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  1. I don't know how anyone can answer this. I'm just going to assume the same until I hear differently.
  2. The juiced ball has made catchers great again. Next year's pool looks deeper than ever on draft day. I'll post my rankings when the season is over, but I imagine Murphy is going to be top 10 easily. I think I would rather have him than Smith, but it's close and I have to dig deeper.
  3. I circlejerk the Astros all the time, but as Dodgers fan, having both prospects in the puig/wood trade being big movers in the top 100 (Gray/Downs) feels great. Dodgers gave up Puig in his walk year and injured Alex Wood for two pretty valuable prospects, and being first place by so much made getting rid of Puig pretty justifiable. What a wreck for the Reds on that deal.
  4. I fully expect him to get the lion share of starts next year. I think he will start 4/5 games, unless the A's want to rest him more strategically. There's going to be nobody challenging him for PAs for any other reason than resting him. He's their best catcher offensively and he's a great defender.
  5. Unless he goes bananas in the last 2 weeks, I doubt his ADP fluctuates much as a result of two meaningless weeks. I'm probably not going to own him in redraft next year. I think his ADP will be higher (as in better) than the 50s. Kinda think he goes in the 3-4th round again, but he's a better bet next year assuming he starts in the majors and healthy. I don't know where I'd feel comfortable taking him, haven't done by 3b tiers yet. 3b is interesting. Like what do you do with Vlad, Eugenio, Bryant? I don't know what their ADPs will be, but I'm pretty comfortable taking whoever's left. I think I'd project him at 290-25/30 bombs if that helps.
  6. Steals dont really matter in real baseball, but Reddick has been a slightly below average hitter for the past 2 years now. That seems like it can't last long on a team like the Astros, especially in the OF.
  7. That comment (and just one sadly) does not say he was worth his draft price. If that's the best we got, so be it. The generalization that one poster gave that people were saying people were saying he was worth his draft price was wrong. Just like drafting him in round 3-4 was wrong. If you make the playoffs in a h2h league and a player you drafted goes nuts, you're obviously not going to be too upset overpaying a guy who wins you a playoff or championship. That doesn't mean he earned X round early value. I think most people know that.
  8. Carly (Chicago): Does Cease's season in majors worry you at all? Have you seen any positives he can build off of for next season? Kyle Glaser: There's a long history of rookie pitchers getting blown up in their first 50+ big league innings and figuring it out later (Jose Berrios and Tyler Glasnow are two recent examples). The fact Cease's slider and changeup have been so effective is promising because they were considered well behind his fastball and curveball. Just has to find a way to corral his fastball, which is no small task, but it's doable.
  9. This subforum is basically dead now with the minor league season over and fantasy football running. Who do you have breaking out in 2021 than you should buy in low on now. Guys outside the top 100 who will be consensus top 100 guys or guys who are in the latter half off the 100 and wil be top 5-10 guys soon.
  10. I think he probably plays 1/2 the games left, just a guess. Dicey in weekly league depending on options. Real chance he breaks out in the playoffs and has himself a moment. Man, the Astros. Favorited (for me) coming into the year. Added their best hitter mid season (Yordan) and got Greinke to be their 3, and now have a potential breakout OF in one of their few weak spots.
  11. Four hits and 2 steals yesterday , lead off today with springer out. Should make the postseason roster but who knows. If you bought low in dynasty after last seasons bad debut I think you did well.
  12. Been reading the terrible takes on this thread all year. Don't recall anyone saying he was worth his draft pick after the all star break.
  13. just a guess, feel like we could see some Chance Adams. Also if Cueto is only pitching 70 Innings, he might not get to 5 like he did last time. I could see someone bulking there.