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  2. He's doing it for ratings no doubt. I think Ernie was doing some interview where he talked about how Shaq was bugging him to do something funny for YouTube views. Shaq and Barkley are entertainers at this point and pretty good ones for this. In terms of Shaq being a good person, I have read and heard otherwise. He's certainly a larger than life personality and great for functions but my friend told me a pretty awful story about him. There's also this . I feel like I read a much crazier article somewhere else that I can't find.
  3. I'm not trying to argue that the Warriors dominated Duncan during his career. Warriors were already the best team in the league and then they added Durant. Old man coward wanted no part of putting his body through a pointless season. He's entitled, but lost points in my book and tarnished his legacy. Jordan would have never done that.
  4. Tim Duncan: You can't get crushed by the Warriors if you retire.
  5. both fantrax and espn showing hes starting.
  6. Yeah, nobody is insinuating he has a spot over Dallas
  7. In addition to being a very good hitter, Hanley is also the cleanup hitter for the Red Sox. That's a very valuable spot alone.
  8. So he pitched 2 innings of relief fine and now hes back in the rotation vs the Padres.
  9. I dont really follow the White Sox but just based on doing OK in AAA he probably gets a chance this year. I like Honeywell as a stash, but if you're in a redraft league it's really hard to get excited about an AL Rookie who isn't an elite prospect.
  10. He's been scorching lately, I could see the dodgers getting desperate enough from injuries to call him up this summer. Probably September though.
  11. Outside of an AL only or really deep league I don't see why someone would. Even in those leagues hes quite the dice roll. Seems like he's gotten pretty fortunate so far and his walk rate is pretty bad.
  12. He's a low 800 OPS, 25 HR guy with a lower average but good OBP who will hit in a good spot in a very good lineup. His upside isn't tremendous but he has a pretty consistent floor.
  13. I just can't see how you'd want Dinelson Lament over Rhys Hoskins ROS even with Lament getting a call up soon. If RW says someone like Perdomo isnt valuable because their bullpen sucks and they wont win games, how is this guy going to be valuable in standard leagues.
  14. He's having a pretty good yea. Isn't playing every day but he's been a good. He's the #17 catcher on the season so far, and today's homer should push him up a spot, perhaps ahead of Conteras.