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  1. 12 team, 1PPR Trade away: DJ Moore, Ertz, Ronald Jones Received: Odell Beckham, Mark Andrews
  2. Just bought in on the Beckham train. That second half schedule looks NICE.
  3. No, it was a 4 game suspension and the Jets have only played 3 games and a bye. He will be available after this weeks game.
  4. Yeah I’ve been down this road where he’ll be active then only play like 5 snaps. Subbing in Richardson who should get a few extra targets because of it.
  5. I’d pull the trigger. That’s a possible league winning move. But I’d understand if you just stood pat.
  6. Yeah I would. I still believe in JuJu and would probably do that trade even if your team was healthy.
  7. I think I’d go with Fournette even though it’s against Denver. Although either one is a good choice. Pretty even.
  8. Fournette easy. With Gordon coming back it’s a GG for Ekeler.
  9. Yeah Brissett is a good pickup. Don’t wait to go after a player just because you have a high WW.
  10. I’m 3-0 and have Kamara, Fournette, and Ronald Jones as my RB’s. Should I trade away Fournette for saquon straight up and wait for him to heal up? 1PPR league id be starting Ronald Jones until Barkley comes back. Nothing but doo doo on the WW thanks!
  11. Probably gonna get targeted well with the backup in. Could be a nice play.
  12. Crowder is a very good receiver. Not ssaying he affects Robby's value, because he has a different skill-set. But to say Robby is the only good WR they have is incorrect.
  13. Those are both good trade offers. To me it depends on what you want to accomplish. If you want to try for the championship this year it’s Diggs. If you want to like 75% try for a championship but have the safety net of a nice keeper, then it’s Metcalf/ Murray. thanks for the help on mine!
  14. I was offered Mike Evans for my Michael Gallup. 1PPR Obviously the guy is overreacting to one bad Tampa game, but why am I having a hard time pulling the trigger? i should have already accepted, right??