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  1. It's will not ruin his career. He'll still have allot of value to the Brewers and he'll still be a valueable Fantasy player but all I'm saying is you should expect him to be a Top 10 player anymore
  2. Yalich has a broken kneecap. It will heal in it's time and he'll be fine but you can trust that the knee likely will never be the same and you can trust his skill to run and steal a base once he returns will be gone and the Brewers trust in him trying to steal a base will also be gone. So if you still can get that it's a no brianer now.
  3. Yeah, Make good deals and make them make sense. It's a list to get you thinking and you shouldn't agree with them all, If you did you wouldn't have a brain to think things out and it is a understanding if you find the next big thing you have to drop someone to pick him up and if you don't have someone that you view to be an acceptable drop there someone else can get that player. Bottom line is the longer you hold a prospect there is a price to be paid there Bottom line is it rearly worth holding a player 3 years. It's better to trade even if you make a bad deal or it don't mather if you over pay to get a high end player because a over pay usely opens a minor league roster spot, That allows you to pick up the next big thing.
  4. What's your point. They where the last ones they had and they where in there minor league like 30 years ago.
  5. I can admit when I'm wrong and there always can be a few things wrong in there. And that was a small detail I read in a Fantasy article that I remember reading and I'll admit I'm guilty of thinking that the writer of the article did give some effort and it had to be true to some degree. Anyway, I just looked it up and for the record it was 3 times he was called up and his stay was very short each time and it is possible he didn't get enough at bats to get into a grove. But his batting average is low enough to question how much that will play and Houston is a team with so many options that they can't give a player all that much time to prove themself and that would be something against him if that is valid. So forgive me and I guess that is something I should have looked into But that terrible month he had. That is something that should be looked into to figure why it happened. If a player has a terrible April, That can be dismessed he just got off to a cold start. If a player is called up to the next level and he has a terrible month that can be dismessed for they might not been fully ready to play at that level. His terrible month was july. Why did that happen? could it be that his team played a tough schedule against some really good teams and they shut him down. If that is the truth is that something you want to over look? Not saying it is for I haven't looked into it but we don't know why that bad month happen.
  6. Is there any you disagree with. I can defend any one of them. I know Julio Rodriguez is a big one that every one likes but he's a pure hitter with a high Average and lots of home Runs but he is 3 years away from the majors and he has no speed for Stolen Bases and he plays for a team that has a history of ruining elite hitting prospects one could easily deal him for Heliot Ramos who would give you the same batting average and Home Runs but would give you also Stolen Bases and you would have him a season earlier. Of course you got to know the real value of the player and not under sell him but if you holding onto him for 3 years you most have Stolen Bases attless 15 Stolen Bases.
  7. The BustsRoyce Lewis (SS) Minnesota TwinsHe's a Speed Prospect that has a Some Power and for the speed to play in the majors you got to hit good enough to be on base and I don't think he has proven he can.Forrest Whitley (SP) Houston AstrosThe Talent is there but he has an injury history and a 50-game suspension and His command has never been particularly sharp and scouts from other organizations have been raising questions about his focus and maturity. So there are red flags all over the place here.Michael Kopech (SP) Chicago White SoxGetting a long injury history and is out with Tommy John and there is risk of ending up a bullpen pitcher.Taylor Trammell (OF) San Diego PadresA Power and Speed Guy. Some Scouts have question his Power and they may or may not be right there but there is a red flag bigger then that. His Batting Average his dropped each time he has gone up another level and his Batting average is bad enough now to say that might not play in the majors and if it doesn't there goes his one sure tool his Speed. So if your looking for the next Lewis Brinson this might be your guy.Brent Honeywell (SP) Tampa BayToo injury prone in my option.The Over RatedThose are the one who I think there trade value is Higher then there real value.Brendan Rodgers (SS) Colorado RockiesHave you heard about there being a juiced ball. I think they forgot to tell Brendan Rodgers About it.Kyle Tucker (OF) Houston AstrosHis numbers have been strong and no red flags but he has disapointed every time he was called up and could be one that takes time to stick.The Borderline Acceptable ClubThere are those players that bearly meet the standard of fantasy worthy players but they are not worth holding onto waiting to become that. Here a list of players I view could become that.Cristian Pache (OF) Atlanta BravesAlex Kirilloff (OF,1B) Minnesota TwinsSixto Sanchez (SP) Miami MarlinsDrew Waters (OF) Atlanta BravesMitch Keller (SP) Pittsburgh PiratesKyle Wright (SP) Atlanta BravesKe'Bryan Hayes (3B) Pittsburgh PiratesJazz Chisholm (SS) Miami MarlinsThe Late BlommersThose guys I think will have allot of fantasy value but I don't think it will happen right away.Jo Adell (OF) LA Angels (That may get options from you all but he doesn't seem to be progressing all that fast to be fantasy worthty.)Estevan Florial (OF) New York YankeesThe Waiting ListBuilding up your fantasy team and keeping strong is about over turning you minor league team and not waiting too long for players of limited value and this is a list of players who's ETA is too far away to wait for what they have to offer.Jarred Kelenic (OF) Seattle MarinersNolan Gorman (3B) St Louis CardinalsJulio Rodriguez (OF) Seattle MarinersShea Langeliers (C) Atlanta BravesJordan Groshans (SS,3B) Toronto Blue JaysXavier Edwards (2B,SS) San Diego PadresBrice Turang (SS,2B) Milwaukee Brewers
  8. It has nothing to do with Trout. It's a league where you only can keep him twice then you have to trade him or lose your keeper and you got think about what you might get on the back end and what the people your trying to deal too might think. If you trade for him at 30 you have to deal him at 32 and you being dealing with people that will be thinking how much interest will there be at 34 if any at all. Trout might still have allot of value at 34 but try to get someone to gamble on that when he's at 32 and isn't at his peak anymore. You have to gamble to win at Fantasy Sports and you can tell someone you should gamble and Trout is worth Gambling on and he is but telling someone that is one thing. Getting them to do it is a whole another thing that does not happen all that offend Bottom line is this is a league that is best to keep your keepers young and players who's value will rise and not old wore they are very hard to trade.
  9. Rendon is going to be 30 Next season and his value likely will go down and Betts isn't far behind him. That might be worth taking on value. You could flip Trout and offer Trout, Bregman and Berrios for that Yelich and Lindor and something they have that is an improvement over Berrios and that would set you up good for next year.
  10. Not saying he isn't worth trading for but keep in mind you only would have Trout for 2 years and your going to have to trade him at that time and he'll be 30 and he's going to view as on the downside of his career and it's not going to be easy to get the return that your going to pay for right now. Acuna and Vlad are going to be 24 and in the hart of there prime when your forced to trade them and every team will be lining up to get them and your going to be able to ask for the sun and the moon for them. So I'm just saying you don't give him Acuna and Vlad unless he's willing to give Trout and 2 others for one of them. He might not be willing to do that and that fine but if you can get Trout for something else then that's the play.
  11. I would point out that it's the mix of Home Runs and Stolen Bases that make Trout the best player in the league. However teams expect players to stop steeling bases once they reach the age of 30 because Steeling Bases is very hard fast Running to get that base and they see it as too much of an injury risk once they reach the age of 30. So the truth is that Trout run as the best player in the league is almost over and Acuna is the odds on favorite to take that crown. So don't be fooled he's more valueable then Trout in this case and Vlad likely is too. So dealing eather is out of the question
  12. If that's true hopefull he be less likely to get hit by a pitch every other game and have his career ruined by Wrist injuries.
  13. what are the chances of yahoo not knowing he change his name and they add a Trent Grisham and leaving a Trent Clark in the player poll?
  14. You can only get a bad guess from people if they don't know how many points you get for each stat. However in this case Anderson Major League Numbers this year have been better then Bichette's AAA Numbers that could get worse with him in the majors now. Sure he could get better but I wouldn't expect it right away but it could happen for the talent is there but the smart move would be to stick with what is proven.
  15. They could if he desided to play that Pitcher / Catcher Thing.
  16. Truth to be told that's not a good reason to stay away. I get where your coming from and I do not disagree for the fact is every pitcher is a Future Tommy John candidate and you can mess out on fine players by over looking them because of injuies.
  17. That's alright. He might not end up as the Best pitcher in the League but he clearly he will have the best hair in the league.
  18. That might be so close that you could make a case for any of them being the best.
  19. But he's not wrong per say. He did have some power last year for a bit, It shows it's there to be able to find along the way. The road to the Majors is not as simple as you think it is. Players can have breakouts and they can be called up to the next level before they are ready and not do will and take a step back and yet still can find it again if they keep on playing. There can be Superstars with Major Power that had it on Day one and go through the minors with it and into the Majors without losing a step. But that's the rear case and it's not reasonable to expect that to be everyone. But on the other end the fact that there isn't power there right now doesn't mean there could be in the Future but in the interest of being fair, A wrist injury, That is an injury that can make a player to lose power and you should watch how will he rebounds from that because it could effect how good he could be. But clearly he isn't one to give up on yet.
  20. I understand and it is a valid point and that can and is a problem for those hitters that can't hit but it's not a given if the problem is there that they will be a bust. Even with power prospects it's not a given that they will have all that much power to start with day 1 in the minors and it can take them years to find it. Although it's a valid point it's not fair to make it in the Vidal Brujan thread who there is no question can indeed hit. You should have made the argument in the Jorge Mateo thread who you really can question if he can hit or not.
  21. Your not wrong on the fairure rate of Speed prospects but your whole argument on ISO is flowed. That's happens to be Slugging % minus Batting Average and if you had 2 players with the same Slugging % that would mean the player with the lower Batting Average would clearly have the better ISO. That stat is based on the Lack of power then anything else and has nothing to do with the Failure of speed prospects. Getting Stolen Bases is about the Runner being on Base to have a chance to do it. if they don't get on base enough to get there stolen Bases there teams can lose trust in them and they may not play them everyday and they might not give them the green light to run and it's not always easy to work out of it if they are not playing everyday. So you should judge Speed Prospects on the skill to get on Base and Not there power.
  22. There are no players in that deal that anyone should cure about if they are dealt.
  23. I would think it would all translate bucause after all it is a skill of not swing when the pitcher is not throwing a strike.
  24. I'm not saying you or anyone else should pay for content but I would say what is available for free likely would not be as good if there wasn't someone playing. That's a valid point you have there. Allot of them are hoping that someone from a team is impress and hire them away and some manage to do that but they still have to be really good fantasy Baseball analysis to pull that off for if they don't impress the people that are paying then they have no chance to impress any team. But I do agree you shouldn't have to pay and allot of stuff available for paying likely isn't worth it but the fact is there are people that do pay and the writing is done by someone who wants to get paid and where you stand on it don't mather. It's a fact that is there and it's more then fair to discuss the impact it has. It has an upside of it gets you better writing but on the down side you can get some writers that will play to some of the bias that you have. Javier Baez was a top 20 keeper in the preseason ranking but he hasn't had a stolen Base in 2 1/2 Months and the fact is without his Stolen Bases he's not a Top 20 Keeper. With that he's Top 50 at best. He's a power hitter and there still value that. If they put out a keeper ranking today and they put him at 58 and say he's not stealing bases anymore that could come off as believable. Baez was a player that allot of them fantasy baseball analysis write up as one that could be a bust that you should high on. So they saw that one coming but if they would of ranked him that low you wouldn't believe anything they say because of your bias says he should be better then that. Well Bias is a big thing. Taking about impressing a team and getting out of writing. It comes down to getting past that bias they have and ranking Baez at 58 but you don't see it too offer because those Ranking are from someone who isn't going to get hired away.
  25. MLBpipeline is the league itself. They are about keeping the fans interested so that they keep on buying Tickets to the game and the $10 Beers. They don't have too make money from the MLBpipeline site per say because it's changing you to watch the games is where they make there money. So them being targeted on actual baseball value is perfectly understandable. The others like BA or BP they don't have that. They have to make a buck. There is no one that cure enough to pay for information on Actual Baseball value and simply they got to know they can't be like that and they will be gone in a short time being focused on that. They know it's the fantasy player that pays there bills and they know your not going to keep paying if you think your not getting an advantage from it. So it is true with MLBpipeline but it can't be true with all the others ones.