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  1. Is this a 6 team league ? Kamara OBJ Kelce and Hopkins were all top 25 picks
  2. Gosh . Those Rb are so similar. Guess I’d pick Gordon wr - Evans
  3. He’s gotta break out . I’d stay with him . And if those dudes are on your bench . Make a trade
  4. I’d hold Conner . Seems colts game script is to kill clock and run game . Don’t see many shootouts for them and ty numbers won’t be huge
  5. 100 percent yes . And someone go check on the guy who dropped him
  6. Unless you are talking about Arizona wildcats QB Khalil Tate then absolutely yes
  7. Gallman . I have Gordon on my roster and need to see how that situation in LA plays out
  8. I think Robbie Anderson will have value when Darnold comes back . He’s their obvious no 1
  9. I would do that original deal . As a jets fan I know schedule softens up and when they get QB back Bell will have some big weeks
  10. I dunno . I’d aim higher . Jones hasn’t impressed me and he obviously won’t crack your top 2 when Gordon comes back
  11. I’m in minority on this one. I like selling high on cook and low on hopkins