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  1. Looking for the best option for the remainder of the season. Sanu is now on a high power offense and should start to play more snaps. Anderson has a much better schedule, but worse team/QB. Who should I roll with? Leave link, WHIR.
  2. 2 QB league. Murray has 3 tough games ahead before the bye and they have looked abysmal in the last 2. I am in a must win situation moving forward. Allen, Carr, and Brissett are all done with bye weeks. Am I crazy for considering this? Leave link...WHIR
  3. Need a win this week. Which LAC RB is the best for PPR league this week against the Steelers? Leave link, WHIR.
  4. I have been back and forth on this for days. Hard to start 2 RBs from the same team. I feel TMc will have a great week this week. Who are the best two options in a full PPR league? Leave link, WHIR.
  5. .5 PPR. Lynch has a terrible matchup. Kelvin is healing from injury and panthers are struggling. Who is the best start this week?
  6. .5 PPR. I have Reed as my starter but he is always hurt. Which TE below is best for the ROS if Reed misses some games? Leave link, will help you out. - Doyle - Ebron - Clay
  7. .5 PPR. I would be recieving Lynch/Benjamin. Howard is clearly the big name and has the most potential, but he is hurt as normal. Lynch is a downgrade at RB, but Kelvin is a major upgrade in the WR department. Should I make the trade?
  8. .5 PPR. Howard is clearly the big name and has the most potential, but he is hurt as normal. Is the depth worth the trade?
  9. .5 PPR. This seems simple and may be, but Jordan Howard worries me this week. With injuries and Cohen playing well, he could see limited snaps. Devante Parker I have a good feeling about this week. He has the potential to blow up. Am I overthinking this? Leave link and I will help you out.
  10. This is more of a stash play. .5 PPR. Who is worth grabbing for the ROS? Leave link and I will help you out.
  11. Thanks for the help. Ginn is my worst WR. I grabbed him as I drafted Snead and wanted to see what he could do on that offense. Any other opinions on this?
  12. You got the better end of he deal. Top 5 WR to add to your stacked RB team.
  13. Saints have a lot of mouths to feed and Ginn has always been boom or bust with the Panthers. Amendola is an injury risk, but he had a great game before leaving with concussion. Should I make this move? Leave link and I will help you out.
  14. I grabbed McFadden in the hopes that he would be productive for 6 weeks. Not looking so good now, but still a chance Zeke misses some time. I am not hurting at RB, so I am considering picking up Conner just in case Bell gets hurt. Should I drop McFadden for Conner as a handcuff? Leave link, will help in return.
  15. PPR league. Which of the 3 RBs has the most potential moving forward?
  16. Forgot to add that Chris Carson is out there. Guy has a ton of potential, but is anyone really sure what's going on with SEA backfield?