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  1. I agree but I have people like Harrison Barnes on the WW...who I don't wanna risk missing out on if mirotic doesn't pick it upBOOOOYYAAAHHH!!!!!
  2. Anyone watching the game? The numbers and minutes looking good thru 3 quarters.
  3. We shall see. If he gets 28+ minutes with a game like 14pt, 9rebs, 2blk then I'm adding in all 12 man leagues
  4. Yahoo is generous, he's a PF/C there. what you think his role will be like when big Al returns?
  5. Cody anyone? Like, seriously?
  6. Apparently Big Al won't be back next week. Drug Suspension coming. Maybe some "cigaweed"? I'm holding on Cody.
  7. So no one thinks he is worth a flier in 12 man leagues? Everyone talks about "deep leaguers". Is that greater than 12?
  8. Sell while he has value?
  9. Been dropped in my 12 team leagues
  10. I feel your pain. I got kent
  11. Looks legit!