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  1. We should pick up the Dolphins because they'll be playing against the Jets twice.
  2. I understand that the Panthers don't have as good a schedule as the Jets, but at the same time it seems like the Panther's D is one of the best in the NFL. How would you guys compare Panthers vs Jets rest of the year? If you can have one which one would you rather have?
  3. How would you guys rank Tennessee D vs Panthers D vs Jet's D rest of season?
  4. So NOBODY thinks AP is startable this week? He's getting 20+ touches and the goal-line back. Quality of touches will be poor, but at least the opportunity is there.
  5. Today is the day! Nobody knows except us, but this is day one for Steeler's new #1 WR for the next decade. 125/2TD.
  6. I've got him. Falcons have something like 13 dome games this year... it's ridiculous.
  7. Barber's actually looking pretty good. RIP Jones.
  8. Cam can't even make basic passes... what the heck??!!
  9. Picked him up. He Who Cannot Be Named may end up on the Commissioner's Exempt List. And now Demaryius Thomas is gone too. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/11/report-nfl-to-give-serious-consideration-to-putting-antonio-brown-on-exempt-list/
  10. Just read he has a toe issue. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27297057/arthur-blank-done-part-now-falcons-compete-super-bowls "The offense might have looked a little off through the first couple weeks of training camp, but it's hard to look your best with top receivers Julio Jones (toe) and Calvin Ridley (hamstring) rehabbing on the side. Koetter, back for a second stint as offensive coordinator, is known for a more pass-oriented attack, and he has a plethora of pass-catching threats to work with, including Freeman out of the backfield." Combine it with Rotoworld's update from a few days ago: Julio Jones said he "doesn't know" if he'll play against the Vikings in Week 1. In the words of longtime Falcons beat writer D. Orlando Ledbetter, it was a bizarre scene. Ledbetter said Jones was "battling through something physical or emotional." Jones said he didn't know if he would play against the Vikings before then saying he "plans" to give it a go. He hinted at an injury issue beyond his contract situation. In other words, weird. Very, very weird. It's hard to believe Jones won't be out there against the Vikings, but there is clearly something going on here that the public is not privy to. Jones' situation will be updated no later than Friday afternoon. Julio may not be 100%.