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  1. I don’t think he’d take that Evans offer but Try Walker/Westbrook for ARob I’d keep Hock and Andrews for their upside and try to package Walker thanks for mine
  2. Davis or Reed. If Reed is active this week, drop Davis I would hang on to your RB's for now and play it week to week to see who emerges Thanks for mine
  3. Yes No need for 3 TE's and I would rank Hockenson last ROS out of the 3 anyways. I'm a believer in Montgomery this year Basically trading your TE3 for a potential RB2/Flex Thanks for mine
  4. Golladay, Tyrell Williams, or Breida for my Flex spot in a 10 team PPR league WHIR
  5. UPDATE: Thank you all for the replies and insight. I took them all into consideration and I decided to accept the offer. Time will tell who won the deal but I feel more confident now thanks in large part to you guys Good luck this weekend fellas!
  6. I agree with most here. Drop Carson. I’d want no part of the Seattle backfield. It’s not worth the headache to try to figure out who will emerge out of that committee. Keep Hines he has good value in PPR Thanks for mine
  7. Yes do this trade. Your RB 1 and 2 are set ROS and Hyde is a good sell high right now. I believe he will lose starting job eventually to Chubb. DHop is easily the best player in this offer and you need a top WR. Great trade for you
  8. I like Kerryon Johnson this week. I’m hopeful the Lions will continue to give him more workload in what should be a close, high scoring game A.Jones is a close second
  9. Ingram. should be very high scoring. Matchup favors Ingram
  10. Basically comes down to Ingram vs White for me I had to go back and check but surprisingly to me Ingram finished top 10 in receptions and targets for RB’s last year. Almost 60 receptions. Plus he got the majority of carries On the other hand Brady loves to target White but I’m curious how much Edelman, Gordon, and the emergence of Michel will eat into White’s targets Tough one for me. And it seems like you guys are split as well lol
  11. Newton. way easier matchup. And he’s coming off a bye
  12. Breida, Thompson, and Agholor i dont Ajayi is 100% and Vikings are better against the run than the pass. Breida and Thompson should be in for big games based on matchups
  13. Easily Baldwin. i don’t like your other options if Adams does sit. But if I had to pick, it’d be Collins based on volume and I think they will be ahead all game
  14. Option 2. winston seems to prefer Brate over Howard. And Miller has been bad so I think Foreman will beat him out for the starting role when gets back
  15. Rivers and Thompson