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  1. Lamar Miller 2018 Outlook

    I almost dropped him a couple of times. I guessed it pays to be patient.
  2. Jordy Nelson 2018 Outlook

    This... But I am thinking Martavis Bryant will take Cooper's role, or lack thereof. Maybe Jordy Nelson will continue to man the slot. If that is the case the #1 corner many times won't follow the #1 option into the slot(?) I think there will be a boost in targets for both Bryant and Cooper. I agree that the bigger question is whether Carr and this offense are able to perform. Hearing good things about Dougie Martin. Perhaps he, and Jalen Richard's overall role, will provide an overall spark. I just hope the locker room can be positive. I will take a chance on Jordy, but this is a mess and, like others have indicated, a situation to avoid.
  3. Marcus Murphy 2018 Outlook

    McCoy out, and Ivory dinged up as usual. Is Murphy a JAG or a diamond in the rough?
  4. Tre'Quan Smith 2018 Outlook

    I take it Smith is a burner like Ginn. The first person I thought would benefit from Ginn's injury was Meredith. Will an emerging Meredith garner some of TSmith's possible targets? Saint's wideouts historically can be pretty iffy once get past the WR1. I don't remember many weekly WR2s emerging when Colston was there. Ginn wasn't consistent this year, and was boom or bust last year.
  5. Drop Calvin Ridley or Corey Davis?

    I like Davis over Ridley. Ridley flashed but I believe Davis will get more volume albeit in a lower performing offense. Corey by a hair. I would drop both for Cohen and Coleman. I would take Coleman over Cohen. Help with mine?:
  6. Mack, Lewis, Ito. I think Mack will emerge out of a mediocre group in Indy based on past production and his season debut. Dion is floundering in a poorly performing offense. I have little faith the Titans will get it together, but Lewis is a talented top dog should they begin to show flashes. Ito is touchdown dependent on a team that doesn't like to live between the tackles. Help with mine?:
  7. I think drop Allison because of past production, upcoming bye, and likelihood you can find another WR on the wire to replace his numbers of need be. J Allen is a strong second, but he is useful as your Collins handcuff. Buck Allen has marginal standalone value and there is more scarcity at the RB position. Help with mine?:
  8. Please pick two for ROS, 10 team non-PPR: Agholor, Barber, Gabriel, or Mack. WHIR
  9. Anderson and Gabriel. Targets, targets, targets.
  10. Hayden Hurst 2018 Outlook

    Another dud in week 6. I am still hopeful because of his talent level, and the way he flashed before the season started. Then again that an a quarter will get you a cup of coffee. Anybody know how many snaps Hurst had in week 6? He had 21-of-87 snaps in his Week 5 debut. I hope Hurst is trending upward.
  11. #1 Waiver - Baldwin or Mack?

    Baldwin. As soon as you can so you won't forget! No but Baldwin is , and the Seahawks are, coming around. Even at less than 100% Baldwin should provide solid numbers as Wilson's favorite target.
  12. Josh Allen 2018 Outlook

    Is he not ready because of specific weaknesses, bad team, or because there isn't enough tape to make a judgement one way or another? Seems like he showed a lot of heart, which is consistent with the Tebow references. Heart can elevate overall team play and a quarterback with an otherwise mediocre skill set.
  13. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Lots of comparisons to Moss. Would someone who has watched both please compare and contrast Moss and Gordon? Do you think Gordon is a fit in New England? I read somewhere that Moss was somewhat of a savant at breaking down defenses. Gordon had a lot of success for a short period of time. Football IQ has to play into that level of success doesn't it?