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  1. Just a heads up, he'll probably sit 2 of the 3 games in Boston. Against Sale and Pomeranz and Chris Carter has shown signs of life lately.
  2. I wouldn't drop Piscotty or Trumbo for either of them. I prefer Conforto over Kiermaier, though. Higher ceiling.
  3. He had one of the worst ABs I've seen from a major leaguer this season in the 9th today. Bases loaded, 1 out, Tony Watson on the bump and he swings through 3 straight pitches, none of which were particularly nasty. Basically ended the game considering Pete Kozma was on deck. I've seen all his ABs and I had the misfortune of watching him last season... this is not a guy who, even if he had a path to playing time(the Yankees will stick with Gardner for a long time), that's going to provide fantasy value.
  4. Started him tonight on a whim. Honestly very happy with the line all things considered. His stuff looked very good... retained his velocity, threw 4 legit pitches, located well for the most part after the first inning... I'm buying
  5. Giles is the closer. And Giles is in.
  6. Barnes threw at Machado's head.
  7. Since half the fun in owning guys like this is fawning over their bombs, here's today's for anyone who missed it:
  8. A lot of people play 5x5 and thus the walks (which play a big factor in his advanced offensive metric performance) don't really help. He finished in the 80s in 5x5 last year and was a first round pick. This year he was a second round pick and isn't performing close to that (yet). Lets not act like people are being ridiculous for being disappointed in the production.
  9. Now 2 for his last 20 and just grounded into a double play on a 3-0 pitch. Have a feeling this will be his last game hitting cleanup against lefties.
  10. It came from Roberts saying it was under consideration since Hill seems incapable of throwing more than X number of pitches before re-aggravating the blister.
  11. Strikes out Mauer on a 3-2 change to save it but man.. how long are the Tigers going to let this continue?
  12. And Polanco just missed a 2-run walkoff bomb. KRod is finished as a capable MLB pitcher.
  13. KRod touching 90. Must be feeling really good today
  14. He started out last year red hot as well. His approach at the plate (swinging at everything) hasn't changed so although he may hit for a little more power I expect the rest of his stats to finish around career norms.