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  1. I agree with Boogie. I think Kelly should be the closer until he falters or Glover just kills it. Why build Glovers arbitration case for no reason anyway? Maybe they think kelly is better and want to be more flexible with his usage like their Andrew Miller? That would be actually smart. I feel like it's not smart for any manager to use their best guy exclusively for save options.
  2. Not really. I don't think he's going to be a first round bat based on stats, but I think he's going to be a pretty good Hitter. Maybe they aren't buying ss stays this deep forever. Glove does keep him in the lineup, which helps fantasy. I think he's more of a bat than Crawford.
  3. He was soooo bad last year that he's off the radar. It seems like a lot of his struggles could be because he tipped pitches. If you're in a dynasty or keeper league you can probably get him really cheap. I think he's absolutely worth a flyer.
  4. Im assuming this is a daily league and you're talking about using a spot you would for a catcher to stream a guy every day? Yeah makes sense. Dumb league rules IMO though.
  5. I seem to remember boras wanting to shut down Harvey a couple years ago, the year after his Tommy John missed season. He decided to play and the mets made it to the world series and he hasn't been the same since. Terrible guy. Maybe he's a bit douchey for some, but he hasn't bothered me. Hope he recovers and becomes who he was. The guy had four plus pitches which is very rare.
  6. One of my favorite Rw memes
  7. I feel like there are very few established closers, most of them are in the top 10. Probably all of them besides David Robertson unless you're counting someone like Rodney. I doubt Glover will be drafted as a top 20 rp. So I'm not sure which established closers he would be taken over. I consider an established closer as a guy who has held the job for most of the last 2 seasons. I'm sure everyone is taking guys like Diaz and Colome over Glover( me too and not close) but even those guys aren't really established.
  8. I drafted Kelley and glover at night in sv+hld league. Trenien was drafted too. Pretty good situation to buy tickets in. All good receivers and they should win a lot of close games.
  9. I think basically everyone is already added in they are putting in for the year. If someone not in the system makes their debut, then they will put that person on waivers. They add a bunch of names once a year, and I think it's already been done based on the fact Nick Senzel is in.
  10. Since this didn't go to assistant coach, give me Harper
  11. Short term keepers. I think the team has will Myers and Jake Lamb for a good price. You can basically only keep someone one additional year and prospects 2 years so no teams are stacked long term. Team with Kris Bryant has him for one last year. 150 buy in. Payouts 1-3 and for all category winners (roto). Draft is in Lakewood area which makes it easy to get to from anywhere in Socal.... LA of SD Pm me for details or respond here with an email address if you can't pm. League has been around since before I was born.
  12. Dunno if Torres should be the number one pick for fantasy league. Alvarez lower than now al east de leon?
  13. Here's the thing. If you're in a 2 catcher league and are very competitive at fantasy baseball, you want to invest in a couple quality guys. Grandal, Perez, Molina, etc. It's a pretty big advantage to have 2 decent producing catchers in those spots and use your waiver wire savy for less scarce positions.
  14. Molina Wieters Castillo all generally go at 11 or later so they make decent first catchers in 12 team 1 catcher leagues.
  15. Probably true. I think the hope is catchers is such a wasteland for talent after the first dozen or so (and even some of those guys are pretty risky). It wouldn't take a ginormous leap of contact for him suddenly to be a .240 30 HR guy. At 26 and with ML experience, he has a shot to do it. It's certainly a leap of faith to some extent, but I'd argue a lot of picks are. And if his contact does get a little bit better, he's going to be pretty playable in OBP leagues.