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  1. Asked @garlando about him in the offseason, he said he liked the swing.🤷‍♂️
  2. They were all most certainly role players. Robert horry may have been one of the best role players of all time , but he was never remotely close to being an all star any year. Those three championship teams had 2 superstars and role players . Maybe that’s not enough to win a championship today , I can get behind that argument , but it was then.
  3. Hey @Kaboom, what are your thoughts on someone calling me a lakers fan ?
  4. I feel like Menez wasn't on many or any Giants top 30 prospect lists. Those guys will never be available on espn or yahoo. Kinda came out of nowhere. Also he seems due for positive hr regression.
  5. Here's a guy I've owned in some deep leagues for a month or two. Probably worth a Deep Sleeper mention (might be there already), but the fact that he's in AAA right now and I think a major leaguer most likely this year dictates his own thread. Very interesting
  6. He was 1-2 with a double last time out, and his out was hard hit, so it didnt effect his ABs IMO
  7. First heat team didn't have Allen and Mike Miller was a 0 most of the year. If all it takes to be part of depth is to be hot for a playoff game or two, that's not a high bar.
  8. Been following basketball since the very early 90s/late 80s. Some teams have had 0 competitive teams realistic to win a championship in that entire time frame. If you win 1 championship, every move to justify that championship is generally worth it (in any sport). The Miami Heat won 2 championship. If they are "screwed" for 10 years (and I'm not sure you can put 10 years on Lebron leaving, or really 1 honestly), then that is very much worth it. The City of Cleveland in 3 major sports hadn't won a championship since the 50s. He totally screwed them too. You have a window, you go for it. Trying to replicate what the Warriors have done will be impossible. They legit tanked and lost games on purpose to land Klay, and parlayed Curry's ankle injuries into a smaller contract allowing then to sign Durant while finding diamond in the rough Green. This was amazing. All credit to him, but thinking someone else can land a squad like that with is nuts. You have some good players, you go for it. Sixers have been trusting the Process for almost a decade now and this was their best year. No guarantee they ever make a finals.
  9. Giolito was the #1 prospect in baseball at one point.
  10. Totally on board with a 10 day IL. They have guys they can play and aren't competing.
  11. I certainly agree he needs to be kept tabs on closely. I'm just not as geeked as I would be.
  12. Made draw back is age and level, if he was younger super interesting. Still could be, but more skeptical.
  13. Gotta think with Pedro comps this early his career is doomed 😩
  14. I think good He's 16. Heard comps like Dexter Fowler and Cody Bellinger. This will be a slow burn, but I think the upside will be there and plus points for him being a Yankees prospect, means he will be hyped better than whatever he is,.
  15. Things go in cycles. We had Trout, and then people became obsessed with Profar. I think the Bryant/Acuna ADPs were good, but they were closer to pick 100 than 40. I still think we might see a monster 2nd half from Vlad.
  16. His WRC+ is 102. He's an above average league hitter currently (albeit basically average). Nothing in the minors will help. He's in the right level. 21 is super young for a major league starter, and he doesn't turn 21 until March. He's also not taking playing time of anyone deserving it. He's also probably helping revenue. Not only is he at the right level despite "struggles", but he should have been here last year. This is a much different conversation than if he was worth a 3-4th round pick in redraft.
  17. Matthew: What made you decide to move Kevin Alcantara to the top of the Yankees 45 fv tier 1:21 Kiley McDaniel: also standing out as a 16 year old in the DSL, and the type (6’4) that usually is a bit of a later bloomer. the tools are similar to Lewis Brinson and Brinson looked like an uncoordinated giraffe somewhat often until about 21. I saw Brinson at 18 and he was not a good hitter, it was all potential. Look at this from 16-year-old Alcantara last week:
  18. There have been much worse tangents than that one.
  19. 50 guys owned, probably not. 100 owned definitely. 75. Close call.