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  1. This is a 12 Team Free League for Fun. 30 Player active Roster and a 30 Player Minor League Roster This is a really good league in the 8th season with very strong Rules. That's the key to a league that last. Rules that no one can question and I've got them down pretty good here. This team you will be taking over is a bit of a rebuild that needs a little work but it's not all bad. It was a will managed team with some good players to have and some in demained Hot Prospects. Heres the Active Roster And The Minor League Roster
  2. I used to own him and made the mistake of trading for him and it's not worth it. There will be times where he'll be boom and be worth owning on your team and there will be times where he'll be a bust and will not be worth owning at all and there will be times when every team in your league will lineup to take there turn to own him for a week to week and half. So move on and let this thread die because what I said is the truth and he's not worth nothing tell he's indeed in the major and there no need to discuss when that will happen because he's more likely will be in the time he's not worth nothing over the time he's worth something when that time come.
  3. There likely is a thread for him but there isn't anyone curing enough to look back 150 plus pages to find it.
  4. There are risks with almost everyone. You got to look into everyone as much as you can. To read the good to have an idea of what they might be able to do and to read the bad to have an idea of how they may end up a bust and in the end you got to deside on your gut feeling. Are you all in or are you going to sell and accept the results. For the record, I'm all in. I think he's the real deal.
  5. Can't you get past your bias? Heres a link to a video. It's a video of his AAA manager discussing with a reporter all about Biggio and all the things he's been doing and what they been working with him. If you watch it with a open mind you will be impressed and will admit this is a player that can learn to hit better. But don't worry you will not watch it because you know you will have to admit your wrong on this one and I don't think you can do it.
  6. The MLB site has his first 10 season all mapped out.
  7. And they are winning on that front.
  8. What's with this over thinking it? If they bring him up on the 23rd they will find there fans watching the hockey game on the TV's in the walkways of the baseball standium and all they should cure about is there fans being there and they will be,
  9. Then you should understand then. The ranking we all depend on are done by people who wants us to give them $50 a year and for them to get paid they have to give an unbias option and to rank someone on bloodlines there is no place for that if they want to get paid and smart people will see through that. That isn't done anymore because it can't be. It is but they try to do it anyway because they have too but it's my option they should stick to what they can prove. If they can hit a ball very far you know they are going to hit allot of Home Runs or are they a intelligent person. you shouldn't undervalue that. There are allot of stupid players making bonehead plays that can where out there welcome real fast. if they are an intelligent person they will find a way to get the most out of there talent and end up better then you think. Noted, We get it. Allot of players don't work out but some do. Lewis Brinson, I had him and I traded him. His minor league numbers where sometimes up and sometimes down. There where warning signs all over him that it wasn't going to transfer to the majors. Brinson can't hit that why Texas Traded him and the Brewers traded him and I'm sure the Marlins would love to trade him too but can't because the word is out. Bottom line is there is always a reason why that player that ends up a bust ends up a bust and there usely are warning signs to be noticed and you should pay attention to the bad things they say about the players to know what could go wrong. You make this arguement in the Vladmir Guerrero thread and it comes off like you think he's going to end up a bust without giving us a believable reason on how it could happen. Although in this case you wouldn't be believed. So I'm just saying. You got to choice. What players your going to keep and what players your going to trade or trade for and Vlady is clearly one you got to keep and trust it works out even if it doesn't daynlokki, Nothing against you. You make sense in allot of ways but it's just a few details that I can be seen you haven't thought through and I do agree that you shouldn't believe that hype but some of it is worth believing and there is value in trying to find out what ones you should believe in.
  10. I'll give you that one. In redrafts he's likely will be over priced but in Startup Dynasty and Keepers leagues your likely going to have to pay that and trust your making the right move in the end.
  11. Really, You have no argument for my point that you just say I proved yours. There can be a case to be made that Age and level argument is over rated. International prospects can sign at the Age of 15 and 16 and players can be drafted out of high school at the age of 18 and 19 and collage player interning the league can be 21 or 22. So there clearly going to be an age deference and it don't mean a player couldn't be an All Star because he choice to go to collage and ended up getting a later start and it's not fully fair to judge him on that. Biggio as a Top 25 player is a reach I admit that but his upside could spined to be that but to be fair you should admit that he is under rated. He hit 26 Home Runs up from 11 the season before. That power has to be real and at the age of 23 there is time for him to get better and he did this past season. Could he become a 35 Plus Home Run guy. That might be doable for him. He had 20 Stolen Bases. Shows there is some speed in his game. You can debut how much will hold and it will depend on how well his batting average holds up but he did have 100 walks this past season and if that holds up then he should be able to get on base enough to get some Stolen Bases and 10 plus Stolen Bases might not be much of a reach in his case. His Batting Average .252 last season yes it is mediocre at best but it was .233 the season before, So he's not Major League ready but he got enough upside to get there but if the bat doesn't get any better but he ends up with 35 Home Runs, 15 Stolen Base.90 Runs, 90 RBI's, .250 average. Who wouldn't take that on there fantasy team. There are risks, I know and all of that may or may not happen but there are unknown unranked players that break out every year and become more then you think they where going to be and I would not say that Biggio couldn't become that. He's a nice player and they say he's a very intelligent player too with incredible instincts for the game. Prospect ranking is getting better but it still is very flowed and they still need to do less hype and give more credit to the players that are putting up real numbers. So Top 25 is a reach but Top 100 isn't I curefully choice him as the player to make that point because he was the right one not a Top 25 yet but you can't question that he doesn't have some really good talent and he should be owned in leagues that field 120 prospects or more.
  12. Yeah, Not saying he would come cheep but he is 19 Years old and Harper is 29 Years. in a Dynasty league he has 10 years of use to a team over Harper and if he prove he is going to be one of the best hitters in the league. It would become a whole new ballgame and it would be reasonable to ask for Trout and Harper and a few prospects' Sure, Allot of them end busts and if you think your will bust you should push in trades but some of them will turn into superstars and if Vlady does become a superstar giving up Harper and a top 20 prospect that may or may not pan out will be a very small price to pay. But clearly there is a risk there if he don't pan out but in Dynasty league you can't build a winning team without taking some risks and playing it safe can be the biggest risk of them all and the one you pay the most for And I tell you Ronald Acuna proved he was worth taking that risk and I took that risk and traded for him last year in my dynasty league and I would do the same for Vlady but luckly I don't have too.
  13. Once apond a time that may have been true in a place far far away. It's all in the hype and it was all sexy in the press that once was. Prospect guys are getting better and the ones we have today put to shame all of them we had 10 to 15 years ago. Trust me when I tell you they have grown past that and to prove it for under that standard Cavan Biggio clearly would be a Top 25 prospect right now for his numbers are good enough to back that up and the fact that he's not even in the Top 100 says allot.
  14. This player has a pretty hot discussion going on here and I find it to be pretty funny. Sure I get it. Allot of prospects don't pan out and all of that but really there is always a reason why any given player ends up a bust and most of the time there are warning signs that you can see so that you can trade them in most cases if you don't fall in love with them and act like he's your star and you don't want to here about it. But keep in mind we all are here on this message board because we all are playing in Dynasty and Keeper leagues and Vladdy he hit .381 in the minors last season and in term of minor league numbers that is as good as good can get and it's not too much of a leap of faith to believe allot of that will carry over into the majors and that is allot of time left for him to get better. So keep in mind even though he is not major league proven but if you don't own him you can be sure the price to trade for him will go through the roof if you wait for him to prove it.So yeah theres always that risk and if he ends up a bust you end up being tooken but if you pick your spots well and be willing to take that risk do come out on top most of the time' So I'm just saying if you don't own him you should be talking to his owner and he's worth trading for even if you give up 5 or 6 high end prospects that you think will end up as busts. And that mathers very little because your on this message board where you can always find more prospects.