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  1. Pretty much this... Winston is one of the few QBs that I worry about getting a 0 from on any given week. The only thing that separates him from somebody like Flacco is his very high ceiling.
  2. I highly doubt he plays, almost no chance. Coach saying "possibility" is just coach speak, or else he would say "we don't know yet" or "we'll see". I hope I'm wrong.
  3. You sure you have NFL network? I have uverse and they couldn't reach an agreement this year so I don't have NFL network any more.
  4. I changed the channel as soon as they said he was coming up next.
  5. '1st down...everybody in the stadium knows it's going to Mixon up the middle. Hand of to Mixon...Mixon up the middle into a wall of defenders that know he is going to run it up the middle. No gain."
  6. Ross to outscore JuJu by 7.5 ppr. 1% confidence this will happen.
  7. This is probably the 4th (?) year in a row I've had him on my team. At this point I can't just blame the Browns, something else must be up. Dropped last week and not looking back. The "the coaching staff doesn't know how to use him" argument is over and I'm done. /csb
  8. That basically means owned in every 12 team league.
  9. You may want to check your mailbox for the newest issue of Fantasy Football Monthly.
  10. He has eyes and presumably a brain as well, which is why can see what is happening.
  11. I wish man. Second highest scoring team this week and I lost. Silver lining is that hopefully this a preview of things to come (Evans that is; not brutal losses).