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  1. First year player drafts

    Your league should just have a rule where you can't pick anyone up that wasn't signed before he year started
  2. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    good discussion
  3. HAHAHAHAHHAHA Even lazy unchanging ESPN could do this in like a week. Too expensive.
  4. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    I mean, there's a court between basic federal and the Supreme Court, it's very hard to get to the Supreme Court, there's absolutely no guarantee it would be appealed twice let alone even taken to court to begin with. You've missed a whole bunch of principles of basic contract law such as proof of damages, which in the case of proving what Kyler Murray is worth to the team, is almost impossible to prove reasonably beyond the loss of the signing bonus. You can be in the right on a lawsuit and collect nothing if you cant prove to high degree of certainty what the damages are, you don't just get to make it up. You don't really seem to grasp how clauses in contracts work or know that many clauses are often unenforceable despite being agreed to by both parties. Your idea of how the law works and reality just don't line up here, sorry. So, I think I'm done trying to explain basic contract principles to someone who doesn't want to know them and thinks you can just file grievances with the Supreme Court. I don't know where Murray ends up, but he'll play where he wants.
  5. Deivi Garcia - RHP NYY

    This is my thing too. I think the only major leaguer his size is Stroman. The good news is, there's a lot of upside and he's already reached AA. Has an outside shot of being in the bullpen late this year or start some games in the Bronx. Conservatively, I'd say next year.
  6. Michael Conforto 2019 Outlook

    I can understand that policy, but it's not rational If I'm emotionally invested in a team winning, I'll often make bets against them so I have a pleasurable outcome either way. Conforto is really good.
  7. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Yeah, there teams have still been ridiculous for most of those 19 years. Playoffs are a crap shoot. But that's also my point, MLB has essentially limited salaries by imposing the cap they do, even though the rich teams haven't won the most championships. It's unnecessary and really screwed the players.
  8. Michael Conforto 2019 Outlook

    His ADP will be within 100 imo. I have no idea how adding Cano, Lowrie, and Ramos don't make the offense significantly better. Mcneil is now their utility guy who was a a beast last year, and they have Peter Alonso in the wings who is the premiere power hitter in the minors. He had an 820 OPS in July, numbers dont show he was lost. Like last year, I will disclaim I am not a doctor. Don't know the lasting implications of his injury, but he finished the season beastly. In the 2nd half he had a .377 WOBA and 143 WRC +. 8 players had a WRC+ above 143 for the entire year. As I pointed out in the Ozuna thread, a 280 average with 25 bombs puts you squarely in 18-30 range for OF, which is OF2 territory. I see a 270ish average with 30 bombs, with upside for more, better in OBP, but not bad in average at all.
  9. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    The Sox and Yankees have generally been absurd this century, based on inflation and current profits, they are paying less to be absurd than they ever have too.
  10. Michael Conforto 2019 Outlook

    Same people talking about Conforto in this thread every year, gotta love it.
  11. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    You missed the filing a grievance with the Supreme Court part. --------- There are several possible outcomes here. All of them should end with Murray doing whatever he wants and nobody feeling bad for the A’s. Outcome 1: The A’s give Murray more money or some kind of special accommodating, and MLB allows it. Outcome 2: The A’s can’t give Murray more money or a special accommodation, because MLB won’t allow it. Outcome 3: The A’s choose not to give Murray any of that, even though MLB allows it, because they’d rather pay less money than have Murray play for them. Outcome 4: Murray leaves baseball for football for any reason he chooses and follows the same process anyone under contract would while changing jobs in the U.S. economy. Changing jobs while under contract is very common. The provision about not letting him play football is in regards to his baseball contract. Once he chooses to change jobs, the baseball contract doesn't control him. Whether one thinks he's morally/ethically wrong to choose football after signing a baseball contract is subjective. I personally, do not care.
  12. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    Yes, he is required to not play football to keep his baseball contract valid. By playing football, he is breaching that, which he can do, but then the A's are not required to uphold any of their promises.
  13. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    It is unnecessary to call my ethics into question when I am discussing Kyler Murray's situation. I have no idea if Kyler Murray will be drafted, which round, or if he will choose to play baseball. I do know that he is not required by law to play baseball and may choose to play football if he decides to. Please take that and only that. If you said half the league took him off the board, does that not mean half the league still has him on their board? Again I'm not going to guarantee one way or the other what will happen, I was merely trying to help you understand how a contract works from a legal perspective. NFL players hold out every single year despite the fact they have signed a contract. Is someone rewarding Levon Bell this offseason?
  14. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    That’s not how contracts work. I work with contracts every day hint hint. His part is only binding if that’s what he wants to do. He can do whatever he wants, his breaching of the contract will most likely only prevent him from getting paid by the As or signing with another baseball team in the majors. You can break contracts all the time, especially personal service contracts. He’s not getting sued by the As because even if he’s breaching his contract the damages are very uncertain. Generally speaking you can sign a contract to work anywhere and quit the next day. You won’t get paid. You’ll have to prove malicious intent or prove damages with a high certainty to collect any more than wages not earned. This is very difficult to do. I don’t know the exact language of retirement in an mlb contract but if you think early retirement when under contract isn’t a breach , then he’s just retiring from baseball. It’s the same thing. If if we sign a contract for me to write a fantasy baseball article for you for $1000 and then I decide not to, yes I have breached the contract. You will not pay me $1000 bucks, best of luck getting anything else. You won’t. In in regards to if a team will draft him or not? I don’t know, I saw one tweet about a gm saying he’s a first rounder. I won’t guarantee that, I have no idea. Seems like he’s getting drafted though.
  15. Michael Conforto 2019 Outlook

    Hes either the best or second best hitter in the team with Cano. He’s not losing any playing time to anyone.