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  1. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    Don't sleep on Goatforto
  2. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Edwin Magnifico was third in the league in xWOBA behind only Judge and Votto. What are we expecting in 2018? He has the inside track to start for them at 1st base and will have 1b/OF eligibility. Obviously more valuable in deeper leagues because of how deep 1b is, as well as how plentiful power is, but he could be a productive CI option.
  3. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    Might as well discuss another rh 1b He could be up.... THIS year. One thing that stands out to me is that he’s a good contact hitter along with the power, he might not be a drag on batting average. Plenty of risk too, but I’ve had my eye on him for a while and there isn't a ton standing in his way at first. He's going to need to improve his defense and splits, but he's been pretty successful so far. Baseball America had a really good $ article on him last year that talked about having a good swing. Curious as to others thoughts. He's very under the radar in prospect and fantasy prospect circles, that could change quickly with a hot start... Which I personally expect.
  4. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    I feel like in due time he will be destroying the PCL. Has struck out a bit more than before, but it's still not that large a sample size. His BABIP is really low and his ISO is near 300.
  5. Elehuris Montero 3b STL

    Currently hitting quite well in A ball as a 19 year old. Has potential to hit for power and a good average. Some already have him ranked pretty high in the cardinals system, which is usually one of the better systems. @garlandomentioned him in the deep sleepers thread.
  6. Elehuris Montero 3b STL

    I guess in a traditional 5 x5 you'd have to put Luis Garcia ahead of him. Has more chance for steals and has better infield defense with possibly a scarce position. Wander ahead of both by a decent amount on rankings. I love me some Mauricio, but he has the most to prove still.
  7. Elehuris Montero 3b STL

    His OPS by months apr 979 May 797 june 890 July 974 Hasn't really slumped IMO
  8. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    Some decent signs of light lately including slight before the ASB as well Since an arbitrary end point of July 8, he has 6/9 k/bb rate. So he's been seeing the ball incredibly well the last 10 games or so.
  9. Willie Calhoun 2018 Outlook

    Free Willy! Good chance he's their starting LF on Opening Day. He's proven everything he needs to in the minors. To those that don't follow the minors closely, Willie Calhoun has an amazing strikeout rate. He's struck out just over 11% his last two years in the minors, those are numbers you expect out of a slap hitting speedster, but Calhoun can hit for power. 27 HR in 2016, 31 in 2017. So this is a pretty rare skillset. He's going to be a non factor in steals and his value goes down a tad in leagues that count walks (but not much) I don't know if there will be much hype or not, but I think he could be an OF3 as soon as this year, and I'm not sure he'll be drafted close to that. He's a good guy to track in the offseason to see where he starts.
  10. Ozzie Albies 2018 Outlook

    I'm guessing he'll be a trendy breakout/sleeper that his ADP won't be a huge value by draft time, but there's 35+ SB with a good average here. He's a guy I would love to target on my team in a standard category league. He's going to be one of the youngest players in the majors next season (if not the youngest), so there is considerably downside/adjustment period. Maybe the Acuna hype will make him a tad more under the radar since it's the same team. I think he should probably go in the top 100 picks. Roster Resource has him as batting 2nd right now- He could very well be similar to what we wanted out Villar last year, except with more pedigree and won't cost a 2/3 round pick.
  11. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    I wanted to continue our discussion with @The Czar about Pham, but felt it most appropriate to do so here. I'm not sure where Pham goes. I think in deeper 5 OF redraft leagues he's probably a much higher pick than he will be in keepers or shallow leagues, i guess that's obvious though. His numbers last year over more at bats is a first round pick and he can be had later. There are some red flags, his vision will always be a question mark and I think he's more of a candidate to take time off or slump because of it. He's also going to be 30 when next season starts, which is still an athletic prime but he's probably not having a better season and there is some downside in the near future. I think the .368 BABIP is a little high, but not incredibly. I've read some interviews from him. I think as long as he sees the ball well he's going to be a good hitter. I'm not sure where he goes in drafts, but he's one of the most interesting players to track in the offseason. I don't think many players had a 300/400/500 slash line last year Altuve, Blackmon (tecnically 399 OBP) Rendon Trout Goldy (technically 297 AVG) Votto Justin Turner Bryant (technically 295)
  12. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    It's not even about shedding salary. For one, Martinez has been a better hitter than Moustakas this year. He's controlled for 4 more years while Moustakas might leave for nothing. I guess I dont know if they can give him a qualifying offer on a one year deal. If they can give him a QO, then whatever it's not a big deal if Moustakas leaves I guess. Sandwich pick or Jose Martinez for 4 years? Im guess Martinez is porbably more valuable.
  13. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Jedd Gyorko error changed the course of the game today. Ironic.
  14. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    might be the first time in history I remember a prospect being in ESPN but not CBS or Yahoo
  15. Clayton Kershaw 2018 Outlook

    I certainly think thats a possible outcome. He's not the favorite to do so, but its still an outcome that wouldn't surprise anyone. Yes he would have to not get hurt and pitch better than he has so far. He's capable of that.
  16. Clayton Kershaw 2018 Outlook

    2.74 ERA, 1.08 WHIP 9.28 K/9 All of which are better rates than someone like Greinke, who is the #12 pitcher on the player rater. This is also seemingly a bad version of Kershaw as the upside is better numbers than that. So while Kershaw is clearly not having his best season ever even when he is pitching, it's still has been SP1 territory for 12 team leagues on a per start basis.
  17. Clayton Kershaw 2018 Outlook

    Kershaw has the potential to be the number one starter ROS. As long as he pitches he's an ace. Whether or not his back flares up or dodgers give him a dl stint is basically the only question on his value.
  18. Rylan Bannon-2B/3B-LAD

    Looks like Baltimore got a whole double a roster for a Machado rental
  19. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    I think if he actually blows up 2020 is technically in the play, but based on it being the Rays 2021 is far more realistic. He's certainly starting in a full season league either next year or shortly.
  20. Baseball Prospectus Midseason Top 50 Dynasty Prospects

    Its funny you mention Desmond, because that line stood out to me too. I looked up Desmond. One year of WRC+ in the 120s. I feel like its a poor comparison. I fully insist his upside is Machado type talent, maybe with steals earlier on and less power than present day Machado, but I think he could push for 30+ HR in his prime. BP is bad these days
  21. Wander Franco, SS, TB

    Baseball America updated their top 100. He was 79 last time. Now.... He's 26 70 hit 55 power projection.
  22. Sickels mid-season top 50 is out...

    The one sentence for every 5-6 names make it seems like this is half a$$ed
  23. Yusniel Diaz-OF-LAD

    Losing a year of control is a reason.
  24. Taylor Trammell - OF CIN

    He has the potential to be quite an elite 5x5 player.
  25. Michael Conforto 2018 Outlook

    He just gets us excited after a good game or 2, but has been trash most of the year. Maybe he turns it around this season or next, it will happen though.