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  1. 1 opening for the football/basketball league left Basketball league has not drafted. New 14 team Dynasty. Team has 4th pick League settings: Opening with the football team is part of an unconventional way of playing. Draft is complete, currently bidding on FA. League rules: Available team: Jets Using GroupMe is a requirement of the leagues in order to communicate with each other. Please email if interested in either.
  2. This league start by using the bottom 18 teams in the NFL last year. Only players from these teams or players from this years draft may be added to your team. Annual expansion of any team who isnt 500 so its always a new season. Final league scoring is based on Points Forced. Rosters do consist of IDP as well. Active members so far, GroupMe app required for league communication. Its different, but im tired of the same old leagues. League rules on league page Teams available: arizona, nyjets
  3. This league will start by using the bottom 18 teams in the NFL last year. League Rules After the league is full we will conduct our draft. You will get the draft pick your team had in the 2018 draft but from this point forward can draft the player you want for your team (only players who were drafted this year are eligible). This is where you begin to build your team to succeed more than real team. You can trade your players to other teams, but can only trade draft picks during the draft. Its different, but im tired of the same old leagues. More information and team availability found through the link. Team available: ARIZONA
  4. Just sent you an invite kcole
  5. be sure to join the chat group if you can! welcome!
  6. just sent it to the new, new one also forwarded my copy of the invite
  7. Teams available: mia, den, wash, cincy, tb
  8. No buy in, Teams left are: Mia, Den, Cincy, Wash, Indy, and Bal
  9. Sent one to the new email
  10. Do you have another email to send it too? Ive sent 4 invites, plus sent the invite to myself and forwarded it to you from my personal email twice