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  1. There's never been a list where people think multiple guys are too low and high.
  2. Someone needs to graph hitter thread lengths by fantasy production, to see if there is correlation. Trevor Story has more pages because there's been more to talk and discuss. Ozuna was drafted in all competitive leagues, and you've basically been starting him every oppurtunity. Not much to discuss honestly. He is very good. There was a fangraphs article last year I think comparing him to Nelson Cruz.
  3. Very good start today, only 75 pitches too. What does this guy need to do to get a rotation spot? I have to think he's one of the best long relievers/spot starters in the league right now. 5 innings, 4ks, 4 H, 1BB 75 pitches
  4. CBS guys said he was dropable eh?
  5. and again. Just listened to Razzball's podcast with Halpren and Liphshtz and they said he might be the top power hitter in the minors. Might be far fetched, but it was said, and I like Halpdren as an analyst quite a bit.
  6. Might be the #1 prospect heading into next season.
  7. I'm a Dodgers Fan. His career might not be over, but certainly could be. Age isn't an issue. I just don't know you can positively say he's going to come back 100%, and if he does if he'll be the same pitcher or close to it. In a Dynasty league, if someone is out of it and they think they are getting a future stud asset, I would trade them Urias ASAP.
  8. Somewhere AJ Reed is sad
  9. First pitch he saw in AA Gone.
  10. I too really enjoyed your list and your reasonings in subsequent posts. Thank you.
  11. Im assuming first overall is like Mckay or Greene, a new prospect. Without costs of players, Bumgarner seems like hes worth more than Honeywell and Alfaro significantly.
  12. bout time
  13. Could be biased because I traded him away, but I think Jose de Leon needs to start dropping. He can't seem to stay healthy.
  14. First real game of the year for him. Excellent.
  15. 44 innings this year and just one home run allowed.