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  1. 10 team standard keep in mind I am a long shot after yesterday and facing a stacked team Pick 2 Robert Woods Joe Mixon Demaryius Thomas
  2. 10 team standard league just lost AB Keep in mind I am a pretty substantial underdog facing Bell, Gurley, and Zeke... Brutal PICK 3 Demaryius Woods Wallace Goodwin Cole Westbrook
  3. Super tough Flex decision WHIR

    Abdullah is expected to play. Also, Demaryius plays Thursday
  4. 10 team standard scoring league I have a bunch of options to start at my flex and really do not know where to go with it. Options: Demaryius Gore Riddick Mixon Barber Hilton Really at a loss please help!!!
  5. I get Zeke Tyreek HIll Jimmy Graham I give Kareem Hunt Gronk WR is not a huge need, but I would probably flip one of my WRs for a RB2.