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  1. I agree but I have people like Harrison Barnes on the WW...who I don't wanna risk missing out on if mirotic doesn't pick it upBOOOOYYAAAHHH!!!!!
  2. Anyone watching the game? The numbers and minutes looking good thru 3 quarters.
  3. We shall see. If he gets 28+ minutes with a game like 14pt, 9rebs, 2blk then I'm adding in all 12 man leagues
  4. So no one thinks he is worth a flier in 12 man leagues? Everyone talks about "deep leaguers". Is that greater than 12?
  5. Sell while he has value?
  6. Been dropped in my 12 team leagues
  7. I just did exactly this last night. And feel good about. Why wait?
  8. Will Carroll hurt this kids value?
  9. Over Moe? Is this a timeshare to avoid?
  10. I'm wondering the same. Anyone from Portland here with an inside scoop? I'm trying to decide on adding Moe or Waiters.
  11. You have never asked me where I had him tiered/ranked for my drafts so you never knew my personal thoughts going into the season. I had him as a third round tier (8 cat) and I did not draft him because he was either taken before my 3rd round pick or there was a player with a higher ranking that fell to me in the third round. He was never available in the 4th round. That's the way it rolls when you are in snake drafts. Some times you just never have the chance to draft a player. All of my re-draft leagues do not allow trades and only allow add/drops with a FAAB budget to eliminate collusion. In my dynasty league he is not available for trade. I literally have nothing to gain from the research until the Hayward owner in my dynasty league makes him available for trade. The reason I researched him was because I expected him to be 20/5/5 guy with a chance at breaking out higher without Exum. I'm not a hater, I'm the exact opposite. I like Hayward and his start has been on my radar because I thought he would be WAY better. I researched and wrote about him because I wanted to see what was up and if a massive correction to top 20 value was in store. Stop trolling
  12. Man.... I'm seriously considering dropping Leonard for him. But I'm not sure if I'm overreacting. Help ME!