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  1. Josh Allen may not be the real deal all season but he's definitely a better play than Brissett.
  2. His better RB is Kamara and he's not budging there lol.. Might just sit pretty tight on this one. No sense in offloading kelce
  3. Hey guys, I would be the Kelce side of this trade. I have Waller and Engram too so I'm stocked at TE. I'm only wary of the value I'm giving up here but I do lack RB depth. What say you all?
  4. Drop him then so he can be picked up by a smart owner a couple minutes later.
  5. With that all-time great coach and QB, I doubt this noise does much for their outcomes. Business as usual. As a White owner though, I wouldn't mind seeing AB thrown on the exempt list ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Man, this thread is about to get locked soon.. It clearly says let's keep it fantasy-specific and you guys can't even do that.
  7. Frankly I think with the way Minshew and him have been connecting, I can see him eventually getting more snaps by mid-season. He has that downfield speed and agility, and can leap with the best of them with his length. Passes the eye-test quite easily. Shouldn't be too far-fetched to expect him to trend towards WR2 production
  8. Learned the same lesson with Hollywood Brown. All part of the process
  9. Holding on for one more game on my bench. Shoulda dropped his a** instead of Peyton barber though
  10. Woulda been a perfect prediction if not for Baker overthrowing OBJ when there was a 1-v-1 deep down with a safety early in the 2nd Q
  11. is he though? honestly you can't tell me after one season that he's the best RB in the league. Let's not disrespect the other top guys who have been doing it for seasons.
  12. This upcoming game will tell me whether I will pay for picking this guy over Julio tbh
  13. Exactly. Drafted this guy after Odell to be a firm WR2. Not exactly panicking however. He's the best WR on their depth chart and I don't hear of any injury/locker room concerns so he should be just fine.