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  1. Well, he was a 6'6" guy in the Cardinals system who can touch 100. Needed a ranking to get hyped on him?
  2. I'd say best case scenario is he's a reliever at the end of the year. The good news is Alcantara ate up a decent amount of innings last year for someone his age.
  3. Was listening to Flags Fly Forever this morning and they discussed Puig and made a good point. Dodgers front office prefers not to waste an asset. I think Puig is going to get full time ABs in RF to start, and if he plays himself out of it, I think he gets traded quick. For real this time.
  4. Have you seen one in like the last year?
  5. When he was a prospect on the prospect board, the tagline (when we threads had taglines) was something like "the next pedroia" I really mis thread taglines.
  6. I think @taobball likes Buxton. So I won't take his. I think Pollock is pretty exciting for his discount this year. Robbie Ray is pretty exciting if he shows any improvement.
  7. I think its a little ridiculous. Thor could be a dominant pitcher for the next 8 years or so and might have been worth it, but odds are he gets injured at some point (Mets medical is notoriously bad). Correa seems like he's going to be a really good bat for the next 10 years or so. Safety highly sides with Correa. That being said, an Ace pitcher with 200+ strikeout potential and great ratios are a dying breed right now and SS is deeper than I ever remember it being. I see the reasoning for doing it, and it might pan out, but I dont think I could ever do that.
  8. im guessing thomspon and van slyke dont make the roster
  10. In yahoo you only need 5
  11. There's nothing wrong with preferring a hitter and seeing more safety in one. You need to keep a pitcher in this format, so it's kind of irrelevant. Also Rush just takes it too far. He would probably tell you to keep Kipnis over Kershaw. Regardless of pitcher volatility, they count for half the stats, and in points leagues they are more valuable than hitters often.
  12. he never reads any of these, just trolls with anti pitcher comments.
  13. Some will get traded some will flop. Really hope they all get a fair shot to be in the rotation. I think the Braves will make a playoff push next year and probably trade a few of them away. It's insane how many arms they have.
  14. To me the main issue is service time. I guess if Lawrie is hitting really well or Moncada is hitting poorly, the timeline changes.
  15. Yes