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  1. Really need Pats to lose... can't have Brady be the best QB of all time. Our Rotoworld brothers in Houston, it's time for you to step up. So who's setting off the fire alarm?
  2. It's a shame that Shaq isn't on that list. He deserved more, and a lot more, than just one MVP.
  3. Chris Bosh had Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Udonis Haslem over for dinner on Friday night to talk about turning the series around. Hopefully the dinner was better than his performance in the past two games. Bosh was outstanding earlier in the playoffs, but the Spurs have done a great job at neutralizing him in the past two outings. The Heat will attempt to be the first team to ever come back from a 1-3 deficit in the NBA Finals. That's funny, because there used to be this dude named Jesus who also called for a big dinner before his crucifixion. Here is Judas:
  4. Rotoworld blurb from a few days ago makes me believe Pop and Duncan will stay. I don't know anything about this guy, but it's possible he's being groomed as Pop's eventual replacement. The Spurs are expected to hire CSKA Moscow coach Ettore Messina as an assistant for Gregg Popovich this summer. Messina's name frequently surfaces in NBA coaching searches and he was an assistant under Lakers coach Mike Brown during the 2011-12 season. He has copious experience internationally, having coached premier franchises in Italy, Spain and Russia, and he's often praised for his inventive offenses. The Spurs' staff is frequently culled by rival franchises and it's somewhat refreshing to see them add a high-profile coach like Messina.
  5. I say give it to Duncan. Without Duncan I think the Heat will beat the Spurs. Without Parker or Kawhi I'm still not convinced Miami can beat the Spurs. Plus it's really a team effort so you give it to the guy who represents the team the most. And because he's Tim ****** Duncan.
  6. I think the main issue is the Heat's defense. Their trapping D just doesn't work against the Spurs because of the Spurs' passing. However, they can't play 1 on 1 either because they're at a disadvantage in the paint and against Parker. It's a difficult situation.
  7. Under... but I kind of cheated as he's still not in the game and there are only 8 minutes left.
  8. I say you sit Chalmers and set up some plays for Bosh. I'm okay with poor shooting from Chalmers, but he's not pulling his weight on defense.