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  1. You have to be on the active roster to be dl-ed. They aren't calling him up to dl him. Minor league dl probably, but that doesn't get the tags in any platform.
  2. For what it's worth Greg Allen in his best season in the minors last year at 25 years old barely had an 800 OPS and needed a .389 BABIP to get there I get that he's very interesting for this silly game we play and standard formats award 25% of a hitters value to their SB total when thats worth generally less than 1% of their real life, but most likely, Greg Allen is a jabroni in real life baseball. Signing Cargo for like 2-3 million is basically free. I know, I know, that's a lot of money, I would love to make 2-3 million this year, whatever. It's pennies for that org who is already cheap. In his tiny sample size last year Allen was a negative defender and batter. If he gets some PT, as fantasy owners we should certainly use him for what he's worth, but I'm not ready to pretend that if the Indians don't play Allen, that it's some sort of tragedy,
  3. Voit has the upper hand because he was one of the best hitters in baseball when he was a Yankee last year. It wasn't like he was just solid, he was super elite. If you're going to take that out of the lineup for Greg Bird, I feel like you have to be pretty convinced that's the right thing to do and I'm not sure there's going to be enough in ST to do that, especially with Voit also mashing.
  4. That last AB vs red hot Chapman was stressing me out. Final pitch was a ball, but got him to swing on a breaking slider. Pretty solid outing as there were some worries he'd be rusty with a short spring training.
  5. This won't be a long post. I like Corey Dickerson as an OF4/5. Kinda been ignored since he left COL. Only 13 Homers last year but came with a 300 BA. I think the power numbers go up this year, and he chips in a handful of steals. Basically in the middle of his prime at 30. Hitting in the heart of the lineup (3rd per RR) and plays every day. Probably better for a deep leaguer because the upside isn't super high, but he should be considered an unsexy glue glue for deeper 5 OF leagues. If he was a platoon hitter batting 8th for some team, I'd care a lot less, but these types of vets have sneaky value.
  6. Let's see how the control is later this year, pretty much the main thing for him, but super exciting to see this. He's as high upside for a pitcher as you can get.
  7. I think he'll have value, the upside probably isn't what it once was though. Upside is probably a top 30-40 pitcher but more likely 50-70
  8. Don't see how the arrow can be pointing down at an SP5 in 12 teamers. If you're paying for his amazing year, sure his arrow is down. He's not going as a top 50 starter, but I think he's a top 50 starter. There will be quite a few pitchers that go after him who will do better seasons, but the other way around too. He's a great value IMO.
  9. Not that I care about contract records at all, but those were technically "free agent" contracts, so they will hold some sort of record still
  10. Arrietta is a cheap boring underrated SP4-5 who might push for 2-3. I like him at the current price, and if wins are a category in your league, you have to like the improved team around him combined with the fact that he can go deep into games. I want to say guys like him, Porcello, and most of the CHC staff are pretty underrated.
  11. I still think both guys play a lot this year, just going to have to be patient with one
  12. I think it changed to that today after his start
  13. Caleb Smith isn't that young, he's like 27 not sure why they'd put alcantara or Lopez in front of him. They might, just no real point in saving him.
  14. Rotoworld blurb says he comes with risk? Really lol?
  15. In fairness, this is a small sample size. We don't know what the control looks like in the regular season, hopefully its improved. Still this is a guy you can steal at end of drafts now, or pick up for free in a lot of leagues.