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  1. Value if JuJu and/or Diontae miss time?
  2. If you knew you were going to make the playoffs, starting week 13, which 1 or 2 defenses would you grab now: Packers (@NYG, Was, Chi, @Min) Browns (@Pit, Cin, @Ari, Bal) Jets (@cin, mia, @Bal, Pit) Cowboys (Buf, @Chi, LAR, @Phi) Ravens (SF, @Buf, NYJ, @Cle)
  3. I forgot all about Kareem Hunt. I'll place him at #3.5. Honorable mentions: Bernard, Gus, Wilkins, Mike Davis, Galman
  4. If I'm just ranking handcuffs, I care less about stand-alone value (unless it is RB2 stand-alone value) and more about chance of becoming starter and what they would be if they were the starter. Therefore, I think my current top-10 would be something like: 1) Latavius 2) Jamaal Williams 3) Mattison 4) Penny 5) Jaylen Samuels 6) Henderson 7) Pollard 😎 Armstead 9) Darrel Williams 10) Bonnofon
  5. How about the Jets (vsGB) if Rodgers is shut down?
  6. Looking ahead to week 14, I currently have Ari (Det). Would any of these be preferred instead? Buf (NYJ) NO (@TB) Sea (Min) Car (@Cle) Det (@Ari) Thanks!
  7. I wonder if he'll be eligible for IR slot? That would be perfect!
  8. Carson injury. Penny worth another look now?
  9. Their playoff matchups look pretty terrible too. It's been a good 2 weeks with the Ravens, but I think I'm going back to streaming.
  10. Yes, I know I tried this last year and it didn't work. I had a guy 'Out' in my IR slot, put in a waiver claim (which was allowed), then guy's status changed from 'Out' to 'Q' before the waivers ran. When waivers ran, it denied my claim, saying it would put be over the roster limit. Is anyone certain this has changed for this year?
  11. Anyone concerned about his playoff schedule?