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  1. It has nothing to do with being a Judge fan boy... you should be able to target just about any pitcher in baseball with perhaps a couple of exceptions for Judge in a 1-for-1 deal... why you would target someone as unproven as Berrios is pretty baffling to me. But everyone has their own perceptions and style of playing so best of luck.
  2. I hope this is a troll post.
  3. Two of the most revealing metrics when it comes to contact seem pretty pertinent if you're trying to project out his BA. A lot more pertinent than average flyball distance, that's for sure.
  4. I don't think he'll ever stay healthy long enough for us to find out if he could really be a top 25 SP.
  5. His contact% is 65.0 right now which would've placed him 2nd to last in all of baseball last season, right between Chris Carter (64.6%) and Chris Davis (65.7)%). His SwStr% is 16% which would've placed him in the bottom five in all of baseball last season. I expect him to adjust and improve but given the level of contact issues he has right now I find it hard to envision him hitting .280 this season.
  6. I think yesterday was the first time all season that was true. Way to be on top of it. In all seriousness- both Judge and Conforto look like really promising young players. I'm sure they'll both have their streaks where one looks better than the other but at the end of the day you can't really make those judgments until there's a huge MLB sample size for both players. And for anyone wondering all NYC talk radio the last few days has been is "Judge vs. Conforto?"
  7. He had a wipeout slider when he was at his best and an electric fastball that he could command at 97+. I think the biggest issue for him is he's completely lost his slider. It use to be his put away pitch and allowed his fastball to play up even more.. now he either spins one that gets crushed or completely misses the plate with it altogether. Basically the loss of that pitch and the diminished velocity = a guy with very mediocre to bad stuff.
  8. Got out of one inning due to a ball that was hit so hard it hit the baserunner (Hedges) who couldn't get out of the way in time. Very lucky it wasn't worse... could barely get through 5 against the worst offense in baseball by far and was walking people left and right with a 7-0 lead from the get-go. He's just terrible right now.
  9. He's ranked 75th overall in traditional 5x5. And that's after an extended cold streak. And he plays 2B.
  10. No he's not. Not in competitive formats at least.
  11. If you're set on moving him at least wait until he throws a gem against the Padres next time out. Numbers will look more appealing after that one. Then aim high.
  12. I'll take it. If he can go .290 with 25 SBs that's very valuable.
  13. Betances threw a 90 MPH knuckle curve that inning. That's insane.
  14. Hit one 110 MPH but at a 50 degree launch angle basically straight up in the air... ended up at the warning track, just missed a 3-run bomb. The ball peaked at 200 feet high.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if he left with an injury tonight. He really labored last start and Yost let him throw 49 pitches in an inning despite having a recent major surgery. Yankees were on him all night but his stuff fell off dramatically in that 4th inning... didn't seem right