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  1. Kenneth Dixon 2018 Outlook

    Decent first game. 6-32 rushing, 3-24 recieving. Might be the cuff to own, and has some breakout potential this year.
  2. Wander Franco, SS, TB

  3. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    I picked him up for this reason. If you play in a deeper league with no quality backups on the wire, he's worth a shot for potential insurance. I have no high hopes for him, but I picked him up in a league where the highest percentage unowned available RB is like Demarco Murrary.
  4. Nick Pivetta 2018 Outlook

    1.09 HR/9 in the second half!!!! One homerless start and its probably down below 1. Seemed liked a bad babip game. I wouldn't be too worried, but at the same time he's a non elite pitcher, everyone is prone to a bad game or stretch of games.
  5. Wander Franco, SS, TB

  6. Kyle Tucker 2018 Outlook

    He's close to a consensus top 10 prospect. Pretty much everyone likes him.
  7. LeBron James 2018-19 Season Thread
  8. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    The same really should go for Eloy and Peter Alonso too.
  9. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    Let's go
  10. I dont mind paying money for a good product. Dont see how my deep dynasty could survive on yahoo or espn. $5 a person or whatever it comes out to, not a big deal. Would be great if there were options as good for free, but $5 is hardly setting me back and its worth my entertainment.
  11. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    I would probably say mid 2020 is best case scenario, they'd reall have to rush him there to get there by early 2020. I will personally predict 2-4 weeks into 2021 (unless the rules change by then)
  12. Wander Javier SS Twins

    (link to old archived thread in case it should be merged Anyway Paul Sporer had this to say today Dusty 2:16 What's the latest on Wander Javier? Do you like his upside? Paul Sporer 2:16 Top 1 player in the league upside
  13. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    For what it's worth, I posted the Keith Law thing last week where he said he thought he would be up as a teenager (which makes it 2020). Anyway, Keith Law doubled down this week on essentially the same question Devon: Keith, do you think Tampa Bay will take its time developing Wander Franco? Would a monster performance force their hand or will they stick to org. philosophy? Keith Law: I’ll predict he’s in the majors before he turns 20.
  14. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    by grab early do you mean when he was promoted to the majors or when he was lighting up the DSL? We're like 2 years away from the former, maybe more.
  15. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    Ah. You said wondering if you should do the same here, I took that to mean it worked out really well. Depends on the format. I wouldnt be stashing him in a league where you could keep major league talent over him for the next 2 years. 2020 Super 2 is probably best case scenario