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  1. No hits in the last 3 games, but 2 steals!
  2. I can't see why he won't be up next week.
  3. Really seems like Berrios will be pitching for the Twins next week.
  4. 2 doubles tonight, up to .319
  5. Was batting like 220 a week ago and now up to 289 average on the season. Not walking a ton and not getting a lot of AB, but I still think there's poyential to get really hot in a good lineup this year.
  6. 1) Moncada 2) Cody Bellinger 3) Ozzie Albjes 4) Ian Happ 5) Francis Martes 6) Lewis Brinson 7) Amed Rosario 8) Josh Hader 9) Rowdy Tellez 10) AJ Reed
  7. I think Happ will be better than Baez.
  8. Is it happening?
  9. Bregman has MI in yahoo, and yahoo is the one that you only need 5 games previous year (except for Scwharber who needs none apparently. CBS and ESPN are 20 games from previous year to qualify. In season requirements CBS has 5 and ESPN 10. League does not predate CBS.
  10. Vintage Rush move
  11. The site has given him MI elliigiblilty
  12. Conforto is <3
  13. on 4/20