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  1. Kyle Seager 2018 Outlook

    Quintana was pretty bad last year in fantasy and Seager has only one 30-90 once. I'd say 27, nitpicking I know. Very steady underrated guy tho.
  2. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    Unless you get him super late and have a dl spot, I can’t see how you consider him for this year. People who have followed the Conforto journey on this board know that pains me to say. i think in dynastys there will be a fantastic buy low window at some point l, if not now. Assuming he recovers from injury eventually, he was looking like as monstorous as you can get for an outfielder without steals.
  3. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    I think he's useful in deep leagues and should get a decent amount of abs this year so he should be high on a rb list, but I don't think he's a future fantasy star. Coors makes a lot of people useful though.
  4. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    I think the forecaster has a good system that I appreciate. The 1-10 ( even though everyone is basically 6-10 in there) and then a letter for the likelihood they get there. I think Acuna is the only 10. There are a lot of 9s but a lot are some random guys year away with a low percentage, those guys aren't worth owning in a lot of leagues now (unless super deep) but they give very important information in terms of upside. I remember seeing Estevan florial as a 9 e ( which is like top talent upside but a 20 percent or so) before the 2016 season and he's blown up in dynasty prospect rankings now. I'm not saying every guy with a 9 should be owned but a guy who I see consistently with a 9 every year is going to be someone who is important as opposed to a 7 who finally has a starting job or something. I personally feel rb is too playing time based for me, and I guess I don't need help there. My guess isn't worse than theirs for playing time, in my opinion.
  5. Jordan Luplow CI/OF

    It's safe to say luplow probably gets a fair amount of mlb at bats this year. He has a shot to carve out a role it he hits.
  6. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    I guess I shouldn't knock what other people find useful but I really think there's a better way to approach it. I also find the minor league forecaster by hq to be very helpful, for scouting minor leaguers for scouting minor league. Looking at rb 2018 list. If they are just doing 2018, I think they have Colin moran too low and m Sierra from the marlins now way too high. They put a lot of pitchers who seem to have a lot of 2018 innings projections really high, but I think a lot of those innings will be pretty bad.
  7. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    The problem is Rotoballer is just ranking for this year. The Judge ranking is not saying "Judge is good", it's saying "judge will be up from the beginning of the year". . They have Tom Murphy ahead of Judge and Vogelbach right behind him. They just list everyone they think with little regard to what they actually think of them. Both ranked Bellinger too low, but considering Bellinger to me was the best prospect who was going to get called up for 2018, I think he should have been higher on a 2018 only list. I use BA/BP lists which are difficult sometimes because its's not for fantasy, but I also play in leagues that aren't categories so they are helpful and I can read between the lines. I don't need a list to know Tom Murphy, Voeglbach, etc is the projected starter, that's what roster resource is for.
  8. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    Id say at the very least there's a 20-30 percent chance yelich out wars Acuna in these next four years against Acuna's 6
  9. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    Not every ranking there is awful but I'd say it's a very bad list. Cody Bellinger at 21 for 2018 prospects was ridiculous low and in no way am I saying that after the fact. I have one shallowish dynasty league. Everyone gets 20 keepers including prospects. You can't pick up a prospect mid season until the first faab he ever gets called up. Cody Bellinger wasn't owned by the 2016 draft so the 2017 draft was the next opportunity to own him. He went for more in our auction than anyone else. 21 is comical. Rhys Hoskins off the list. I drafted him in a deep redraft.
  10. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    @svdude So basically the only reason you find it useful is the eta? Any good prospect list will tell you the eta on a player, rotoballer does not know better than them, and if suggest they are worse than most. Additionally someone like tucker who will probably be up is like 30 spots below Mahle who will pitch a ton of bad innings for the Reds this year. So even in a keep in round league, I'd argue this list is pretty bad. I would just use a good list for fantasy and read the etas and go off that. This list is a gimmick for clicks, not really usable.
  11. Commissioners'Corner 2018

    Sounds like easiest thing to do is lessen the requirements to like 5 votes. If you got 7 last time, that's actually a pretty good indicator of an active league. Some people will just not care enough to bother or believe nothing should be vetoed. Lowering it to 5 seems the easiest thing to do and is only a bad option if there were a lot of other trades in the past few years that were between 4-6 vetoes.
  12. RotoBaller Top 100 Prospect Rankings

    Their prospects for "just this year" rankings are worthless. Like what value does putting Christian Arroyo over vlad have? To anyone. Unless you're in a super deep league or AL only Arroyo has no value and even then it's modest. Roto baller is smart in that they are the only ones doing this stupid ranking, so it's somewhat novel. That being said, this is hard to find value in and still just made up rankings. They can justify anything they want when the premise is "just for this year". It's not like they even put more effort into eta times than any prospect chart that already has an eta column.
  13. Luis Robert - OF - CHW

    I'd say 15 % 2019, 40 % chance 2020, 30% chance 2021, 15% 2022-never
  14. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    If he had 3-4 years of that track record he'd be a first round pick, so the lack of track record is built into the cost. If he played as well as he did last year he's basically Mookie Betts in a good year. It's fine if you don't believe in him, but is adp is actually a discount if you think last year is real.
  15. The two-way player issue...

    For any serious keeper or dynasty league I'd recommend paying for fantrax considerably over cbs yahoo or espn. I can't imagine anyone sticking in a dynasty league with a company who messed up Ohtani so bad and will change their own positional elliigiblilty requirements on a whim. Imagine owning schwarber who is out for the year and won't play in any more games and you want to make a trade and have no idea what his elliigiblilty will be because yahoo will make it up.