castro. Get the feeling Pedroia's season may be effectively over. Could see him trying to make another return in mid/late September but Castro should be back before the end of August.
  12. Even a number of Red Sox fan stepped in to tell you that you were dead wrong and you continue to belabor the point. Unreal.
  13. Yeah, he's injured.
  14. This turned out to be every bit absurd as it sounded at the time it was posted.
  15. Hitting right in front of Cano/Cruz is an awesome situation for him. Hopefuly he can produce so they keep him there. I've been holding all this time so I'm in it for the long haul.