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  1. McCoy active worries the pi$$ out of me. Makes me want to go Sammy over Williams...
  2. I need Damien to step off the big bird, clear his mind, and just have an average game. Just give me double digits and let Keenan and Badgely do the heavy lifting.
  3. Not an Eagles fan so don't know what the deal is, but seems to me like Pederson is so set on establishing a running game that there is no sense of urgency at all. Ever. Everything they do is in slow motion. Is it because his receiving options are either hurt or suck? Don't know, but Wentz is not a viable play, or even hold, in 10 team leagues anymore.
  4. Good grief, what a tape. Looks like Curtis Dickey from back in the day.
  5. Up 18 against a pos tight end who nets 14 yards on Football Night in America. I should be happy, right?
  6. I'm not an Eagles fan obviously so don't watch their games, but from what I've seen, he makes the throws when he has to and his team is winning. That just doesn't translate to fantasy fun.
  7. Pretty much makes 11 droppable. Kept hoping "the field stretcher" would cure what ails him. Classic example of a guy being a much better NFL quarterback than a fantasy one.
  8. Agree for the most part. But do they really know more than losers like us that comb through these posts every day? For the record, I put Christian Effing Kirk in at 8:15 based on what some dope (no offense meant, I'm the bigger dope for listening) said in this thread. To make it worse, I was pulling for my opponent to play Drake, and he did. I know, Uncool Story Bro, but this is a venting thread.... I feel so much better when I listen to my gut. I knew in my heart that Kirk was dropping a deuce last night, but all the "experts" had him ranked higher than my other options.
  9. Long story short, our commish overrode the espn settings on a free agent acquisition and awarded himself the player. He revoked the other commish's priveleges and because of the uproar is closing down the league at 5 pm today. We have a call into espn but have not heard back. We've taken screenshots of all the rosters and may just start up again without him but looks like we'll lose all stats up to this point. Anybody have experience with a childish issue like this and have a method of saving our league? Thanks for any ideas!
  10. Down 21, have Sony and the Jets D. I know, stupid, but it was a throwaway week and wanted to hold the Jets D for their next 5 matchups. Almost tempted to bench them.
  11. I was kind of surprised he didn't when he was traded. He has like a hundred kids or something and the talk around here was that football just wasn't a priority anymore. Lifetime Pass for me because he won us a super bowl with an otherworldly playoff run, but he hasn't been the same since he got paid. Lamar with his work ethic is 180 degrees different than Joe. I agree, time to retire.
  12. I would drop Nugent for him in a heartbeat. Deal with the kicker later. I think it's also supposed to be windy as snot in NE tonight so not sure Nugent is a wise play anyway.
  13. Ravens fan here and even though our defense blows, what Marlon Humphrey did to OBJ last week isn't even legal in some states, so I'm sitting JuJu this week.