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  1. No. But I’ll be firmly planting him in my lineup.
  2. Hopefully he’s got a better sidestep and footwork than sideshow bob
  3. If he gets 1,386 total yards and 10 tds why wouldn’t I be good with that or rather how could I NOT be good with that from my 3rd round pick?
  4. Never heard of Ty Johnson. Googled to see who he was. 😂
  5. I’m good with 2018 DJ production in the 3rd round.
  6. Does Michael Irvin dye his hair? His hair is noticeably not gray for 53.
  7. @Dexter75 Claims he has McCoy ...... yet continues to throw Shade at him even though he could be the potential starter. Goes as far as saying you’d have to be “insanely desperate” to start McCoy. I’ve never ever seen someone so threatened by one of their own players that could get a major boost in their workload/opportunity. If you really owned McCoy you would actually be excited and hope he breaks out so you could sell high on him since you hate him so much. Remind us again to look at your signature that claims to have McCoy on your team. 🙄🙄🙄
  8. How deep are you talking? Not even Landry is relevant in 12 team leagues the way Baker is throwing and Kitchens is calling plays.
  9. Murray threw for 350. Fitzgerald and Kirk both went for over 100 yards against this ‘daunted’ Ravens secondary in Baltimore last weekend. Mahomes went for 377 yards 2 tds and 1 pick last year against Baltimore. That was one of his lesser games in comparison to his others. I’ll take that all day everyday. If there ever was a such thing as matchup proof. Mahomes is it.