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  1. You certainly have a vast knowledge of Fantasy Baseball few on these boards can rival, but do you ever return to previous statements and see where you might have gone wrong? To help grow of course!


    Haha, maybe a liiiiiittle less aggressive. And the pleasure's all mine when we're in agreement or disagreement, lots of quality info being discussed.

  3. You give great insight dude, it's always a pleasure to argue or agree with you. I'm glad that you're ushering in the era of sabermetrics on to this forum, as it'll be a benefit to all fantasy owners. Try to be a little less aggressive, though, haha.

  4. Good point, and I'm sure that's the reason for a lot of people going inactive. I went inactive for the past couple months to focus on finishing school and then getting my full-time job. I think the people Czar was referring to were close friends of his on these boards, that, for a long while, were very active. Many of them were already grown up with a stable job and income, so not much was going to change their schedule. I'm also sure they told him exactly what he echoed in the thread.
  5. We may disagree a LOT on the Cubs (Everyone has a least favorite team, and I don't know why, but the Cubs are mine), but your info for Cubs players, pitchers/other teams in Wrigley, etc. is invaluable here. There are some posters that live and die by their teams (I live and die by Boston in general), and you're always one of the go-to guys for Cubs info along with MT and z06 (Cubs fan IIRC?)
  6. Not sure if you can scan posts that far back, but when I first started here, I was a pretty sarcastic/cynical guy who made a lot of underhanded comments and just went into threads to disagree with or argue with people instead of ever giving any real good feedback on other posters' comments. Since then, I've become more active (with the exception of the past 2 months or so, since my schedule has been so crazy), and I've been making many more in-depth posts, quality posts, etc. I still have a little bit of my sarcastic tone, which can cause friction in some debates I'll agree (see the Mauer thread- again guys, sorry, I didn't mean to come off as "holier than thou" if I did). Long story short, since I've become less pessimistic and less of an all-around d-bag, and actually started contributing to these forums in a meaningful way... 1. Long time posters here have PMed me congratulating me on some of my analysis, encouraging me to keep up the good work 2. Mods have PMed me congratulating me on how I dealt with a particularly negative or angry poster in a constructive way 3. Posters from all across the board have PMed me looking for advice and info on their teams, certain players, etc. What I'm trying to say is that not only does it make the forum better to try to be constructive and positive, it also makes your personal stay here all the more worthwhile.