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  1. The Angels are unstoppable without Trout. Won 2 out of 3 in NY, 2 out of 3 in Boston and now making easy work out of the Dodgers tonight. Pretty wild.
  2. He said he felt something in his hammy but stopped running before it popped. Seemed to indicate avoiding the DL was a possibility. But even if that's the case (they'll know tomorrow when they get the MRI) I expect the Yankees to play it safe and give him a couple of weeks off anyways. Especially since the wrist has been nagging.
  3. I'll take it. These last two starts have been encouraging.
  4. That was an epic meatball to Beltre.
  5. If pitching is scarce as you say I think you have to keep Scherzer. Pitching has been so poor across the board this year that those elite guys are even more valuable than usual.
  6. Yeah, I would.
  7. He's been under the weather for over a week since he ate a meal in Oakland. Was originally thought to be allergies now no one seems to know why it's persisting. Weird situation.
  8. Uninspiring call-ups from a team who's season feels like it may be on the brink. Fowler/Frazier should've gotten the call, IMO. Maybe later this week but I'm not confident about that.
  9. Well, they just called up Refsnyder instead.. Disappointing but not entirely unexpected.
  10. Ellsbury's back but a couple factors at work here.. the Yankees have expressed interest in an outfield rotation of sorts to get Gardner/Ellsbury/Hicks some rest when needed. Obviously Hicks is now on the DL but if they call up Frazier/Fowler it would enable them to rotate and still get Frazier/Fowler 3-4 starts a week. Gardner has played a ton recently and is really starting to fall off and Ellsbury is coming back from a brain injury (concussion) so I would think they would really want that 4th outfielder to spell those guys in the short term. Also, Holliday is currently battling a mystery illness so the DH spot is open and the bench is depleted... there's plenty of ABs to go around at the moment.
  11. June 26 update:
  12. He's good. Putting up a nearly .400 OBP in AAA as a 22-year old should open anyone's eyes. The Yankees seem intent on making him into a Ben Zobrist type - a guy who can play almost any position. Definitely enhances his chances at a call-up in the short-term. We'll see him at some point very soon.
  13. Just a heads up - there's a decent chance either Frazier or Dustin Fowler from the Yankees gets the call today.
  14. There's a chance either Dustin Fowler or Clint Frazier gets the call from the Yankees today.