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  1. Devin is a bit time target later in drafts for me. I was a year too early in drafting him. This is going to be a really nice fit if all works out well.
  2. This would be big. Once again, BB is on the brink of redefining how the NFL operates at offense. Getting back to traditional smash mouth in a manner only the Patriots can pull off. The dual TE formation is monstrously important for the Pats. There is definitely a level of planned Gronk preservation going on this past year. Always a reliable target but also very reliable as a diversion. Dwayne Allen was never really diversionary - could catch but just didn't get the targets - great blocker though...s---. If Cook can complement this offense with a strong blocking presence, he will thrive in this offense - there isn't much doubt about his offensive capabilities.
  3. Ravens' entire backfield is going to be a messy situation that you are definitely gambling on if you draft into it. I think the best RB to choose from the Ravens' lineup is Lamar Jackson. From a pure football perspective - this move is awesome for the Ravens
  4. This whole OBJ pickup is really messing with my way-too-early-draft-strategy for 2019. I really was looking forward to picking up Mr. Mayfield in like the 10th round or later. This is going to jump his stock up at least one to two rounds. Bummer.
  5. UFA in 2020. If the Patriots are scheming - I would be surprised. I think that Etling was a nice safe draft pick that protects the ball well - gives the team a chance to compete if it gets to that point.
  6. Starting in place of Gordon....that is Josh Gordon. Take me to fantasy relevance two years in a row sweet King Jeffrey
  7. I'm not sure they thought they were going to trade Garappollo at the time they traded Brissett. That's the point. But, hell, yeah, trade Dorsett for him. Little switcheroo part deux.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if the Patriots made a run for him......doubt the Colts want to do any business with the Patriots though after the McDaniels blunder.
  9. Sounds like Emmanual Sanders tore his achilles......oo oo baby oo baby ooooooooooooooooo TIME TO BRO OUT CS BROS!! RIP Sanders
  10. 5th or 6th round. I was staring at Edelman and Goodwin. I knew what I would get with Edelman. Shot for the stars with the BDG - Goodwin connection. Might be a nice pick up next year in the 10th round.
  11. We have some true Courtland Sutton Bros in here. When your CS is down and making drops....how do we get our bros back all riled up? We put moving gifs of chicks in bikinis. That is some true CSBro love.
  12. Mixon is a boss and he has been bossing all season. Anybody considering sitting this stud for a backup / handcuff better make amends with his maker beforehand. #preaching
  13. and the next trick is that I remove all injuries from my body.....oooops...I actually removed my body....
  14. Not even sure what that analysis is saying. There are like two lines that are saying the same thing but with different numbers. Regardless, I think the point is to show that JG is not that "elite" level receiver in fantasy. Yes, I agree. Just look at the points. He is somewhat consistent though so he has been a nice plug and forget it type of player.
  15. Need a hell of a week so I am going boom or bust. Starting.
  16. Looks like he could be working the docks in Boston circa 1880.
  17. This is what I'm thinking too. At least get one drive where it is straight up all White including a TD - against the Packers - that was an easy 14 points within the first five minutes of the game.
  18. Not worried about Burkhead. Might take 10 snaps but not concerned. I don't see Michel slicing and dicing his way through this Vikings defense either....lots of third and more than 4s. Primetime James White time.
  19. This suspension came at a really terrible time - considering he was just getting all fired back up. Disappointed in my boi. If LF falls into an early third rounder next year - that would be pretty amazing. Great pick up. Kid is a stud and he is bound to get past this crap.
  20. How my Courtland Sutton Bros doing? This thread is still plugging away at the top of the leaderboard. Leaning towards living or dying on the sword this weekend and playing CS.......again. Boy gots to get fed. Then again......do I really want to beat my opponent by THAT many points. Three TDs in the first half. dats my boi.
  21. Looking at White having a big game against the Vikings, everything about this game screams James White time to me.
  22. About 3 to 4 terrible throws from Brady to White. Could have altered that score drastically - one of those was a easy breakaway YAC for White. Too bad.
  23. Totally committed to him scoring 30+ this weekend. I might not need it this weekend but I will take it.
  24. Starting with the confidence of man that has no confidence in any of his other options.