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  1. Not a fan of any of those hitter options especially given the keeper positions you've already filled. I'd go SP and Lester is a solid option out of that bunch. The reliever strategy has never worked well for me so its not something I usually recommend.
  2. From everyone you mentioned I like the upside of Gsellman the most. Closers can always be found later and as much as I like Koda that situation will probably be more frustrating than its worth. I'd add Gsellman
  3. I'd go Gausman, Paxton, Moore Take a look at mine
  4. Agree with the consensus. Stand your ground for now. Take a look at mine
  5. I like Manaea this season. I think he'll breakout Take a look at mine
  6. Definitely drop Tillman. Probably for Ray or Liriano. Honestly I would drop him for just about any of those other guys Take a look at mine
  7. Mine will be a little different than the rest but just call it a hunch for this season: Manaea Taillon Matz Harvey Ray Paxton Take a look at mine
  8. I owned Marte last year but would prefer to have Stanton this year even though he carries an injury risk that's reflected in his price. If we could guarantee that he'd stay healthy and play 150+ games he'd be a guaranteed top 3 pick. I just have trouble letting a guy like that go. I'll take the risk and discount all day Take a look at mine
  9. In your situation I'd go Gausman. I disagree that none of that group are real difference makers. I think at least 1 and maybe 2 of them could be and I'd put Gausman at the top of that list. Take a look at mine:
  10. League is 14 teams auction and 7x7 (Hitting: OPS and K's --- Pitching: K/BB and IP) We keep 5 and I'm already keeping Murphy, Lucroy, Thor and Kluber. My final spot was going to be Desmond for $10 but I'm rethinking that now due to his injury. My options to replace Desmond: Robinson Cano $29 Michael Fulmer $6 Todd Frazier $15 Jerad Eickhoff $1 Adam Eaton $15 Kole Calhoun $10 Marcus Semien $8 So which player is the best option to replace Desmond for my last keeper spot? Or would you still keep Desmond at $10 over all these players? Thanks
  11. Gordon for sure
  12. If Ajayi is available as the other poster suggested I would definitely drop Rawls for him
  13. In your situation I think I'd go ahead and use it for Davis. He might get a shot with Lacy being out multiple weeks and I don't think Montgomery is the answer
  14. I'd go Bortles over Cousins. Hoyer would be 3rd for me this week.