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  1. They beat the Chiefs with Mahomes by leaning HARD on this cat. Guy is so underrated as a football player and in FF
  2. Holding for the next 6 weeks or so to see how this plays out
  3. Guy's on track for 20 receptions in this dump off offense
  4. People whining about Samuels are not in PPR leagues.
  5. Starting this cat with zero confidence and season on the line. Who's coming with me?
  6. Worst scenario for those who own both backs. Firing DJ up with no confidence
  7. Is Witten even playing? Cot damn tight end is a wasteland this year
  8. Probably the worst clock management I've ever seen at the end of a game. By both teams, actually
  9. Well don't wear the damn chain then. It basically just gives the other guy a way to get you ejected and fined. Just play football