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  1. Jordan Matthews 2018 Outlook

    It is difficult predict consistent fantasy producers in a Bellichick offense. However , I do not think this difficulty extends to the slot receiver position. Welker (5'9"), Amendola (5'11"}, Edelman (5'10") all put up dependable numbers when they were healthy. Jordan Matthews is 6'3". He is an exceptional route runner. He will have opportunity in the first four games of the season. If Matthews can catch everything this thrown to him, he will put up big numbers. Unfortunately that is a big if.
  2. Jordan Matthews 2018 Outlook

    Does pedigree matter here? Honest question. Matthews is the all time SEC leader in receptions and receiving yardage. Matthews came into the league with a rep as an excellent route runner. I think Brady loves good route runners. Is Matthews a special talent? Were those drops a mental thing that he can shake? Is it too late for him to realize the potential he showed in college?
  3. Zay Jones 2017 Outlook

    I am keeping an eye on him. Opportunity: 9 targets week 7. Not a lot of competition around him, although Jordan Matthews will be back this week, new addition Deonte Thompson had a good week 7 4 for 107. Pedigree: High draft pick, which means he was thoroughly vetted. All time receptions leader indicates that at one point in his life, he could reel in targets very well. Once his confidence returns there will be no stopping him.
  4. Jeremy Maclin 2017 Season Outlook

    Thisclose to dropping this week 6 inactive. Ravens threw the ball a ton last season, and they currently don't have a remarkable running game. Thought for sure this talented receiver would develop a rapport with Flacco.
  5. Jeremy Maclin 2017 Season Outlook

    Me too. However the whole offense is struggling. Baltimore (and Flacco) have a way of looking real bad, and somehow pulling it together. If and when they do, Maclin should be a big part of the resurgence. I say give Maclin a couple more weeks. On our benches.
  6. Seth DeValve 2017 Season Outlook

    Like the Rotoworld blurb says, problem is that he is splitting time with Njoku. Combine their numbers, and they are almost Charles Clay.
  7. Tre Mcbride III 2017 Season Outlook

    Opportunity should be there with the Bears. I am sure McBride is hungry. I am keeping an eye on him.
  8. #2 Waiver - who to target

    Rawls is starting, and I do not know how he is going to do. He can be a beast, and he has a good chance of taking the reins. However Rawls has never stayed healthy long. If I were thinking long term (say week 5 and out), I would say Carson first. He would be good if given the opportunity. Tarik Cohen seems like he is in a good place with a good chance at a defined role. Buck Allen's situation is similar, but I like Cohen a little better. No one seems to have faith that Kerwynn will secure a fantasy relevant role. There are a lot of moving parts in AZ. All that said, I would suggest: Cohen Carson Allen Kerwynn
  9. Eddie Lacy 2017 Outlook

    Would it be overreacting to drop for one of the week 2 waiver wire darlings? Analysts are saying he just didn't look good. But they were at Lambeau. The O-line stunk It was just one game. For where he was drafted (6th or 7th round?) , would it be prudent to wait at least another week to cut him loose?
  10. Interested.
  11. Adam Humphries 2016 Season Outlook

    At 25 targets season-long, should be one of the most targeted WR/Flex guys on your waiver roster. Does he have enough talent and rapport with Winston to be an Edelman/Welker type? Or will his ceiling most weeks be 6/70? Thanks in advance for anyone’s input.
  12. William Powell 2012 Season Outlook

    I am starting to think Beanie is the better long-term option, nicks and all. I believe the window of opportunity may be there for Powell. I hope he shows something Sunday.