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  1. Corey Davis just popped on the waiver wire. I drafted Humphries expecting this guy to rocket right from the start. Total dud. Not sure what to do here. Hate to have to pay way too much.
  2. I disagree. I don't think that is the case at all with Walton.
  3. Thank you RT community. I lost track of this guy.
  4. What are we thinking about this guy? Nothing really to talk about eh?
  5. Kurt Warner was stocking grocery shelves. What is your point? Anyways, I will play ball and disagree with a bro for ***** and giggles. The counter point, to whatever point you are making, is that the Dolphins find way more value with Walton at the price they are paying him. Drake's contract isn't astronomical but obviously is deemed as non-useful because Walton provides more for less. Plus, we haven't even seen what the market value is for Drake. I'm going with a 4th round pick.
  6. I know. Seems like Jamaal gets plenty of passes his way. Also, history shows that he gets his full as a receiver.
  7. Seems like folks just don't want to hear it. Frankly, he looks a lot better than previous Jamaal Williams.
  8. But Drake is not far superior...that is the interesting take. Drake is fantastic at the art of dancing behind the line of scrimmage. Drake's career thus far is the story of huge amounts of talent being wasted on a guy who, for argument sake, is deemed soft. If Walton runs downhill and charges on inside runs - he should be better than Drake ever was. How much better...?? who knows. IMO...I do think Drake is soft.
  9. This is not the popular opinion but I think Jamaal is the RB to own in this backfield.
  10. Strange. I heard that Darrell was on a flight once and the flight crew got devastatingly ill during flight and the flight started nosediving. Darrell tore the emergency cockpit door off, landed the plane into a soybean field, and during the recovery operations...made hummus dip for all the passengers and first responders. Hell of a guy.
  11. I think this offense needs the combo of Gurley and Henderson to start clicking. Gurley could serve us as a RB2/1 and Henderson can serve us as a RB3/2 (expected/upside). I think that the combo of these two fools can reshape this offense a bit. Seems like the Rams offensive playcalling is stale as fu......
  12. Just wondering if Gase is disappointed in the situation or how Herndon has conducted himself. Gase did come out and say that Herndon had to essentially "earn the job." Plus, the guy is suspended for a DWI...obviously he makes some bad decisions. I'm probably reading into it too much but he tweaked his hammy during his own drills - was he screwing off? was he in proper shape? was their some guidance and rules around things he should be doing? etc.
  13. Is Jones really the better player here? Not so sure. I think there is definitely something to be said about JWill. "But Jones scored 4 TDs in one game" - whatever...Brandon Bolden would have charged all four of those TDs in as well. Jones is no Jonas Gray but c'mon now. I think we are in a pure RBBC here on an offense that is featuring the run but is relying on the run. I'm sold on either Jones or Williams moving forward...I actually think Williams is going to end up being a bit more consistent from week to week though. I thought he looked pretty damn spry for the Jamaal I know.
  14. Gurley has not been terrible this year. He has been pretty good. I think he was top 10 before this past week. He is doing all this in a terrible Rams offense this year. It will be interesting to see what McVay the Offensive Genius (lol, right) can stir up for the back half of this year so the Rams don't end up being one of those "didn't make it to the playoffs after making it to the Super Bowl the previous year" type of teams. I think that things are going to trend back up.
  15. Let's spin this another way. He was grinding and moving to get open in the endzone for the inevitable pass from Russ for the TD and providing you at least 8 points to the beginning of a 20 point day. Dissly wanted you to have those points and he was making sure of it - the fantasy football god sent a sniper to shoot out his achilles though. RIP my Big Montana
  16. Can we try to get the guy at least a double digit thread? C'mon. Let's share some of our favorite Dissly memories.
  17. Guy just needs to get on the field. He is a stud when playing and given his opportunities in this offense.
  18. Picked up and played him this week. Still lost by 80 points to the league high score but whatever...glad to see this guy came out running on all cylinders. Jamaal Williams was always a strange FFB creature. He would have spells of four games in a row where he would magically score 20+ points in every game and then completely disappear. He is the Keenan Allen of RBs. Anyways, he was starting to pick up some serious momentum this year under this new regime. I think they highly value this dude and they are going to give him the touches he needs. He seems to be trusted and liked ...sooo...not sure how he went under the radar after the first few weeks. Personally, I know that I just glossed over him at the draft but that was probably a mistake. I picked up someone like Penny or whatnot that is a pos. This is about as good as it gets on the waiver wire.
  19. Soooo.....we are thinking what with this guy? Is he a talent that could change the offense?
  20. Penny is fumbling. Fumbling every opportunity to take shares away from CC in this backfield. He is done on my roster.
  21. Hopefully this guy gets injected with whatever AP, Kelce, Cook, etc have received that makes them injury prone to the epitome of health.